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The Undefeated joined forces with SurveyMonkey to settle an all-time question: “Who’s the greatest black athlete of all time?” The people have spoken; do you agree?


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Michael Jordan. He is a true icon. Perfect in Championships. He should have won many more MVP’S, which when you think about is total domination in his sport. He also has elevated success away from his sport like no one else. If someone is made out of gold it’s Michael Jordan!

how jacked up is it, that “changers of the structure of the sport,” like Jack Johnson, or Bob Gibson, aren’t at the head of the pack. Or, “changers of how we see the sport,” like Jack Johnson, or Jackie Robinson, aren’t tops. Or, “pioneers in the sport,” like Jack Johnson, or Arthur Ashe, aren’t 1, 2, & 3 Or, “or just the best damn athletes in their sport,” like Jack Johnson, or S & V Williams Or, “Socially & cultural Exploders,” like Jack Johnson, or Tommie Smith and John Carlos C’mon man !!! Jack Johnson #1

I can understand why he isn’t on here but I think Grant Fuhr should be on the list for his contributions to he Edmonton Oilers.

The Doctor top 10 period no other athletic like him greatest should been Muhammad Ali .

Lewis Hamilton? Second all time, Formula One Grand Prix winners list, only behind Schumacher. Three, soon to be four – time World Champion. Won a Grand Prix in his rookie year, 2007, and every year since – a unique feat. Most pole positions in history. A decade at the top of the premier category of the most dangerous, physically demanding sport there is, and still has years ahead of him. And… no Tiger Woods? Good grief…

Tiger….. TIGER……. TIGER…….. get the hint…… and hopefully I got your attention.

Based on performance/impact/popularity… 1st Tier – Tiger or MJ. 2nd Tier and below: Sort ’em out.

There’s no way in hell Allen Iverson Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson isn’t on this list i dont understand tgat

Jim Brown, hands down, no other names need to be added to the conversation. Best football player ever, best lacrosse player ever, best Long Island HS basketball player ever. Everyone else is fighting for 2nd place, a distant 2nd place.

Whatever people’s personal feelings are about Tiger Woods, it’s very odd to me that he’s not on this list.

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