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The worst-case scenario has developed on ‘The Bachelorette’

It’s clear the producers knew one of the contestants was a bigot because it’s a storyline

10:54 AMNobody wanted this to happen. Everyone wanted to live in their own fun world of wine, petty beefs, past relationships coming back to haunt them, drunken outbursts in attempts at love and maybe some embarrassing physical challenges that in the end build character for everyone. Sure, it’s not REAL in the sense of Rachel ever going to have to, say, cover for a guy if his debit card doesn’t work on a date, but the emotion is at least feigned enough to get by.

What you don’t want is a situation where an outed bigot is clearly being given a platform to spew his nonsense and practice his weird fetishes of making others suffer via his manipulation. But once it was revealed through social media posts from not long ago that Lee was very much a jerk, the air was already out of the sails a tad. With Monday’s episode, you have no choice but to think that his sole purpose on the show was to effectively ruin the first season with a black woman as The Bachelorette.

We wanted Rachel Lindsay to be good enough for them to consider being able to get through this without some racist stunt just because. And even if it does turn out to be some long story arc of redemption for him, the slime factor is already there and it just feels like another black woman’s chance got mocked, just because they could.

Eric, who doesn’t deserve the vitriol the other guys are dishing out, was spot-on when he said that Lee had snake in his DNA. This kind of sneaky “not-racist-because-I’m-dating-a-black-girl” type of guy has been around since interracial dating became cool, and black girls have been dealing with it since. I’m sure the reason Rachel was crying at the end of this episode was because she realized that she let one of them into her midst.

Many black women have firsthand experience of this. It’s incredibly defeating to think the best of someone and be proven so dangerously wrong. It’s not an exaggeration — Lee is a dangerous guy. He’s the kind of guy who calls the cops on black kids playing outside because they might be a little too loud. The kind who disparages the “thugs” hustling on the corner while telling you how sexy your chocolate skin is, you Nubian queen. Lee is here to prove something to himself. This accusation is a cliché at this point, but for Lee it holds true: He’s not here for the right reasons, and the sooner Rachel figures that out the better, because it’s not fun to watch while he’s still in the running.

During scenes from the next show, this reared its ugly head. It became clear that Lee had turned his sights on Eric for reasons that had more to do with competition. In one clip, a contestant even had to pull him aside and say that calling black people “angry” has a very specific history in this nation, one that is split along racial lines. At one point Lee says that nothing makes him happier than “when I smile and an angry man gets angrier.” Gross.

It’s really a shame, too, because it happened right at the end, soiling the best episode of the season yet.

DeMario came back to beg for Rachel’s forgiveness. It didn’t go well.

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

You might recall that at the end of the last episode, DeMario had decided to return to the house to ask for forgiveness and get back in. Rachel, out of curiosity, decided to hear him out. The guys of the house sort of gathered around to watch, and it felt superhokey even for this show.

Then something amazing happened. Rachel listened to him and heard his spiel, which really wasn’t much more than him trying to tweet through it after messing everything up with his girlfriend for blowing up his spot. Then, she told him in a firm but not mean manner that she appreciated his effort but if he’d come with this kind of honesty the first time he might still be there. Alas, he had to go.

DeMario CLEARLY did not expect to take that kind of L for the second time, never mind get dunked on. It was a great moment for fans across America who got to see The Bachelorette dismiss someone who obviously didn’t deserve to be there.

[protected-iframe id=”2e67842cb45dafb8ca6b4626c160c085-84028368-105107678″ info=”hash” class=”twitter-tweet”]

After that was taken care of, we got to settle into a couple of dates that took us straight to the show’s sweet spot: the dates. Both group dates and the solo date were fun while being a tad ridiculous, which is why we’re all here. On the first one, they went to visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It started with Ellen and Rachel watching on a side screen while the lads went through security and Rachel gave her information about each of them. It was perfect.

Alex was the clear winner of the Ellen date, showing off the most moves and comfort with the crowd while showing off his twerk game, then being honest enough to admit he urinated in the pool at the mansion. Don’t worry, fam, we all do it. We just don’t talk about it. Then he talked nerdy to Rachel about eye contact science and ended up getting a well-deserved group-date rose.


The next date was a personal favorite. Rachel rode horses in Beverly Hills, California, with Anthony. Like just walking down the sidewalk. People were gawking and taking pictures, and students were screaming Rachel’s name out of school buses. It was the most ballerific thing we’ve ever seen on the show. They even rode the animals into actual stores, where one proceeded to defecate on the floor. It was an incredible scene.

We also got to learn a few things about Anthony, who came off as a genuinely serious dude when it comes to relationships. He didn’t try to play any sort of wounded fawn angle. He said straight up that he loves his family and looks to continue that tradition as a father, and it’s extremely important to him. She gave him a rose on the spot, and he even afterward was humble enough to admit that he was nervous about putting himself out there from an emotional standpoint, but he was rewarded for it. So much more refreshing than some “I had it in the bag the whole time” reply, which many dudes are wont to do.

The second group date was the best we’d seen on any iteration of this program in a while. With a group that included Kenny, an actual professional wrestler, they added a nice twist: more women. As we saw in the opening episode, Rachel brought along some friends from the Bachelor house where she competed. They all rode a party bus together and got to know each other better. She then fielded their advice when it came to analyzing the guys, which was smart.

You have to get dirty, you’ve got to win, and there’s a showmanship element. Nobody was too cool for school, and no one took it TOO seriously and decided to get crazy and mess up the bit. We can’t even recall who even won the rose, which tells you how entertaining the actual bit was.

Three good dates, three feel-good experiences.

But there were lowlights.

The first was Fred. In the Ellen date, during the “Never Have I Ever” portion, he revealed that he’d once slept with a woman twice his age. Not a smart thing to let loose when you’re already in a weird spot by trying to win the heart of your childhood camp counselor crush. Nobody wants to feel fetishized on national television, never mind till death do them part.

Secondly, he got in his feelings about the fact that he had yet to kiss Rachel after quite a few others had. “I’ve been waiting like 20 years to kiss her, man,” Fred said at one point. Which, coupled with the whole older woman thing, was just really creepy. After that, when he finally did get to sit down with her, he actually asked permission to kiss her, which was just weird in the context of a dating program. So when it finally happened, we were just grossed out by the clunky approach and execution. Fred, get your game together.

Then, we got to experience Rachel shining again. Instead of stringing him along after that shameful performance, she just let him go, telling him openly and honestly that she just didn’t feel the same way about him and there was nothing wrong with that. It was earnest and straightforward, and because they had an actual life connection beforehand she didn’t string him along or lead him on. In short, her classy breakup game is very on point. Bravo.

Lastly and mercifully, the story of Lucas (aka Whaboom) and Blake came to a glorious close. For as much as Whaboom made me laugh, it was clear he was just there to sell shirts, which was fine, except for the fact that Blake took exception to it. Why? Because he actually knows Lucas from real life, which is like showing up to college in the fall only to find out that the ONE person you couldn’t stand from high school is there too, and you’re pledging the same Greek organization.

They got into a spat that ended up going all the way up to Rachel, with Blake making the first move and focusing entirely too much on Lucas. When Whaboom was asked about it, he dropped some off-topic, offensive remarks about something Blake might have done while they were sleeping, and it was clear what Rachel was thinking: Y’all both gotta go. They did.

And in classic Bachelor drama, the two filmed their goodbye interviews with producers across the driveway from each other. Like Cam Newton walking away from his interview after the Super Bowl because he could hear an opponent boasting nearby, Blake got so agitated that he walked over to Whaboom’s stand-up shot and started to curse him out. They then began a rather childlike level of bickering. The sexual tension was off the charts. Clearly these two will be rooming together on the next Bachelor In Paradise. It has to happen.

We had fun this week, but we’re dreading the next episode. With a bigot looming in the mix, and clearly by design of the show, it’s shaping up to be the slimiest episode the franchise has ever seen.

Big Baller Brand

Sneaker Shopping with Complex takes on Ball family

and everyone had a good time

3:03 PMYou knew it had to happen.

The most famous hoops family in America took to the streets with Complex’s Joe La Puma, and the results were about exactly what you’d expect. LaVar Ball yelling about his playing days in the Air Jordan 2s. They’re all wearing BBB slides, which is hilarious.

La Puma didn’t pull punches when it came to the price of Ball’s sneakers. They went at it for a couple of minutes in front of the kids, and their dad held himself pretty well. La Puma seems to imply that Ball should apologize or rephrase his words when it comes to how he chooses to market his brands, pointing out that some people just can’t afford $500 kicks. “Don’t go to Rolls-Royce talking about you need a Toyota,” Ball replied. Fair enough.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of this entire video is Ball pointing out that his kids will not necessarily be wearing Big Baller Brand at all times.

“You may see them in Jordans, but you won’t see me in Jordans. I’ll be in Big Baller Brand,” Ball said. “I don’t restrict them just to have any shoe. But it depends on how our brand grows. … Lonzo can wear any shoe he wants; all my boys can wear any shoe they want.”

Understandably, La Puma is really into the production and design of the sneakers. Not going to lie, it doesn’t seem like the host is taking the dad very seriously, but, hey, most people don’t. The best part of the video is Ball explaining that none of this was really about selling all sorts of shoes. It was about indicating that if they wanted to do something, they could.

“Lonzo’s shoe was put together the way he wanted it,” Ball says. “Now, I feel that’s the price tag. Being our own shoe, symbolic comes with a price. And that’s basically what the shoe is for.”

Watching this family interact will never cease to amaze and entertain me.

Lakeith Stanfield introduces ‘LaZercism’

Are you suffering from racial glaucoma?

3:03 PM

“How are we supposed to do our jobs, if we can’t even see?”

Those are the words of an actor playing the role of one of the police officers involved in that 2015 incident near Dallas, where authorities broke up a pool party on video. You might recall that classic for the barrel roll memes that came out of it, but for the 15-year-old girl who was pulled to the ground by her hair, it was traumatizing. She ended up suing the city, and the officer was never charged.

Incidents like this are exactly what actor Lakeith Stanfield is tackling in his new sketch-not-quite-comedy video that he’s released called LaZercism: in short, laser eye surgery that attacks racism at its core, through your vision. If only it were so easy. The entirety of the short takes on the feel of an infomercial, which makes it feel like it might have been left on the Atlanta cutting-room floor. Then again, the concept of the joke is something directly out of the Get Out playbook.

But the very premise of the bit is fascinating. Written and directed by Shaka King, it’s worth your time.

Daily Dose: 6/5/17

Bill Cosby trial begins outside of Philadelphia

12:32 PMI didn’t get to see it this weekend, but I can’t wait until I do. Reviews like this will definitely get me to the theater.

Bill Cosby’s trial has already gotten off to an awkward start. He arrived at the courtroom in Norristown, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia on Monday with Keshia Knight Pulliam on his arm. You might remember her as the little girl who played Rudy on The Cosby Show, which is just uncomfortable on multiple levels. He doesn’t expect to testify at the trial, but the woman who accused him of sexual assault will, getting the ball rolling on so many others becoming willing to come out about encounters they had with the comedian. Here’s what to watch while this all unfolds.

Speaking of questionable characters named Bill, Mr. Maher is canceled. Not literally, but as far as I’m concerned he can go away and never come back. This dude, who hosts an HBO show, said during an interview in front of an audience that he was a “house n—–” without one bit of hesitation. Various people came to cape for him, which I’m never going to understand. The list includes Killer Mike, Donna Brazile, Michael Eric Dyson and his wife. Maher apologized, but the damage is done. It’s not like he’s got some great history when it comes to bigotry.

If you’re on Instagram, what you like is public. Meaning, if someone wants to know what it is you’re double-tapping on, all they have to do is go to the activity page and scroll to see that your co-worker is really into lemon trees, or your old high school baseball teammate is now seriously stalking models in Monaco. But what would you do if you saw your significant other like someone else’s butt selfie? Hurt, offended, angry, no big deal? Here’s one woman’s investigation into why her boyfriend hearts a model’s backside.

You might recall that Kobe Bryant once scored 81 points in a game. You might also remember that that game was against the Toronto Raptors. If you didn’t know, Jalen Rose was on that team and now is obviously an ESPN personality. I like Jalen a lot and always have since I was a middle schooler trying to emulate him and the Fab Five on the court. But when it comes to asking him about that fateful day, things can get awkward. Someone decided to lean all the way in on that and make a commercial out of it. It’s hilarious.


Free Food

Coffee Break: Graduation season is really fun. Particularly when school administrators aren’t being jerks and actually understand the ceremony is about the kids and not about keeping decorum or whatever nonsense they come up with to hate on fun. This is what graduation should look like.

Snack Time: Pusha T is an anti-gun-violence advocate, and he’s been in these streets delivering his message for quite some time. Recently, he penned a letter to a 6-year-old on the topic, and it’s perfectly adorable.

Dessert: Rest in peace, Cheick Tioté. He will not be forgotten. Tioté, 30, died after collapsing during training in China.

The Morning Roast: 6/4/17

It was an animal-heavy show

12:08 PM

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The gang got things off to a hot start this week and had more fun than usual. With Mina Kimes on the East Coast, everyone was on the same page from a body clock standpoint. In the first hour, we actually got into some pretty serious baseball talk, discussing whether no-hitters are a big deal and taking a look at Albert Pujols breaking the 600 home-run mark and if anyone actually cares about that.

Perhaps most importantly, though, was that we finally got to discuss what’s going on with The Bachelorette, and it appears that Domonique Foxworth is one step closer to actually turning on his television to watch this show. You might recall that last week ESPN’s Mike Golic Jr. was dead-on when he said he thought that contestant Lee was a racist. GoJo was exactly right. Not to mention, there’s the whole matter that Rachel Lindsay actually dated Kevin Durant. What a world.

In the second hour, we talked with Tom Junod, whose story about the people who handled Muhammad Ali’s body is out in ESPN The Magazine. It’s a rich and detailed look at The Greatest’s last days and the reaction in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. After that, we kept things very high-minded and chatted with Jake Waddell, the dude who threw a catfish on the ice during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. He was awesome. After that is when things went haywire during Top 5.

A conversation about rappers having exotic animals turned into Mina listing the top five favorite ones she’d like to have in a rap video. Then, I said that I once got out of the car during a safari in Africa, and the other two went haywire. Clearly, they’ve never been in that position and don’t know that people do this all the time, even though it is wild dangerous.

The show ended with a visit from a new friend of the show, a character I made up. He’s a classical music enthusiast and, well, he’s rather sophisticated. Enjoy!

Tyler, the Creator

‘Cherry Bomb: The Documentary’ is fire

What can’t Tyler, the Creator do well?

4:21 PMTyler, the Creator does the most.

As a creative, he’s got his hands in all sorts of products and projects from music to sports to fashion. But back in 2015, when his solo album Cherry Bomb dropped, people weren’t necessarily ready for his brand of weird to go full mainstream. He had all sorts of people on the album, and music critics had trouble putting it into a box, many just sticking with the word “experimental.”

This documentary, directed by Mikey Alfred, is as madcap as Tyler’s life actually seems. Featuring footage from 2013 to 2015, it’s a proper documentary. Behind-the-scenes footage of what artists can do is often mundane, unless you’re completely obsessed with the subject of the film. But watching Tyler’s creative process is a really informative look at how he works. There’s no big fancy studio. Dude invites his friends over and sets up his equipment in the living room. Also, if you’re a bit of an equipment nerd, you get to see all the gear he works with.

One particularly poignant moment comes when he spits the lyrics to his song “Run,” which he says was motivated by him being on Twitter one morning and seeing a bunch of tweets about people ready to smoke weed first thing in the morning. With just him, sitting on the sidewalk, the overall tone of his lyrics is a little easier to digest for the layperson.

At 42 minutes long, this is definitely for the card-carrying Odd Future fan. Random footage of him playing video games and exercising physical challenges with his friends is spliced with musicians performing in studio. Occasionally, he pops in as a narrator to explain who his famous friends are. There’s no doubting how much of a thought leader he is. If you want more details on that, click here.

But overall, it’ll be interesting to see what he makes next. Tyler is a perfectly named artist who can do all sorts of things. “I feel like rap has a time stamp,” he says at one point. “It’s less boundaries in signing songs.”

Once this guy gets his hands on a movie or, say, an entire channel of programming, whatever the platform. As a stand-alone movie, Cherry Bomb: The Documentary is absolutely inspirational, never mind funny.

Oh, and Jaden Smith makes a cameo, which basically tells you everything you need to know.

Kevin Durant used to date the Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay and the Warriors star were together at UT-Austin

2:34 PMIt’s been a weird week for The Bachelorette. With one of the contestants being outed as a bigot on social media, the rest of us were wondering just how we were going to cringe through the remainder of the season. Then, the news fairy dropped this incredible headline on us to save the week.

‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Dated NBA Pro Kevin Durant — All the Details, Us Weekly wrote.

HOLD UP, WHAT? Rachel just took this group of stooges on a basketball date, and DeMario was carrying on about the simple fact that he could even dunk. The rest of them looked like the worst version of guys who didn’t make their high school teams but thought they were dominant because of church league glory days. One dude — it might have even been Lee — was wearing camo sweatpants.

Imagine how stupid these dudes must feel knowing that they were trying to impress Rachel with their hoops game, after SHE DATED KEVIN DURANT. I’m 100 percent disappointed that she didn’t drop that fact on them right then and there after that little game with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar watching, to crush their egos regarding who they thought they were dealing with. Truly an opportunity missed.

Back to the onetime happy couple, though. Apparently this all went down when he went to University of Texas at Austin. He was only there for a year, but Us Weekly tells us they dated before she then left to go to law school. Now, she’s engaged and we’re happy for her.

But, let’s not skip past the obvious here. We’re in the middle of the NBA Finals. Kevin Durant is playing out of his mind right now for the Golden State Warriors. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers might need a little something to turn things around (don’t at me, we all know they got blown out in Game 1 of the Finals last year too). Why not have two courtside seats for The Bachelorette once you get back to Cleveland? Great publicity for the show, a little time on the big screen, and hopefully, if you’re a Cavs fan, you can rattle KD a bit.

Seriously, though. Cavaliers: Make this happen.

Daily Dose: 6/2/17

Charles Oakley is not letting the Knicks off the hook

1:36 PMFriday is National Doughnut Day. Personally, I’m a guy who likes plain ones, aka old-fashioned doughnut. Not very exciting.

So, Thursday was a doozy. The president of the United States publicly declared war on science, without actually doing so. By pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, he’s basically said that this country doesn’t need the world for anything and he’s not afraid to test that theory, even when it comes to the health of the globe. Now his aides are scrambling to defend that decision, and it’s getting awkward. No one wants to say out loud that Trump thinks climate change is a hoax, including Kellyanne Conway.

It appears things are improving in Chicago. Which is a good thing for the city and also for all the people who like to cite the Windy City every time some situation comes up in which we need to address police violence. “What about black-on-black crime in Chicago?” is the constant refrain. Well, while the numbers are still unacceptably high for homicides and shootings, they are going down in 2017. But speaking of heinous crimes, this also happened recently in Chicago, which is terrifying.

Wonder Woman comes out Friday, but I’m already a fan. Mainly because a theater in Texas decided to hold a woman-only screening of the film and dudes across the nation flipped out because they just couldn’t bear the thought of being denied something based on their gender. The irony is obvious. But on top of that, this just looks like a really good movie, as WW is an awesome character. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie before you see it, in case it’s been a while since you visited that universe.

Charles Oakley is not messing around when it comes to the New York Knicks. Remember a while back when he decided he was going to put his hands on Madison Square Garden security and yell at the team owner from his seat? He got physically removed for that stunt. Yeah, it was special. Well, both sides still believe they were in the right, and this whole thing is actually going to court. Mind you, Oak had a chance to agree to a scenario in which the charges were dropped, but he’d rather fight. This is not going to end well for anyone.

Free Food

Coffee Break: What is a Black Dandy, you ask? On a simple level, it’s someone who dresses better than you, because he can and he wants to. But, in the case of one photographer, the meaning is a lot larger than just fashion. It’s about portrayal and stereotyping, and her new project looks to shatter some old molds.

Snack Time: If the only thing we get from Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 league is the possibility of the sport getting to the Olympics, it’ll be a success. The FIBA tourney is always a pleasure, and it looks like it’s on the table for 2020.

Dessert: Party Next Door blessed us with some new music for the weekend. Enjoy.

Halima Aden covers ‘Vogue Arabia’

hijab and all, she’s breaking the mold

5:24 PMIf you don’t know who Halima Aden is, where have you been?

You might remember her for taking the stage at the Miss Minnesota USA pageant in her hijab, then rocking a burkini for the judges. Now, she’s on the cover of Vogue Arabia and still staying true to her look. The publication is only on its fourth cover after launching in March.

This is dope for several reasons. But you can watch below and let Halima tell you herself.

[protected-iframe id=”5468349406e55e5d3db7fd76beddfd5b-84028368-105107678″ info=”hash” class=”twitter-video”]

All Day Podcast: 6/1/17

NBA Finals, Muhammad Ali’s death and LeBron James’ eloquence

2:42 PMWhat’s up, kiddos, we’re back. The podcast has been retooled a bit, as you’ll notice, which I explain more in the show.

This week, I talked to Marc Spears about the upcoming NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is already an epic matchup even before the games start. If you don’t know, it’s the first time that two teams have faced off three times in a row in the NBA Finals, and the first time it’s happened in any of the major American sports leagues where the teams were tied 1-1 after the first two series.

Perhaps most interesting was Spears’ discussion about what the Dubs mean to Oakland, California, as a place. He went deep on what that team moving from one part of the Bay Area to another, San Francisco, could signal for not only basketball fans but also for other sports franchises there.

Switching gears: I had the pleasure of chatting with Tom Junod, who’s got a new story for ESPN The Magazine about Muhammad Ali and his last days. It’s rich with detail, specifics and beautiful prose surrounding the greatest man alive, in his time. If you’re not familiar with the intricacies of how bodies are prepared for burial in Islam, there are details on that. Junod delves into the process of getting this story done, not just the topic, which as a writer I find fascinating.


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Daily Dose: 6/1/17

Racism rears its ugly head at African-American museum

12:48 PMSo, I’m going to start featuring my favorite tweet of the morning in this spot just to get things started. Here’s Thursday’s.


You gotta be a majorly hateful person to leave a noose at the Blacksonian. Think about it. Either you planned for months to come to D.C., or got up early to get downtown and pull some racist nonsense just to make you feel better about yourself. There is a part of me that feels bad for people who have so much hate in their heart, because they have no idea how limiting it is. Nonetheless, this matter must be addressed, and Lonnie Bunch, founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture — a great dude, btw — did as much Wednesday. The cowardice in the perpetrator’s act is staggering.

We’ve talked about wedding music before, here. It’s a tough balance to figure out exactly what’s going to hype up a crowd, what works for the wedding party and what’s going to be good enough to get people to remember your nuptials. I’ve been to some weddings with some pretty awful music, personally. It’s so awkward. But some people like awkward. So now, FiveThirtyEight is looking for those wedding songs that no couple ever wants to hear, which is a hilarious premise for a playlist if you ask me.

Drugs make you do wild things. This is why people like them, but this is also why they’re relatively dangerous, no matter how the government may classify their existence. Some people have to take things to make their bodies or minds work. And in some cases, that can come with disastrous effects. Take for example this woman, whose husband is on antidepressants, which makes him physically abusive in his sleep. It’s probably time to start sleeping in separate beds.

There are a lot of storylines at play in the NBA Finals. But my favorite is Mike Brown. He used to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers, and now he is acting head coach for the Golden State Warriors. There’s no way to deny how bizarre of a twist that is for two teams that are battling for the title. And he didn’t just coach the team — Brown coached many of these actual dudes before the Cavaliers fired him. Now, Kyrie Irving is looking back on his time with Brown as his coach, when he basically got Brown fired because he wouldn’t change up his game.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Being a mascot is tough. You don’t get to talk. You always have to be jovial, and people are very rude to you in general. This week at Citi Field, Mr. Met gave a fan the finger, and it was unfortunately caught on camera, which means Mr. Met will now be a different person inside that suit.

Snack Time: Mac and cheese might be slightly overrated, but this picture of a little girl not letting a Disney princess get between her and her food is downright hilarious.

Dessert: Donald Glover is out here serving LOOKS, y’all.