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Steve Harvey can breathe easy – there’s a new Biggest Award Show Flub of All-Time. But did Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly awarding La La Land with best motion picture permanently overshadow Moonlight’s shine? Did the Oscars mix-up overshadow Moonlight’s achievement?


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The extra juice from the flub will only bring more notoriety to both films. Win, win.

While the flub altered the majesty of the moment, it also created an unforgettable, iconic Oscar moment that cements Moonlight in history. Moonlight won, and THAT’S what will be remembered.

No. A truly great movie like Moonlight will overcome one small gaffe in an awards show. Ten years from now Moonlight will stand on its merit as an emotionally moving work of art. Best Picture winner will be a side note of the movie. The mistake will a side note to the side note.

Hell no. If anything, more people could go see the film because they are only hearing about it due to the controversy.

It felt like winning the Silver and the person who won Gold got caught doping years later. I’m happy they fix it, but it feels like the moment kinda got stolen from Moonlight.

Their mistake did not overshadow Moonlight’s achievement because Barry Jenkins was able to get on stage and say his speech and because the real story of the night is that Moonlight, a film about a queer Black boy trying to get through life, won the top prize and showed everyone that these stories can be successful. The win further opened the doors for these stories to be told especially in the time we are living in now.

Absolutely. It’s created numerous clickbait narratives that shift the focus completely from the actual winner(s). This is normal when the winner isn’t believed to be universally palatable which Moonlight, thankfully, is not. You have the LaLaLand producers graciousness, Beatty passing the buck to Dunaway, conspiracy theories, if #Oscarssowhite is to be blamed/celebrated, and has the “pressure” for diversity tainted the award(s). Lastly, it’s essentially impossible to realize your joyful moment amidst all that confusion and directly in the faces of those on the short end of the mix-up – they will never have that moment, even with the awards.

The mishap definitely overshadowed a special moment for those who worked on Moonlight. It deserved all the acclaim sans controversy. In fact, on Good Morning America there was more emphasis placed on reaching out to and interviewing Jordan Horowitz and highlighting his poise as opposed to reveling in the success of such a groundbreaking film. Barry Jenkins, reeling from the shock of having perhaps the greatest moment of his career being so bizarre, still handled the whole situation gracefully. The movie is an instant classic and the win was well deserved.

That best picture mix up absolutely stepped all over Moonlight’s moment. Today instead of talking about how Moonlight dominated last night, we’re sitting here discussing Warren Beatty and whose fault it really is. It angers me because Moonlight was tremendous and deserved to bask in that glory last night. Now you have given people reason to talk about La La Land and how maybe they should have won and all that instead of heaping praise on this all black cast receiving the top honor on Hollywood’s biggest night. The Oscars owe Moonlight an apology!

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