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It’s time to answer the question. Where does the black fan stand?


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The minority fan needs advocacy. Seriously. As a hard boiled sports fan, advocacy includes having to make the costs controlled and leave room for different screenprints. And, I feel there has to be a long look in a lot of things, from playing HBCU’s Home Campus, developing Olympic Programs, and I know Golf not Choir, but, I feel the anger need to be toned down. And, if Antron X (The 10th Anniversary of Antron Brown World Title) came in 2022, I’d like to know the multiple Spencer Massey angles, if not this public.

Conflicted. It’s important that we recognize the triumphs of black athletes while, at the same time, work towards social justice in America. We must celebrate Malcolm Jenkins for all he is doing, while at the same time, criticize the NFL for the way they cut Colin out. The conflict runs deep in me. I am a Washington football fan. Their logo is problematic and their racial history is atrocious. Yet, I still claim them. Why? I like seeing some of the most talented athletes in the world perform. And I take pride that they look like me.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone without a family member in the NFL to watch, listen or in any way support the NFL. No professional sports league is completely clean, but the NFL blatantly concerns itself with making money only for its execs and the team owners. They’re falsely portraying themselves as an integral part of being American, through marketing and smooth talk, and the majority of fans buy into it. I have no plans to watch the NFL, but it’s nearly unavoidable from July until February. This saturation needs to stop.

It’s time to recognize the NFL business model is steeped in slavery era America: Owners(CEOs), Majority of executive staff (white) players (70% black) Draft combine( stage for how fast, strong, big, smart a player is). The NFL doesn’t care about Black people because they’re so-called 90 million dollar offer to social issues were a joke. Quarterbacks are paid well over 100 million dollars per player. My takeaway is I no longer care to watch or support this league when it’s pretty clear to me they don’t care about my dollar.

What do you think?

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