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We argued for days over The Undefeated’s Top 50 NBA Players of All Time. Tell us who we overlooked. Or admit that we nailed it.


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There is one glaring mistake on the list. Replacing Pete Maravich with Paul Pierce. You just need to ask yourself if you were starting a team, and had the choice of taking either player in their prime who would you take? It’s a no brainer Pistol Pete! If he could have played with The Harlem Globetrotters, he would have done many more magical things with basketball! He was one of a kind. And surely a top 30!

The hall of fame is enough. Greatest lists are always skewed toward the most current players while the old timers, who paved the way for the new players, are replaced and forgotten. How painful will it be when LeBron, Kobe, Bird, Jordan, etc… are replaced by players who haven’t been born yet?

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have got absolutely nothing to do here. I’d take Chris Paul over Curry without hesitation and anybody else over Durant.

Is there a conspiracy against Kobe @ ESPN? The Graphic that depicts the Next 50 should feature Kobe…not LeBron. Kobe is the greatest player of the 00’s as Jordan was in the 90’s, Magic and Bird in the 80’s and Kareem in the 70’s. Your attempt to diminish Kobe’s accomplishment by saying that he was #2 is ridiculous. It was Superman and Batman depending upon opponent either would dominate. Check out western conf. playoffs where the real championships were decided…not the Finals. That was a coronation by then for the Lakers

It’s jnteresting that Russell Westbrook was emitted but, players like earl Monroe still make the cut… I’m not disagreeing but the choices are disconcerting. Also, the facts that you were on the edge about Stephen curry is weird. He has evolutionists the game like no other. Also, Ray Allen does not deserve a spot over Westbrook or Paul!

Nash? System player. Multiple years of mediocrity. Curry? Too soon, but it’s coming. But then again how can you kick a revolutionary like Pistol Pete off and include Curry because right now that’s what he is…

I have 99 words but I only need 2. Russel. Westbrook.

Where do I start you put curry in the top 50 greatest even though the man only had 3 good seasons and choked in the finals there’s other people you need to put in that list TRACY MCGRADY VINCE CARTER Keep Clyde Drexler in there also he deserves it

I cannot believe Pistol Pete is off this list. Also I cannot see any reason that Pierce or Iverson should take him off the list. Does anyone remember how many shots Iverson threw up? So much critism of players only being great with other great talent around them. See Pierce, Durant or even Allen for that matter. None of those players enjoyed the success Pippen had when he didn’t have Jordan. So whether we are measuring stats, or measuring relevance, you cannot pull Pistol from the list when you are adding Pierce, Iverson, Allen, Durant etc.

Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson? Seriously? These guys literally accomplished a combined zero championships. Removing legendary players like Pistol Pete M., and Clyde “The Glide” for these jokers? Really? Well, might as well throw Mike Bibby, and “White Chocolate” on here too while you’re at it. Iverson was all flash, no substance. Sure, he took the 76ers to the Finals, once, but practically disappeared shortly after that. Nobody wanted to play with him, nor have him play for them.. that doesn’t say “great” to me. I’d rather see guys like Gary Payton, and Dennis Rodman in.

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