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‘The Plug’ podcast: ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ feat. Alan Williams

Sage draft advice from the Phoenix Suns center, plus we give our own NBA awards, including the Carl Lewis Award for Bravery

1:15 PM

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In the words of one of the borough’s most iconic names in Jay-Z, “Brooklyn we go hard, we go hard.” The Plug crew did just that in Brooklyn, New York, last week for the NBA draft (and since we all still have jobs, it must not have been terrible).

Upon our return, this episode features an exclusive interview live from the draft with Phoenix Suns center Alan Williams, who sheds some light on the implications of the Suns having the No. 1 overall pick. He also shared some advice for the incoming rookies: “Don’t let where you’re drafted (or not drafted) dictate who you are in this league.” We also put ourselves in the shoes of LeBron James during free agency and redo the NBA Awards – Plug Style. Trust me on this. You do not want to miss the recipient of the Carl Lewis Award for Bravery. Here’s a hint of who it might by using this all-time great disaster as your guide.

From there, we touch on Julian Edelman’s suspension, Stephen Curry’s knowledge of male strippers and why it may not be a smart idea to jump on the hood of a car when your girl catches you cheating. As always, you can subscribe to The Plug in the ESPN App, Apple Podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.