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Which was the better version of Kobe Bryant: No. 8 or No. 24 — and why?


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I feel like its gotta be 8. That’s the rookie Kobe, and the one he wore for 3 of his 5 titles, and for his 81 point game. He was great either way, but I think him as 8 was greater.

My actual favorite moments came in No.24 – his lakers jersey, when he played his last game, when he had 60 and had 23 points in the final quarter.

24 he was a more seasoned scorer and defender with experience. He had that killer mentality to take over the game and prove he was the best on the floor

It doesn’t matter if he wore 8 or 24 he was the Black Mamba. He was the best Laker in my opinion to ever touch a basketball.

I think it depends on what your basketball preference is. #8 Kobe was probably a bit more explosive and controversial, and had a tad more athleticism. And his personality and the way he played reflected those traits. #24 relied on his savvy, wisdom, and moves that he had perfected over the years. He also was more mature at that point, and it affected his dealings with his teammates, and the style with which he played. I like #24, how Kobe was able to incorporate another star with Pau, winning two championships as the true focal point.

In my opinion, #8 Kobe was more raw and athletic…but in overall completeness #24 Kobe was better. #24 Kobe had the insane footwork to go along with the expanded version of that crazy fade-away with the athleticism. #24 knew the Lakers franchise was his and after going through so much turmoil as #8…It was the change in mentality that made #24 The Black Mamba. The iron willpower made #24 a complete player. He rose to a level that no one, not even serious injuries, could fully stop. #8 was great but #24 is a legend.

07-08 Kobe was like GOD…and 06 was like Jesus… Overall, 8 was raw and 24 was refined …

Its Tough to choose, because i grew up watching Kobe rock the number 8, I remember always arguing with classmates about Kobe being better than Iverson, or T-Mac. But I’d have to go with the number 24 version. He had more pressure more to prove and he showed the world he could do it alone. He matured and became a teacher of the game instead of the student. But you cant lose with either one number 8 has rings🏆🏆🏆 and so does number 24🏆🏆

The best Kobe is no. 8 version. He is already in his prime and had already won 3 championships. Although he will always be remembered as no. 24, he was young and had the hype of a young superstar while wearing no. 8.

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