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‘Atlanta’ recap: Episode 3 proves the paper hasn’t been delivered to the boi

A hilarious look at the different levels of being broke

How you broke on payday?

Everybody broke in Atlanta.

Earnest broke.

Darius broke.

Paper Boi broke.

If you’ve ever been broke, it’s likely that so much stood out to you in this episode. I’m all too familiar with getting soda in the water cup. You know what they say:

“If the cup ain’t clear, you’re in the clear.”

Actually only I say this, but I’m sure it’ll catch on now that you’ve read this.

Soda in the water cup is one of the oldest schemes in the book. If you didn’t know this, congratulations — you are not a schemer. I felt so bad for Earnest when even after payday this dude still didn’t have $100 to his name. How is that even possible? I thought he had a job. Well, nevertheless, it’s pretty clear that he’s not doing a good enough job to make only $96.


To make matters worse, Earn decides to go on a date. Not just any ordinary date, but a “show my girl how much she means to me because I messed up” date. While his bank account was screaming, “WAFFLE HOUSE, FAM,” his heart was in the right place as he really wants to win back Vanessa.

What we will discuss, however, is the amount of date fouls that Earnest committed.

  1. Asking for tap water.
  2. Interrupting Vanessa’s work story.
  3. Letting the waitress give her market price advice.
    1. For those of you who don’t know, market price is restaurant code for, “You probably going to notice this on your bank statement.”

5. Talking about details of a drug deal over the phone. Why do you think Kevin Gates has two phones?

If we were going by NCAA rules, Earn fouls out. However, he’s lucky that this is the real world and not some sort of college date.

And upon further review, not tipping the waitress doesn’t make the list because she had it coming. She ain’t slick.








I cried for Earn’s wallet during the whole ordeal.

Now on to the grand adventures of Paper Boi and Darius. Throughout the first two episodes, it seemed like Paper Boi was gaining more fame, and coming into some money. This episode proved to us that the paper hasn’t been delivered to the boi.

This man hasn’t been signed. He doesn’t have an album that can be bought. He isn’t making any money from the music business yet. Trapping is all Paper Boi knows and, until his music takes off, he’s going to be that way. That is if his music even takes off.


Paper Boi seems to be the brains of the operation, while Darius manages to get his hand stuck to a briefcase. Yeah, that’s not the brightest drug-dealing tandem we’ve ever seen. I hope Paper Boi gets this record deal, man — for Darius’ sake.

Darius also keeps his gun in a box of cereal, and I don’t know if it’s brilliant or the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen. This is the magic of Darius.

The real MVP?

The real MVP of this episode has to be Migos … all four of them. Someone give Quavo an Emmy. Now.


This episode was lit, and I do pray that Earn and Paper Boi run into some money soon, though.

Especially Earn because Vanessa deserves better. Seriously, Earn needs to earn some more money before he even thinks about taking Vanessa out again.

Until next week, y’all.

Kofie Yeboah asks for Sweet Tea at every restaurant and recites approximately 2.5 Spongebob lines per hour.