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The NBA was composed of 74.4 percent black players in 2015, yet there are only three black general managers currently running the 30 NBA teams. Does the NBA need a Rooney Rule like the NFL for head coaching and senior operation jobs?


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In America things change when money is involved ( look at North Carolina and the bathroom bill). So when Afro Americans ( and others) start a boycott, then and only then will you seen meaningful change…

Hard for me to believe that Dick Barnett wouldn’t be a better GM than Phil Jackson for my down and out Knicks. But, that would be thinking too far outside the club/ er box. Imagine what a real player (not Billy Beane) would do as a GM. But then again, Bob Meyers is Bob Meyers—fairly unique as a GM (former D1 player, agent, humble.)

teams are going to try and hire a gm that might deliver a winning team, regardless of color. what is needed are more, qualified, courageous general manager candidates of color who are willing to prostrate themselves to the unpredictable whims of white ownership and league administration. good luck.

America is not a dictatorship leagues “cannot” mandate affirmative it’s unconstitutional you are placing one race in place for intentional employment… Fact

If you believe that the talent to play basketball professionally and the talent to run a professional basketball team are the same thing, then this is a problem. If you think that they are unrelated then you would hope that the percentage of black GM’s is similar to the percentage of black Americans. 12.3% of 30 is 3.69, so 3 isn’t that far off. assuming reality is somewhere in between (you have to be into basketball to be a good GM), which would make it somewhat of a problem, but not nearly as much as is insinuated by 74.4%.

The Rooney rule doesn’t work in the NFL so it’s not going Work in the NBA the change stArts at the top as long as the the owners of these teams are WHite these changes will never occur

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think the Rooney rule works. It’s a rule stating that NFL teams must interview at least one black candidate but that is just the extent of that. Should there even be a rule ? It’s insulting how viable black candidates still cannot land premier coaching jobs in the NBA or any major sport for that matter. Less not even mention Latin coaching candidates ! If you really want to talk about a travesty, look at Major League Baseball. 80 percent Latin and no Latin head coach.


There shouldn’t be a need for this rule in any sports. Owners in that good old boys club feel like this the blacks can play for me but they can’t be the face of my team and if they are they are on a short leash. That’s what the rule says to me. Players take note and if you don’t believe that read Dan Gilbert’s letter after Lebron left Cleveland. I don’t care how much money you have if your black you not in that club. Look at magic Johnson. The rule is laughable. That’s how I feel. PERIOD

It’s really disheartening, but not surprising that the NBA has only 10% minority leadership. But I once was told that people hire what they are comfortable and familiar with. The NFL Rooney Rule still hasn’t panned out exactly as expected (only 5 out of 32), but at least they are trying. So yes, the NBA needs to implement this rule.

Diversity only seems to be promoted when it benefits certain groups. Is it OK that the NBA players are 75% black? Should we have a rule requiring teams to try out non-black players being they are clearly underrepresented ? Should HBCU’s start employing affirmative action to get more non-black students? Is it really equality to celebrate predominantly black institutions while demonizing predominantly white institutions?

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