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LeBron’s 45 points are the second-most ever in a Game 7. “The King” has now won his last 5 Game 7’s. Is LeBron James the GOAT?


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No. Jordan, Kareem, then LeBron. Consider championships (including Jordan’s & Kareem’s NCAA titles & careers), longevity, scoring titles & level of competition, impact on the game and it’s not close.

LeBron James is the 1 factor in his championship runs. Wins and loses. Jordan has two other constant factors in his 6 and 0 championship runs, Pippen and Jackson. What did Mike do before or after them. IF Jordan is better than James, shouldn’t he have won more regular and playoff games without those two. It is a team game after all. Something has to be said about elevating the team around you. James does that. Maybe Pippen did that for the Bulls and Jordan got the important buckets.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to brush aside someone with half the rings of someone else. But it is. Debate rages on in the face of fierce childhood nostalgia from 80s babies, media members that admit having MJ posters on their dorm room wall as they provide “impartial” analysis, former-players-turned-analysts that were scorched by LBJ half a decade ago and exude obvious bitterness. And yet his legend keeps growing. What would happen if they both had 6, or both had 3, or both had 0? There would be no debate because everyone already knows who the better player is.

He is currently the Greatest Perimeter Player in history at this point. He does a greater variety things essential to team success than any other perimeter player ever. He has the skills sets of Magic, Jordan, Pippen and Oscar all in one person the size of Karl Malone. He led the NBA finals in all significant statistical categories against the team with greatest 3 year run in NBA history… Currently Kareem is the GOAT but LBJ is closing… Mt. Rusmore. Kareem, Jordan, LBJ and Wilt…. In year 15 there is no doubt who the best NBA player is…LBJKING #stillLakerGangForever

No, it is about more than numbers. Look at the tape, Jordan was an artist on the court. I am sick of everyone reducing things to numbers. Lebron is a great player, but he is no where near the artist that Jordan was. Plus he is not have as many rings. Jordan was a winner on the biggest stage. Lebron won a series he was suppose to win. Big deal. He is great in his own right, but not Jordan.

No. 6 titles, 33.4 ppg career playoff average.

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