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‘Atlanta’ recap: At least we at the club though?

Broken promises … broke

“Yeah, they hate, but they broke, tho.” — Young M.A.

The club scene from Tuesday night’s episode of Atlanta may seem like the least fun club experience of all time to some people, but to frequent club-goers, but that’s how it be like sometimes.


Let’s recap how bad the club was for each of them, shall we?

Paper Boi:

There were three types of people in the club that night.

  1. Those who are where they want to be.
  2. Those who are on their way to being where they want to be.
  3. Those who are not even close to where they want to be.

Paper Boi falls into category No. 2. Yes, he had his own section at the club, but his spot wasn’t as popping as Marcus Miles’ spot, a celebrity who has way more paper than Paper Boi himself. If it were me there, I would understand that I can’t compete with a dude with an invisible car, but I ain’t Paper Boi. Look at the car one time.

Paper Boi realizes that he is on his way to where he wants to be (Category No. 1 with Marcus Miles), but he ain’t there yet. When they gonna respect his name?

To make things even worse, Paper Boi had to deal with those annoying “Listen to my mixtape dudes.” I just don’t know why they were wasting their time with Paper Boi. How is he going to take care of these rappers when Paper Boi doesn’t even have his own career taken care of?

These are the worst types of people at the club. Those people who want to ride your wave and leech onto your success. This extends beyond the sphere of rap. This happens in a lot of industries. This may have even happened to you recently.

Last, but not least.




For starters, Earn doesn’t even like the club to begin with. In most cases, that’s a clear indicator that you are not going to have a great time at the club. To top it all off, Earn just wants his money that the club promoter promised them if they showed up: $5,000.

We all have those friends who owe you stuff and act nice to you until you bring up the elephant in the wallet. Then they ghost you.

Here’s the problem. Earn and this guy aren’t even friends, so this is a whole new level of annoying. Earn had to follow this guy on numerous occasions into situations that didn’t end with him getting his money. I’d be mad too.

Shout-out to the bartender who had Earn’s back and seemed to be the only one in the club who understood where he was coming from. She probably gets customers like that every night. She even told Earn how to get through the secret passage that the promoter used to juke him out. Let’s look at the replay, shall we?

Not only did he not get the money he was promised, but he was also hit with all of these hidden fees that don’t sound like they were included in the deal. Tough. Earn isn’t the imposing character that Paper Boi is, so it was easier for the promoter to try to intimidate him.

Paper Boi wasn’t having it, though.

Good thing Paper Boi was there to back him up and give the promoter the whupping that he deserved:


… He had the wrong wristband on. Other than that, he seemed like he was having a good time.

Got some free drinks … got his dance on … left before the after-club crime … got to play some video games. Not a bad night for him.

Now we get to see how Paper Boi is going to escape this little predicament he’s in now. Apparently people want to know if Paper Boi is involved with this after-club shooting.

Of course, Paper Boi is being blamed because of his thug image.

I just hope my man Paper Boi doesn’t get in too much trouble for this, but we shall see next week.


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