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‘Atlanta’ recap: You see what had happened was

Earn has an adventure trying to recap your adventure

We’ve all lost something after the turn up. It’s only a matter of if the lost item turns up.

For example, last week I was at a club celebrating Halloweekend when I saw a long-lost friend and we started jumping because Jump Around started playing. In the midst of the craziness, I lost my phone (I was wearing a costume with insecure pockets). A new iPhone 7.

The wave of fear that comes over you whenever you lose something in a wave full of people is scary. If you don’t get to looking for it immediately, it might be lost for good.

Thankfully, some guardian angel delivered my phone to the bartender and everything was fine. Earn (Donald Glover) wasn’t so lucky. The man lost his jacket … and what do you do when you lose something? Retrace your steps, of course.

Of course, you have to go through the clues. Snapchat is like an instant replay for outings now. There is probably a friend in your crew who documents everything for no reason at all. Cherish that friend. He has all of the evidence and it can save you in the long run. You can still roast him into oblivion for it, but in the back of your mind, appreciate the dedication to the documentation.

Earn also had to deal with this awkward Uber driver who tried to hit him with some surge pricing on the finder’s fee.


Only that when they get to the proposed jacket exchange point, it turns out that Uber driver was being watched by the authorities.

Then they shot the guy while he was running away. We’ve already seen the fake cereal commercial in Atlanta, but here is more brilliance from Glover. Instead of being shocked at a guy being shot, Earn just asked for the contents of his jacket.

Like he’s seen all of it over and over again before.




Back to Earn. It’s good to see that Paper Boi is giving him his cut, and Earn has deserved every dollar of it so far. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, we’ve seen he’s come a long way and worked so hard to try to get Paper Boi on the map, that it’s only right he would collect on some of the success. He is the manager, after all.

Can we also talk about how Earn’s storage room pad is more comfortable than my freshman year college dorm?

Earn has been grinding this whole season, and I’m sure that just seeing the stack of money that Paper Boi handed him was more than enough to make this adventure all worth it. Especially when you remember how much his day job is paying him.

Props to Earn, and I hope that the Paper Boi crew is on the up-and-up.

Season one went by so freaking fast. What am I going to do now? Season two, where you at?

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