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LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball are going to play in Lithuania. Too soon?


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I think that it is to soon because melo is just a kid and he had a chance of being recruited to a good college and no way in hell liangelo would drafted in the first place

This could be good for them. If it is true they don’t possess the skill of Lonzo and the NBA was a long shot, then having a softer, spoiled rich life in the US, will not make them hungry. This might. At the least they will appreciate their lives more, face the harsh reality of not being good enough for the NBA, which will propel them for the next phase of their lives, beyond professional ball. I think it will be a good thing for them to learn how good they have it in the good ol USA.

Man, they are missing out on basketball growth sure. But what else? What about high school? Prom and dances and hanging out and high school stuff. Do they get any say in their lives? It reminds me of the Jacksons.

Sending LiAngelo oversees would have made sense, but if him and LaMelo wanted to stay together, this was too soon. LaMelo was still a top PG prospect and still could have played at UCLA despite Gelo’s actions. LaMelo has obvious talent that could be developed under Steve Alford at college. Even more so since Lavar approved of Alford while Lonzo was there. This was too soon because while this move makes sense for LiAngelo, a budding talent in LaMelo is going to be wasted when he is sent oversees.

There is a slither of a line from being the next Lebron or becoming the next Freddy Adu. Daddy Ball has the marketing scheme to fortify his sons’ bank accounts down pat, but what is this circus really about? Assisting in the career maturation of his boys or appeasing his own narcisstic desires. I choose the later! Pump your brakes pop!

At the age of 16 and 19, it will be very tough to get used to the different lifestyle and coaching style. I bet LaVar Ball will pull them out as quick as possible

Lithuanians are passionate about basketball. I’m not sure if this is a match made in heaven, but maybe they can learn some fundamentals? Hats off to the family for doing it their way… Who are we to judge?

Not everyone gets to experience the highs of upsetting Duke or scoring 30 points in a collegiate game and that doesn’tmean our youth was taken from us…that just means they experienced a different youth but it’s not a negative thing nor will it scar them for life. Judge Lavar how you want but the moment you call him a bad father is the moment i would expect his fist in your face and I wouldn’t blame him.

Too soon to tell. I’m inclined to believe there is a method to LaVar’s madness. If Gelo and Melo find success in Lithuania and are able to continue to develop as players, it is highly likely they will find themselves in the NBA sooner rather than later. We could see athletes asking “how soon” should they explore options overseas instead of us wondering if its “too soon.” Doing so would likely rid them of the ridiculous rules, oppression and culture associated with being an “amateur athlete.” I can only see positive things stemming from that.

I think it is a massive mistake. Lavar Ball started out as an overly excited helicopter parent and now he is just making decisions off his own ego. He took two of his kids out of school to play basketball in Lithuania with no guarantee either will get drafted. I feel in 15 to 20 years this will be a very sad 30 for 30.

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