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The Pepsi ad heard ‘round the world: And many are directing their ire towards Kendall Jenner. Would you feel differently about the commercial if a black actress was cast instead?


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It was a stupid Pepsi Commercial. It was a non issue to begin with.

To exclude Deion Sanders when the true definition of an athlete would be athleticism is absurd. Top 10 is a no brainer!

This is one of the most inaccurate and irrevelant lists I have read.

I may be wrong here but when I saw the headline,I immediately thought of black athletes around the world who made a difference in the way ther history of sports was reshaped and the impact it had on the lives of all involved. Sports like Cricket, Soccer , Track and Field just to name a few. Athletes who competed in the dark corners of the Globe without all the fanfare and protection afforded to the aboy ve named fiftbut who lived to see it through. Guess we will have to wait for that one.

On pure talent not winning and taking in mind the greatest sport in the world is football not American football. 1. Pele 2. Mohammed Ali 3. Ronaldinho 4. Wilt 5. J. Owens On winning 1. Pele 2. Mohammed Ali 3. Bill Russell 4. Kareem 5. Sugar Ray Robinson But comparing black athletes from today (mostly spoiled brats) to black athletes from yesterday is crazy. To me those were men who carried more than a sport in their backs and therefore bigger than any list we make.

LOL, Emmitt Smith ahead of Wilt and Lebron? Give me a break!!

Man if they dont get Steph Curry off this list! Not inspirational or athletic. Just a shooter on a very good team. Not even the best player on his team. NO Tiger Woods? The Greatest Golfer ever!? ESPN yall aint shit!

Where is Oscar Robertson,Tiger Woods,Larry Holmes? and Jim Brown#30,he was a great Lacrosse player!

Top 5 . MJ, Kobe , Mohamed Ali, tiger wood , magic Johnson .

Absolutely not! The issue with Pepsi’s commercial is that they minimalized the serious issues this country is facing to say that a can of Pepsi can help promote peace. As the memes, history and backlash have shown, it’s never been that easy and it will never be. That commercial would have been disrespectful no matter who was cast in that role.

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