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The National Museum of African American History and Culture is beyond real

and it might be too much for some people to handle

4:00 PMAfter visiting America’s black history museum Wednesday, I have one major concern. It’s not with the content. That’s incredible. It’s not with the building. It’s majestic. It’s with the application of the reality. The exhibit starts on a subterranean level that takes you back not just to slavery as a loose and overarchingly complex and terrible moment in time, but to a very specific creation of America from a historical standpoint. Many people just plainly might not be able to deal.

It explains how race was an important factor in solidifying the social order that would make such a thing as slavery possible. It points out that slavery among Africans as a system, not dissimilar to systems of servitude that also ruled Europe, was brutal but somehow sustainable. There are multitudes of graphics pointing out very specifically which European nations did what, and how they profited. What’s made clear in no uncertain terms is exactly how white settlers and landowners profited from free labor, and not just in an ethereal “oh, this was horrible” kind of way.

There is a portion that points out why, for many plantation owners, it was literally more profitable to work African slaves to death, rather than keep them alive. Even for someone who’s seen slave-dealing ports in Africa and the Deep South, there is a very jarring historical reality to having it all laid bare in such a clear manner. It wouldn’t surprise me to see people getting into arguments at the museum over the content. And if a white guy named Davenport and a black guy named Davenport are doing it, that’s an awkward reality to confront right there in the exhibit.

Just think of a room full of people doing their best “well, actually” lines in a Smithsonian museum because they can’t deal with the basic reality of their own roots. The tour guides are going to have the hardest jobs in the world. That’s the problem with supremacy and privilege. When it’s challenged or questioned, you begin to believe that you are, in fact, the one dealing with oppression because it’s a dramatic paradigm shift from your world.

So to walk by column after column detailing the hundreds of thousands of people who were brought to each state for a specific reason, there’s no way that the “oh, my grandma’s racist, but she’s not deplorable because she baked me cookies” argument even begins to fly. Reading the numbers of exactly how much wealth was obtained via black backs on a Smithsonian wall is beyond moving. The fact is it’s not about Ku Klux Klan gear-waving white folks or sellout black folks, it’s basically greed that fueled the largest human trafficking operation in history. Reconciling that is not an easy thing to do.

I’m not a historian, but I’ve learned a few things, to borrow and bastardize a relatively famous lyric. There are artifacts and trinkets that will widen the eyes of history geeks. But there are plenty of people who will be moved by the basic amount of information available about this country’s and perhaps more specifically the globe’s original sin. You don’t have to walk up to every placard and read the fine print to get a VAST education on how slavery created the very concept of industry.

Before this, the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam was the best museum-level application of telling the story of slavery I’d ever seen. The NMAAHC outdoes it by a wide margin. Upstairs, there are tons of more fun, enriching and celebratory installations and things to make you smile through the struggle. But that bottom floor is as hardcore as it gets.

If Dabo Swinney and Clemson win the national championship and come to Washington, D.C., to be honored by the president, I hope he and his team make a trip to see it.

Daily Dose: 9/14/16

Infamous Cleveland gazebo will be moved

12:00 PMGot another podcast done. This time, Domonique Foxworth joined the squad. We talked about fall television, the Basketball Hall of Fame and national anthem protests. Give it a listen here. Also, I was on SportsCenter on Tuesday night. Check it out.

It’s been nearly two years since Tamir Rice was killed by police in Cleveland. As one of the first cases that got the entire country talking because of his age, where it happened is now a famous place. When a 12-year-old dies in a park from law enforcement gunfire and it’s on videotape, people aren’t going to forget that location. Now, the gazebo that you see in that iconic video is headed to a museum. Of course, since the incident, it’s become a memorial of sorts. ABC News reports.

The health of the two leading presidential candidates is important. If someone is potentially not going to be able to do the job, it certainly affects their electability. Both sides have been rather awkward about this. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s episode with pneumonia has created a bit of a nightmare for her campaign and Republican nominee Donald Trump keeps using really bizarre words like “astonishing” to describe his own medical situation. He is 70 years old and she is 68. FiveThirtyEight’s Clare Malone and Christie Aschwanden wonder: Can a candidate be too old to run for president?

Young Thug is a rather polarizing figure. The Atlanta rapper has been wearing what we typically consider to be women’s clothing for some time now, which has incensed the typically hyperidiotic world of old-school hip-hop heads. People seem to think that masculinity is only defined by bravado and anti-gay prejudice, so when he showed up on the cover of his new album in a dress, a lot of people weren’t sure how to handle it. VICE‘s Jon Shadel tries to answer the question: Why do people think men who wear women’s clothing are gay?

Dabo Swinney needs to get out of the paint. The Clemson football coach seems to think that people who think this country can improve need to leave because it’s not as bad as it once was. He actually said this, and it’s wild. And he did it while invoking the name of Martin Luther King Jr., which is always ill-advised. (Reminder: They killed him, too.) Meanwhile, over on the West Coast, Washington State football coach Mike Leach seems to believe that the police are unfairly targeting his players. ESPN’s Kevin Gemmell reports.

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Coffee Break: You all know I love vinyl. And whenever I go to a new place, I try to find local shops as a way to gauge the musical flavor of the place. One such place where that’s fun to do is Los Angeles, where we now have very sad news. Amoeba Music, the legendary store, appears to be headed for demise in a couple of years, max.

Snack Time: If you want to get an idea of what’s wrong with policing policies in this country, this story about an officer being fired after not killing a suicidal man is a pretty good indicator.

Dessert: Donald Glover and Reggie Watts jamming out on television? Yes, please.

All Day Podcast: 9/13/16

Domonique Foxworth fills in for Justin Tinsley this week

6:11 PMBack by popular demand, senior writer Domonique Foxworth joined the All Day Podcast crew this week, filling in for staff writer Justin Tinsley. We talk San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, what’s in store this fall in black television and the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony with host Clinton Yates and senior style writer Jill Hudson.

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After deciding to take a stance against the national anthem during the NFL preseason, Kaepernick has carried his silent protests into the regular season — and other players have joined him. Domonique and Clinton discussed this topic on this week’s edition of Locker Room Lawyer, too, but the podcast crew took a deeper dive into the impact Kaepernick is having throughout the league.

It’s TV Week at The Undefeated, and one show that’s part of the blackest fall in television ever is Donald Glover’s new FX series Atlanta, which everyone is talking about, so we did, too. Last but not least, we dedicate the final segment of the show to the 2016 Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which yielded many great speeches — especially the one delivered by Allen “The Answer” Iverson.

Give it a listen, and if you have any feedback or show ideas, feel free to email us at allday@andscape.com.

The best and worst of the NFL’s new Color Rush uniforms

See what’s hot and what’s not

6:00 PMThe NFL recently released its latest edition of Color Rush uniforms. When you put them all together, they look like someone at the Skittles factory was trying to invent new flavors on the spot.



As with all uniform releases, there are some hot ones and then there are some that we never want to see ever again.

Hot: Pittsburgh Steelers

This prime color scheme is going to look so fresh in the nighttime. You can hate on the Steelers all you want, but these are 🔥.

Hot: Any team in black.

  • Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles

All of the black Color Rush uniforms came out so fresh, so clean. Even though the Eagles kind of already have these anyway. These are going to look so freakin’ cool in the nighttime.

The Lions jerseys are so sleek, smooth and cool. However, according to the team’s website, they will not be wearing them this year.

Hot: New York Giants.

These are among the cleanest jerseys that were released. The crisp color scheme and the fact that this uniform isn’t doing the most on the eyeballs is pretty good to see. They also look like the Buffalo Bills’ regular jerseys, but that’s none of my business.

Also hot: Seattle Seahawks

Don’t @ me. These are 🔥🔥.

Get those jokes off, though.


Not hot: Washington Redskins

These Color Rush jerseys are the worst in the NFC East. I feel like wide receiver DeSean Jackson would cause a blur for quarterback Kirk Cousins just by running a go-route.

Not hot: Jacksonville Jaguars




These are terrible. You can’t tell me otherwise.

Also not hot: Cleveland Browns

The Browns have a bad color scheme, and this is the best they could do, honestly. But at least it’s not all orange.


You can judge for yourself and view all of the Color Rush reveals on theNFL’s Twitter account.

New Tupac biopic trailer is haunting

The Benny Boom-directed movie is set for a November release

5:45 PMThe day that Tupac Shakur died, the rap world was forever changed, obviously. But the moment itself happened in a different way. It was 20 years ago, at a time when 24-hour news was still in what we’ll call its teenage phase of its now fully formed adult life span. If you weren’t sitting by a radio or a television, you likely didn’t find out about the murder until you ran into someone who was a hip-hop fan.

There was something instantly spooky about the whole deal. It was Friday the 13th. Early evening on the East Coast, mid-afternoon on the West Coast. Even though he had a song titled To Live and Die in L.A., Tupac’s demise came in Las Vegas. It was a situation that instantly led to rampant speculation that decades later still hasn’t ended. The notion of Tupac not really being dead was something that some respectable people took sort of seriously for longer than you think.

All that said, imagine being at an actual rap show when you found out that the genre’s biggest star had died. This video is of Ed Lover, who was then at the height of his power as the host of both Yo! MTV Raps and HOT 97’s morning show on New York radio. For him to jump on stage and stop a show, a Nas concert at that, is a sight to behold.

There’s so much going on in this video. We’re not going to take any time talking about Nas’ red leather overalls — it was prime Esco season — but his pacing around the stage is telling. Who knows what could be going on in his head in such a moment. Ed gets right to it in an informative and direct manner.

“At 7:03 p.m. New York time and 4:03 p.m. Las Vegas time, Tupac Shakur passed away, y’all,” he says. “Give me a moment of silence.” The rest involves him explaining his love for hip-hop, his respect for ‘Pac and general desire for humanity. But in retrospect, this is borderline amazing. People sort of scream in horror, but mostly are stunned. Then they take a moment of silence. This could have gone much more poorly. Never mind a potential crowd panic, but Ed and ‘Pac were legit tight. Imagine having to tell a crowd full of people that your friend had just passed. Haunting.

Which brings us to the latest trailer for the 2016 Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me. The first trailer, released back in June, was more of an initial window into just how well Demetrius Shipp Jr. is going to be able to play this iconic role. The second trailer provides a way more in-depth look at just what this movie is going to be about.


It starts with a line about police brutality that is still pertinent today. Then, a stunner of a line. “Like all black leaders, you have a bull’s-eye on your back,” Danai Gurira says as Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur. “I ain’t no black leader,” he replies. The trailer goes on to unfurl some pretty violent scenes, but it’s clear this movie is not going to shy away from certain grim realities.

Who knows how this movie will be received. At this juncture, we’re so far away from his death and his mother’s recent passing that it makes this project feel like arguably one of the most important movies about hip-hop ever made. Meanwhile, artists such as Lil Yachty are openly bragging about how they know none of his work. Fair enough, if you were born after he died, that’s marginally understandable.

Because of where we are in hip-hop’s lifetime, these biopics of artists from a certain era are all over the place. The media field has grown, there’s more to draw from and it feels like every six months we get a new flick about someone who was huge back in the day. Tupac is a different beast, though. If nothing else, this second trailer indicates that director Benny Boom’s third feature film will capture viewers well outside of the rap world, just like Tupac did in life.

Locker Room Lawyer

Locker Room Lawyer, Episode 7: National anthem protests

Which is the better protest: kneeling or raising a fist?

1:24 PMIn this week’s edition of Locker Room Lawyer, Clinton Yates and Domonique Foxworth take the case of national anthem protests by players across the NFL to The Undefeated courtroom.

During Week 1 of the NFL regular season, 18 players followed the lead of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick by protesting the national anthem before games due to injustices black people face in this country. Some, like Kaepernick, knelt while The Star-Spangled Banner was played. Others raised a fist in the air and bowed their heads, a nod to the “Black Power salute” popularized by sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

But which one is the better protest?

Domonique, the Locker Room Lawyer, takes the side of the players who rose their fists. Clinton sides with the players who knelt.

Check out the video, and if you have any professional athlete in mind (past or present) who needs the Locker Room Lawyer’s representation, feel free to email us at allday@andscape.com with episode ideas. Also, check out our weekly All Day Podcast.

Daily Dose: 9/13/16

Edward Snowden is going big with the requests

1:00 PMWe’ve got another Locker Room Lawyer for you this week, talking about the protests of the national anthem we’ve seen around the NFL and elsewhere, lately. Check it out.

Edward Snowden is having a big week. There’s a movie coming out about his life in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays him, and now he’s getting chesty and saying that he deserves a pardon from President Barack Obama. Mind you, the question of whether Snowden is nothing more than a hacker with an ego or an actual American patriot is still up for debate in most polite circles. Running to Russia didn’t help his cause from a sympathy standpoint, either. ABC News reports on the former National Security Agency contractor’s request.

North Carolina keeps taking L’s. Because of House Bill 2, more colloquially known as the “bathroom bill,” more companies have been pulling their business out of the state. The NBA pulled the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte and now the NCAA is doing the same. Two rounds of the men’s basketball tournament will be relocated, among other sports, too. Needless to say, Republicans in the state aren’t happy about it. Their clapback was rather epic, even if many saw it as misguided. ESPN’s Andy Katz reports.

College is a very different world from what it was 20 years ago. What used to be considered a relatively spartan experience in terms of living has now turned into something more along the lines of luxury, for those who can afford to live in on-campus facilities. Heck, half of those places are nicer than most of the apartments I’ve lived in. But that’s not the reason why the cost of education is skyrocketing. FiveThirtyEight’s Doug Webber explains what is causing tuition prices to be so high.

Things got real on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night. Noted liar and suspended swimmer Ryan Lochte, a contestant on the show, was rushed by two men during a live airing of the show. Two dudes are still unhappy that he’s on the program at all, considering the stunt he pulled during the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro that embarrassed everyone involved. Bum-rushing someone on a TV set is a bold move, though. The dudes even had anti-Lochte T-shirts on, which is next-level wild. ESPN’s Michael Rothstein reports.

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Coffee Break: Playing sports with one’s eyes open is hard enough, for most people. Just like standing upright and trying to run and throw things are difficult, too. Now, imagine trying to do all that with a blindfold on. That’s exactly what goalball is and they’re playing it at the Paralympic Games in Rio right now. This sport is awesome.

Snack Time: Don’t run onto the field if professional athletes are playing. Just don’t do it. You will get wrecked and you will get arrested. But if you’re watching, it can be hilarious. Luckily, the world has Kevin Harlan in it.

Dessert: Watch this. Trust me.

Adam Jones supports NFL protests

Orioles outfielder calls baseball ‘a white man’s sport’

4:39 PMAdam Jones stays woke.

The 31-year-old Baltimore Orioles outfielder spoke up about why we haven’t seen any black baseball players sit in protest of the national anthem, and he didn’t mince his words one bit. “Baseball is a white man’s sport,” he toldUSA TODAY. On its surface, this is not news. Major League Baseball has publicly acknowledged its diversity problem, going so far as to form a task force back in 2013 to combat the issue.

But Jones’ larger point sheds light on how difficult protesting can be for certain athletes. Even with guaranteed contracts and the league’s history in integration, players don’t feel empowered enough to speak out. More importantly, it highlights how actively non-progressive MLB has been when it comes to social commentary, recently. Remember this is the same league that played a game with no one in the stands for fear of what might occur after police killed Freddie Gray and the streets reacted.

Meanwhile, with Week 1 of the NFL bringing a fresh round of demonstrations, America’s pastime feels woefully behind. There are only a few managers of color in the game and the ranks aren’t much better when it comes to executives in front offices. Jones is a perfect player to reinforce that message, for those of you who seem to believe that only people of a certain caliber are worthy of doing so. Let’s not forget that someone actually threw a banana at him during a game once in San Francisco.

“The First Amendment says we have freedom of expression,” Jones said. “We’re supposed to be so free, so free. But anytime anybody of color speaks up in the United States, for some odd reason, they always get the raw end of the deal. It sucks.”

Jones stands during the anthem, but perhaps, like San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, his basic acknowledgment of the issue at hand may inspire others to do so, as well. The Orioles are currently in wild-card position in the American League, which means if they make a decent playoff run, Jones will have a much bigger platform to speak from. Baseball needs it.

Daily Dose: 9/12/16

Hillary Clinton’s health becomes an issue on the campaign trail

12:00 PMHappy Monday, folks. Hope you all got your NFL fix.

The presidential race took an odd turn Sunday. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, at a 9/11 commemoration event, was forced to leave after a medical episode. It’s particularly awkward because Republican nominee Donald Trump had been crassly referring to her health situation as a matter of course, then something actually happened. Perhaps even more strangely, Trump was actually rather gracious about the situation when making a television appearance on FOX News afterward. He also indicated that he’ll be releasing his own medical records, too. ABC News reports.

Every couple years, people decide that they want to make a new place the it city. Scores of young people get out of college, move to a place and suddenly breweries, vinyl shops and Uber start showing up. That, or a place where people had been minding their business for years is suddenly overrun with vultures trying to make a buck. Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, Tennessee, come to mind on this list. Apparently, the latest place for growth is St. Louis, which is a bit of a shocker. FiveThirtyEight’s Ben Casselman explains.

Erin Henderson is not a household name. He’s a linebacker for the New York Jets who wasn’t exactly a big-time college player. You might remember his older brother, E.J., from his days at the University of Maryland. Anyway, Erin’s been struggling with substance abuse for some time. It’s affected his NFL career quite a bit, and nearly gotten him blackballed from the league. But, he’s back now, his life is more stable and he’s got a new contract to show for it. VICE‘s Dom Cosentino explains why he’s the best comeback story in the league.

In case you were too busy with football, don’t forget, there’s still a baseball season going on. And it happens to be David Ortiz’s last in the big leagues. He’s not just making a retirement tour, either. The Red Sox are leading the AL East and Big Papi is mashing. He kept up his hot streak Sunday in Toronto, where he mashed a serious bomb to put his team up late in the game. If you didn’t see it, click here. On a larger level, though, what he’s doing is amazing. If there was any doubt about him being a first ballot Hall of Famer, that’s gone.

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Coffee Break: The sports media world is so crowded these days, that if you make something up and sound semi-believable, people might run with it as if it’s real. Such was the case for the website Coral, which typically tweets about gambling. The website made a sarcastic joke about soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, and I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

Snack Time: In case you were wondering, yes, it’s real that many people presume that black people don’t feel as much physical pain as other people. So, it should be no surprise that such a phenomenon also extends to hospitals.

Dessert: Hip-hop and wrestling are a great combo. And when Smoke DZA makes tapes about the two, it’s even better.