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Daily Dose: 9/12/16

Hillary Clinton’s health becomes an issue on the campaign trail

12:00 PMHappy Monday, folks. Hope you all got your NFL fix.

The presidential race took an odd turn Sunday. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, at a 9/11 commemoration event, was forced to leave after a medical episode. It’s particularly awkward because Republican nominee Donald Trump had been crassly referring to her health situation as a matter of course, then something actually happened. Perhaps even more strangely, Trump was actually rather gracious about the situation when making a television appearance on FOX News afterward. He also indicated that he’ll be releasing his own medical records, too. ABC News reports.

Every couple years, people decide that they want to make a new place the it city. Scores of young people get out of college, move to a place and suddenly breweries, vinyl shops and Uber start showing up. That, or a place where people had been minding their business for years is suddenly overrun with vultures trying to make a buck. Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, Tennessee, come to mind on this list. Apparently, the latest place for growth is St. Louis, which is a bit of a shocker. FiveThirtyEight’s Ben Casselman explains.

Erin Henderson is not a household name. He’s a linebacker for the New York Jets who wasn’t exactly a big-time college player. You might remember his older brother, E.J., from his days at the University of Maryland. Anyway, Erin’s been struggling with substance abuse for some time. It’s affected his NFL career quite a bit, and nearly gotten him blackballed from the league. But, he’s back now, his life is more stable and he’s got a new contract to show for it. VICE‘s Dom Cosentino explains why he’s the best comeback story in the league.

In case you were too busy with football, don’t forget, there’s still a baseball season going on. And it happens to be David Ortiz’s last in the big leagues. He’s not just making a retirement tour, either. The Red Sox are leading the AL East and Big Papi is mashing. He kept up his hot streak Sunday in Toronto, where he mashed a serious bomb to put his team up late in the game. If you didn’t see it, click here. On a larger level, though, what he’s doing is amazing. If there was any doubt about him being a first ballot Hall of Famer, that’s gone.

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Coffee Break: The sports media world is so crowded these days, that if you make something up and sound semi-believable, people might run with it as if it’s real. Such was the case for the website Coral, which typically tweets about gambling. The website made a sarcastic joke about soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, and I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

Snack Time: In case you were wondering, yes, it’s real that many people presume that black people don’t feel as much physical pain as other people. So, it should be no surprise that such a phenomenon also extends to hospitals.

Dessert: Hip-hop and wrestling are a great combo. And when Smoke DZA makes tapes about the two, it’s even better.

LeBron James’ empire grows in the TV world

He’s got another show on deck

5:15 PMIf you haven’t been paying attention, LeBron James has been building a lovely little TV portfolio. In August, his reality program Cleveland Hustles debuted on CNBC, a reality program that followed the travails of small-business owners in the 216. Not only was it a good look for the Cleveland Cavaliers star and NBA world champion to bestow upon his city, people were so into the idea that there were public screenings held for the program.

Now, he’s back at it again, this time with a scripted drama about the world of sports medicine. With all of the ridiculous shows surrounding both the sports world and the constant stream of medical dramas we’re fed on television, it’s a wonder it took so long to get to this point. Leave it to James to change the game.

His company SpringHill Entertainment sold it to NBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dr. James Andrews is an executive producer, which basically means that this is going to be a quasi-fictionalized version of his life, because he’s the only person in the sports medicine world who’s an actual household name. The show doesn’t have a name yet, so let’s offer up some ideas, shall we?

Tommy John — Cursed with the name of the most famous surgery in baseball history, a young man grows up looking to become a welder, only to discover through a chance meeting with an old high school flame that medicine is his true calling.

Nuts & Bolts — During the day, he’s the country’s most famous sports medicine expert. At night, he takes care of his old crabby father, whose outdated views on the world he tries to temper, alongside the old man’s endless use of car mechanic analogies for both his son’s profession and the real world.

Step Into My Office — Mary Uku is West Africa’s most prominent orthopedic surgeon who’s been practicing in England for 10 years. When she moves to the U.S. to specialize in operating on soccer players, the fact that she’s a woman is just as much of a problem as her Nigerian heritage when it comes to dealing with American athletes.

Feel free to send all royalty checks to clinton.yates@espn.com.

Daily Dose: 9/9/16

Brandon Marshall in support of Colin Kaepernick

12:34 PMCousin Aaron went to see Kanye West on Thursday night and hasn’t stop talking about it since. Legit “life-changing” were his words. Check out his report on the show.

Brandon Marshall took a page out of Colin Kaepernick’s book Thursday night. The Denver Broncos linebacker chose to kneel during the national anthem Thursday night in Denver. Yet, because everyone on Twitter is an idiot, people began trolling New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall about the whole matter, even though, coincidentally, he also commented on the matter earlier in the week. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this goes come Sunday across the league, particularly because it’ll be the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. ESPN’s Jeff Legwold reports.

If you haven’t been paying attention, North Korea is out here dropping bombs. Not like Funkmaster Flex, like actual nuclear tests, which is a serious problem. It’s the fifth time the country has done so and President Barack Obama is not happy about the matter. Mind you, this is the same nation in which North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has tried to ban sarcasm because he’s not here for those games. ABC News reports on exactly what all the worldwide implications are for such a reckless act, as the South Korean president called it.

When you find money on the floor, what do you do? There are a couple of schools of thought on this. One is, if you see who dropped it, obviously, you alert the person of the drop and what he or she does after that is on that person. If you didn’t see who dropped it, different matter. Also, if it’s anything $20 bill or under, it’s fair game. But let’s just say you’re in the office and you see a $100 on the floor. What do you do? FiveThirtyEight’s Oliver Roeder has a new edition of The Riddler that asks exactly that.

It’s Serena Day over here at The Undefeated. We’ve all changed our profile bios to pictures of the tennis great, and we’ll have stories about her across the site for the duration. Of course, on Thursday night, her U.S. Open run came to a close after she lost to Karolina Pliskova in the semifinals. She talked about how much pain her knee was in, but also noted that it wasn’t really an excuse. It should be noted that Pliskova also beat Venus Williams in this tournament. Anyway, I wrote something about Serena, my favorite athlete of all time.

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Coffee Break: Cable cars as a concept are absolutely terrifying, probably because I watched too many action movies as a kid in which someone met an awful demise due to malfunction or attack. But in France, they’re a part of life in the Alps. So, when I read “passengers stranded overnight in cable cars,” I almost passed out.

Snack Time: Here’s a question for you. Never mind if aliens are real or not, let’s ponder a different question: If they were to make contact with us, who exactly should we be sending to talk/communicate with them? I have no idea.

Dessert: Rest in peace, Prince Buster. We’ll play a few of your tunes this weekend in remembrance.

An ode to Serena Williams

My favorite athlete of all time

12:15 PMSerena Williams is my favorite athlete of all time. It took me a good decade to come to say this out loud. Not because I had a problem with admitting that, when it came to watching sports, my machismo wouldn’t let me say I preferred to watch a woman, but because for so long Williams has been appreciated by men, particularly black men for nearly everything except for one: her tennis game.

When she first emerged on the scene, all the narratives were wrapped up in her being Venus Williams’ little sister. They were doing it for the culture, and everyone appreciated it. She was part of this “Black Girl Magic” duo that seemingly could not be accepted or understood in the tennis world and that sense of rebellion was a major draw for many black people who still viewed tennis as something for retired people to do in country clubs. But don’t forget, almost immediately, she took those braids to the top.

In the 1999 U.S. Open, she beat four players who’d won Grand Slam tournaments before, knocking off No. 1-ranked Martina Hingis to win the title. Hingis wasn’t ready. (Sidebar: Serena and Venus won doubles at Flushing Meadow that year, too.) As far as tennis is concerned, she never looked back. It took her less than five years to complete what’s now known as the “Serena Slam,” holding all four Grand Slam titles at once, even if not winning them all in the same calendar year.

But when we think about comparisons to the great athletes of our generation, perhaps because she’s black, perhaps because she’s a woman, or perhaps because so many men are blinded by her style, her body or her dance moves, we fail to recognize her on-court ability. We still don’t appreciate Serena Williams the athlete enough.

In a strange way, losing in the last two U.S. Open semifinals has helped us recognize what we had. The fact is that her personality itself might have “Made Tennis Great Again,” but more importantly, her skills made tennis great again. It took a long time for broadcasters and analysts to describe her approach as anything other than power and intimidation because that’s the instant thing they saw when a strong black woman entered the arena. She single-handedly created and destroyed the career of Maria Sharapova because we as a culture are so obsessed with Great White Hopes once black people start dominating sports, never mind the so-called “ideals” of beauty discussion.

Again, the tennis was forgotten. If you’re counting, she’s more dominant that Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, combined.

“There have been examples in other sports of spectators being aware that they were watching a one-of-a-kind talent and ought to cherish the opportunity,” Tom Victor wrote for Joe.co.uk. “Usain Bolt is one such example, as is Michael Phelps where the aura and legend bubble to the top before others catch up with the talent, to the point that they are spoken of in the past and present tenses simultaneously. You have to force yourself to enjoy and appreciate something in the knowledge that there will undoubtedly come a time in which you’ll get to tell your children and grandchildren ‘I was there.’ ”

But as far as the proverbial barbershop convo goes, Williams’ name isn’t coming up much. Maybe her position as a feminist icon scares dudes away from having a real discussion about her court control and mental prowess. Yet, seeing Williams now, even the casual fans notice they’ve witnessed something great for longer than they probably wanted to realize.

“My mind was just a little bit everywhere, but it was what it was. Yeah, serious left knee problems. But fatigue had nothing to do with it. If I was tired, I need to find a new career,” Williams said after her U.S. Open loss to Karolina Pliskova on Thursday, who’d beaten Venus earlier in the same tournament.

She hasn’t hung up her racket yet and is still the No. 2 player in the world. Nobody wants to put an early end to her illustrious run, and she likely still has a couple Grand Slam wins left in her. But now that she seems, well, mortal, your mind does begin to wander off the court.

We’ll be watching Williams do quite a few things for a long time coming, as she is a woman who is successful at everything she does. Fashion, entertainment, philanthropy, literature, politics, who knows. But I, for one, will miss watching her play tennis, the most.

Allen Iverson is late to Hall of Fame news conference

Then reminds the world of exactly who he is

6:33 PM“Allen Iverson is unable to be with us this afternoon.”

Those were the words announced Thursday afternoon, an awkward harbinger for a guy who was finally getting his just due from a league that didn’t always accept who he was. Everyone else was there: Tom Izzo, Sheryl Swoopes, Shaquille O’Neal and Yao Ming, among others. They tried to stall by interviewing Jerry Colangelo for 10 minutes. Sure, it’s just a news conference, and yes, the real event is Friday night, but you couldn’t help but be a tad let down by the fact that Iverson was missing for his own Hall of Fame news conference.

Then, he showed up. Donning a New York Yankees cap, he got his jacket and sat with the media. Better late than never, I guess. Officially, travel issues were blamed.

“This is a moment that me and my fans, my family and friends can share with each other because we always believed in the dream,” he said. “I have the utmost respect for them people [Philadelphia fans] for not giving up on me, but on the other side of that, they knew that I gave them every thing I had night in and night out. I don’t think there’ll ever be another relationship like the relationship with me and the Philadelphia fans. The only thing that comes close to that is probably Mike [Jordan] and … Chicago. We had that mutual love and respect.”


Yes, there are the jokes. Of course, he wasn’t there. But him being late was also one of those reminders of exactly why Iverson was such a confounding person to love. As for Iverson being Iverson, he had quite a bit to say.

“I always looked at it and I always felt like, why isn’t it cool being you? What’s wrong with being you? With your flaws, your mistakes with the way you look with your financial status, the way you talk, what’s wrong with that? God gave you all of those things, that’s who he wanted you to be. So, why are you ashamed of it? I never wanted to be nobody,” Iverson said, before switching gears to Michael Jordan. “When it comes to basketball, yes, I wanted to be like Mike. Didn’t everybody that played basketball? After he arrived. Everybody wanted to be like Mike. But I didn’t want to be him. I didn’t want to talk like him, I didn’t want to dress like him. I felt that it was cool being who my mom loved, who he loved, who my sister loved, who my girl love, who my children love. That’s cool to me. You know what I mean. As a basketball player, I’d rather be MJ status, when it comes to basketball. I trade that part in, if I could have my choice, yeah. I would want to be MJ basketball-wise”

He then went on to talk about what life is like, now that it’s all officially behind him and he’s getting an honor that will forever solidify his place in NBA lore. After all, the internet doesn’t erase, and he’s still Allen Iverson.

“It was never no problem with me being who I am and being the person that I am. I love my daughters and my sons being who they are and feeling good and comfortable about who they are. I love my kids loving the fact that their daddy is their daddy,” he said. “Now, they at that age now to where they can read the newspaper. They can read old articles and go to YouTube and look at old things that happened in my life. And I’m not ashamed, I’m not going to apologize for it. Those were mistakes that I made in my life, just like the mistakes they going to make in theirs. I won’t judge them. I’ll always love them for who they are. I was always just cool with who I am, and why not? That’s a disrespect to my mom and my dad, the people that raised me, for me to have a problem with me trying to be somebody else that I’m not. I’m cool with the guy that they raised.”

Even in retirement, The Answer is still an appropriate nickname.

Marc Spears contributed to this report.

Airbnb: Sorry for being racist

But we’re not changing the major problem

3:30 PMDon’t ever think a hashtag can’t affect change. Ever since #AirbnbWhileBlack took over Twitter a while back, it’s been an open secret that the online marketplace for rental properties was a place rife for discrimination of all sorts, much like the rest of the world. Who knew! On Thursday, the company released a plan to try to combat said problems, one that got former Attorney General Eric Holder involved.

There’s a lot to unpack here, pardon the pun. No. 1 is where this company began. Created in San Francisco, initially out of a desire to raise rent money, it blossomed into a full-blown startup with its founder Joe Gebbia even using his own site as a way to live for some while. But then it suffered from a classic case of not having enough people in the room.

The whole story is a fascinating case of implicit bias and an even better case study on how income inequality, even in 2016, affects leisure services and businesses in ways that make it feel more like the 1950s. Two years ago, Harvard Business School students examined this issue in a paper called “Digital Discrimination.”

“The raw data show that nonblack and black hosts receive strikingly different rents: roughly $144 vs. $107 per night, on average,” they wrote. “Nonblack hosts earn roughly 12 percent more for a similar apartment with similar ratings and photos relative to black hosts.” Of course, there’s a lot of math, regression models and analysis that brings them to such a conclusion. Basically, people are willing to pay more to not stay at a black person’s place.

Not to be forgotten is the issue of being denied a room, anecdotally, based on race. The problem was so bad that competing businesses entirely popped up to solve the problem.


As for what Airbnb is doing to improve, you have to wonder how effective the changes will be. There’s one fundamental issue that has not changed: The company is not eliminating pictures from profiles. Yes, there’s a safety mechanism involved in such a process, but theoretically, that could all be done privately to make bookings happen. By not changing the dynamic on the “what do you look like” level, all the same potential for discrimination is still there, even if you’ve finally admitted your service has a problem and there’s a mechanism to tell on people, so to speak.

It’s a good effort, and apparently an honest one, albeit from Airbnb. But with this nation’s history of housing discrimination, both legal and otherwise, the company has a chance to serve as a vessel for a discussion that a lot of people don’t feel comfortable having. It’s a lot more direct and a tad easier to digest than, say, the effects of redlining from yesteryear. But you’ve got to let everyone through the door, first.

Team turns its back on Megan Rapinoe

Washington Spirit moves up national anthem to prevent her protest

12:19 PMAs far as athletes go, Megan Rapinoe is about as much an American hero as anyone who’s ever competed for the United States. And the league she plays for, of which she is arguably the most recognizable player, decided that her protest of the national anthem in solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was not appropriate for game day. So instead of allowing a player to exercise her constitutional rights, the Washington Spirit got sneaky.

Rapinoe wasn’t allowed the opportunity to kneel during The Star-Spangled Banner because, at the venue, the Washington Spirit became the first team to take an actual stand against self-expression. Many athletes, loudmouth coaches and others have but this is the first time we’ve seen an actual sports franchise take such a stand. “To willingly allow anyone to hijack this tradition that means so much to millions of Americans and so many of our own fans for any cause would effectively be just as disrespectful as doing it ourselves,” the team said in a statement.

We’re just going to ignore the fact that this letter is double-spaced, but that alone should clue you into just how out of touch whomever wrote it is. Let’s analyze the word choices here. This statement uses the word “hijack,” specifically, more than once. There is also a reference to “overseas conflicts,” which we’re just going to presume is a veiled reference to the Iraq War and its fallout. That war happened because this country started it following the 9/11 attacks.

Yet, the Washington Spirit seem to think that Rapinoe taking a knee during a song is aptly described as “hijacking.”

Rapinoe is a gay American who’s been on the forefront of the fight for equality as long as she’s been in the public eye. Her identity as a woman who has not been afraid to stand up for her rights is well-documented. Her own team, the Seattle Reign, had her back.

Back in 2013, Spirit owner Bill Lynch — a U.S. military veteran — wrote a public letter to the fans of his franchise, titled “Why I’m Doing This.” In it, he explained his reasons for why he supported women’s soccer and was getting back into another iteration of a professional league.

“I don’t know of a better environment where this level of role models exists for our kids today,” he wrote. “By the way, there are a few things that most of us adults can also learn from the players.”

You don’t say.

Daily Dose: 9/8/16

Ryan Lochte gets his comeuppance

12:00 PMThe NFL starts Thursday, so if you haven’t set your fantasy lineups yet, don’t forget to remind your significant other to do so, as well.

If you’re running for president, you should probably have a decent grip on foreign policy. But if your name is Gary Johnson, you have no shame. The Libertarian candidate was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday, and offered up what I’ll call the worst gaffe I can remember in ages. When asked about the conflict in Syria, Johnson had no idea about the city of Aleppo and said as much on live television. Seriously, my man actually said, “What is Aleppo?” Get out to vote, people. It matters. ABC News reports.

Someone finally penalized Ryan Lochte for his behavior. The American swimmer who decided that he wanted to start an international incident by lying about getting robbed at gunpoint in a country that depends on tourism for its livelihood fell upward into a TV role and never really took the hit he could have for his role in the problem. Until now. On Thursday, Lochte was suspended for 10 months by the United States Olympic Committee and USA Swimming. ABC News’ Morgan Kinsor reports.

Like it or not, a lot of football players smoke marijuana. You know why? Because they beat each other’s brains in every single play and subject themselves to all sorts of pain that other athletes don’t. There’s also a large contingent people who believe that if you wanted to curb the NFL’s use and abuse of painkillers, allowing them to use marijuana would be a pretty decent option. In a new episode of Weediquette on Viceland, titled “Gridiron Ganja,” they look deeper into the matter.

Cam Newton takes his clothing very seriously. Pants, hats, you name it, the Carolina Panthers quarterback knows how to find a nice piece that gives you something more to talk about than his ability to pass and throw. And considering that he’s playing in the season opener Thursday night against the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, it’s a serious style moment that needs to be taken seriously. If you don’t know, Newton gets his hats custom made. Like, every single one, which feels like a waste, but to each his own. This week, though, he had a bit of an emergency. ESPN’s David Newton reports.

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Coffee Break: We’ve discussed this clown situation down in the Carolinas here before, but there’s an interesting twist on things. People forget that there are a lot of legitimate clowns out there, entertaining children and being decent people. They aren’t all terrorizing innocent people. And the regular clowns need you to know that.

Snack Time: Apple is removing headphone jacks from the iPhone. Harambe is still a meme going strong. Here’s a funny image that links both. You can probably guess what it looks like.

Dessert: I could watch Vines of Houston Rockets guard James Harden dancing all day long.

Karl-Anthony Towns wants you to get out and vote

Timberwolves team up with Minnesota secretary of state for public service announcements

5:15 PMWhen it comes to professional basketball, Minnesota is officially the wokest state in America. On Wednesday, in conjunction with Secretary of State Steve Simon, the NBA’s Timberwolves launched a series of voter registration public service announcements designed to educate state residents ahead of the polls opening this fall. Of course, they don’t endorse any particular candidates, but they’re important nonetheless.

Featuring second-year star Karl-Anthony Towns, the first one is short and to the point. These ads are currently running on FOX Sports North in the state. As a friend put it to me, “Can you imagine a top 10 NBA player from a decade ago doing a sincere importance of voting PSA?”

My answer was simple: Absolutely not. Which is the most basic way to explain how far this league has come in terms of what social activism means to its players. Not everyone can get on an ESPYS stage and tell America that enough is enough. All players don’t necessarily feel empowered enough to wear an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt during warmups.

For younger guys such as Jabari Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks, who’s written eloquently about his hometown of Chicago for The Players’ Tribune on a couple of occasions, the activism isn’t necessarily as bold or as brazen, but for the impressionable kids watching at home, it can be equally effective. The softer diplomacy of community involvement on a level larger than just giving food to the homeless or basketball clinics (which are important in their own right) can work, too. Setting an example for young people that civic involvement is a necessary part of change is as good a reason to use the spotlight of the league as any.

Mind you, this is also the franchise that on the WNBA side players wore T-shirts in protest of gun violence and the community where Philando Castile was killed in front of a 4-year-old while riding with his girlfriend in a car. For a state with a population that’s 75 percent white, their hoopsters are as progressive as it gets.

Daily Dose: 9/7/16

Bill Cosby gets a court date

10:45 AMAnother podcast under the belt. This week, we talked about the return of football, the South by South Lawn Festival and Miss Karin makes her second appearance. Have a listen.

We’ve finally got a date for Bill Cosby’s trial. June 2017 is when we’ll see the well-known comedian finally face his accusers in a court of law. If you watched any of the footage Tuesday, you know that he’s not doing particularly well, health-wise. But the critical question here comes in whether or not a judge will allow other women who’ve accused him of drugging and raping them on the witness stand. If so, this trial takes on a totally different identity. ABC News reports on the latest developments.

In Tuesday night’s debut episode of Atlanta on FX, the topic of transphobia, among many things. was addressed. If you didn’t see it, there’s a fascinating scene that unfolds in a jail, involving a man seeing an old flame of his from high school. In an added twist that introduces the elements of anti-gay prejudice often so closely intertwined with it, a guy says, when referring to homosexual relationships in prison, “That’s not gay, that’s jail.” Anyway, check out this VICE Sports story about being a girl in the boys’ locker room in high school sports.

Oprah Winfrey’s got a new show out, as well. Queen Sugar is a program on her OWN network that was created in conjunction with director Ava DuVernay. I missed it Tuesday night, but am looking forward to it. Now, in her personal life, there are apparently rumors that Winfrey is possibly going to see wedding bells? I feel like these rumors are as old as I am. She’s responded, once again, but I still have no idea why people care so much about whom the media mogul chooses to spend her life with. Although the Chappelle’s Show skit is still funny.

As a basketball player, Stephen Curry’s appeal is obvious. Great shooter, great dribbler, fun passer and reasonably sized human. Particularly for kids, he’s a lot easier to mimic if you’re a young athlete with little experience. Head to a youth league game sometime soon. Every kid is shooting like Curry. But that’s in this country. How does that everyman appeal translate, in say, China? How about even better than here. The Golden State Warriors guard has been there all week and ESPN’s Darren Rovell tagged along.

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Coffee Break: Rapper Drake is opening a strip club. Not just any one, though — one that only comes with the care, grace, respect and love that Drizzy could offer. Of course, it’ll be in Houston, but there’s something inherently funny about the Canadian rapper trying to launch a spot for sensitive thugs who want to contribute to college funds.

Snack Time: Details seem to be sparse right now, but Ferguson, Missouri, activist Darren Seals was found shot dead in a burning car on Tuesday in St. Louis County. It’s sad, it’s disturbing and a huge loss for the community.

Dessert: Rapper Anderson .Paak’s got a new live album out. It’s pretty dope.

Also, I’ll be joining SiriusXM FC (Channel 85) from 11 .am. to 2 p.m. for a special on soccer in the black community. Tune in.