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Jerry Jones tells players to stand up or be benched. Should NFL owners be allowed to tell players they have to stand for the anthem?


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It comes down to, he’s the owner of the company. That’s how he wants things done. If a player does not agree with his employers terms, then he is free to seek employment elsewhere. And this is all within the laws. Owners will now have to put this stipulation in the contracts of their players, so there is no gray area.

The US Constitution gives all Americans the right to say what our thoughts and opinions and protest. The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War 1 and 2 prove that our freedoms come at a cost. If the NFL players continue to protest, that is their right just as is is my right to longer watch or support the NFL in any way. The NFL and players must count the cost of their decisions. Freedom is not free.

No. No company plays the anthem to this day and no employee is required to pledge. So what does that show and tell you? That it has nothing to do with patriotism. This is all form over substance because the discussion is not about what CK kneeled for.

The Undefeated writes “NFL players discover their power. Now how should they wield it?” NFL Players unfortunately have not discovered that they have the power to do anything about what they are protesting. They will soon discover the power of NFL fans and former viewers to impact their salaries through deeply declining ratings that decreases revenue from advertising. Troy Aikman said the Cowboys policy has always been to stand for the National Anthem. Branding is big money and disrespecting America is bad for business branding.

Yes. I totally agree with Jones, probably for the first time ever. No matter what’s going on in the world,there is no room for disrespecting our county or our flag. If you don’t like it then leave. I’ll help you pack!

NFL owners must first understand the true reason behind players kneeling during the national anthem and realize that it is not a show of disrespect for it nor the flag, but instead an act of humility and surrender….a plea for equality and everything good this country stands for. Disrespect is turning your back on that which commands action and attention to do what is right, which if you ask me, is what this country and this administration is doing to its citizens. I really hope this NFL finds a voice we can respect to do what is right.

I feel the right we have as people and as an American should be up held at work and from work just because you’re my employer doesn’t give you the right to tell me how to feel or what I can say as long as it doesn’t effect your company. This is not the time where you can try to control someone because you pay them for a job that they have done. This only let us know that must of you agree with what is going on in today’s world. Some people still want slaves.

It’s in every single players manual that they should stand for the anthem or be fined, suspended, or lose draft picks. The owner of a company has every right to enforce the players manual. If the commissioner won’t enforce it, the owners have to. It’s crazy that the commissioner will give out fines for excessive celebration, violent hits, etc. but won’t enforce a rule that every player agreed to.

Owners have every right to tell there players to stand. Players are employees to the owners. They should have policies like I do at my job. I think they should get fined for not standing for the national anthem. I would get wrote up for not performing my job. What makes them any different. Players are over paid to play a game. I think the cameras should not show the players kneeling anymore. That is what the players want publicity. Keep the camera on the flag. All these protest and no solution of fixing the so called problem.

Nearly all forms of protest are despised at first, especially of there is a racial component. If you watch interviews with people being asked about Muhammad Ali’s stance on the Vietnam War, I would imagine the people that were against his stance are the same type of people that are against the players kneeling. He was called un-American, coward, and far worse. You have to be willing to risk your career if you believe in what you are doing as Ali, Smith, Carlos, Flood all did. Once Trump got involved it became a 1st Amendment issue, not just workplace.

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