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Daily Dose: 3/29/17

Blac Chyna is not here for the games

1:24 PMWe taped another podcast yesterday, and this time Rhiannon Walker joined us to talk about the NCAA Men’s Final Four, the Oakland Raiders moving to Vegas and the merits of going on reality television. Have a listen!

Michael Irvin’s career has always been an up-and-down one. The Miami kid who made it huge in professional football is no stranger to a courtroom. The NFL Hall of Famer has been accused of sexual assault more than once in his lifetime and has been exonerated multiple times in said cases as well. Now, he’s 51 years old and these things have been bad old news for a while, but it’s happened again. A female acquaintance has accused the former Dallas Cowboys receiver of sexual assault and he says she’s lying.

People are willing to do a lot of things to look better. It’s why the world of cosmetic surgery exists. But those procedures are generally quite expensive. So as a result, people often will do all sorts of foolishness in order to make short cuts, which is basically a bad idea always. Playing around with dodgy surgery is never a smart move. And where there’s a will, there’s a scam. The South Florida doctor who made a fortune injecting tire fluid into people’s behinds under the guise of “implants” is going to prison for 10 years.

Blac Chyna is a legend in the game. If you’re not familiar with her rise to fame and power, you can consult this handy guide. (That story, btw, was the best written piece I saw last year.) Her situation with Tyga is an awkward one because they have a baby together. But Chyna also just had Rob Kardashian’s baby. Why does that matter? Because Tyga is dating Rob’s sister. Gotta love Los Angeles. Anyway, apparently Tyga is not paying child support and Chyna is airing out his whole life on Snapchat.

The other shoe is beginning to drop for Joe Mixon. The Oklahoma Sooners running back who assaulted a woman in a restaurant is high on some people’s draft boards. But with video of him punching a woman in the face in public domain, there’s an understandable reticence to pick him high, never mind have him on your NFL team at all. But, he’s also pretty good at football, so, there’s that. Well, one team has officially taken him off their board, for obvious reasons. That team is the New England Patriots.

Free Food

Coffee Break: We’re in an era in which cameras of all types of professional abilities are available to the general public for prices that aren’t completely out of reach for the average person who wants to invest. For example, Samsung now has a new 360 camera that works with iPhones, if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s $350.

Snack Time: Never have I been off-roading, but I’d love to. Not in an ATV or one of those typical trucks that everyone else does it in. I want to go shred mud in one of these.

Dessert: If you want people to take something seriously, never put it to popular vote.

All Day Podcast: 3/28/17

Arizona is the focus of the sports world this week

4:19 PM

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Phoenix was the epicenter of Tuesday’s podcast. It’s the site of the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four as well as where the NFL owners’ meetings are being held this week, effectively making it the epicenter of the sports universe. Rhiannon Walker joined us to talk about both. Also, Aaron Dodson finally saw the new Power Rangers and gave it a review.

The gang discussed their brackets to this point and everyone made their national title picks, both sentimental and practical. Personally, I’m rooting for an all-PNW final between Gonzaga and Oregon, but that’s just me. Most folks want to see that Battle for the Carolinas.

Among the other things happening out in the desert, an NFL team is moving. The owners voted 31-1 in approval, which means that pretty soon, the Oakland Raiders will no longer be in California. Some of us felt bad for the people of Oakland, and others are ready for the most popular professional league to hit the most popular entertainment city in America. You Played Yourself makes a return and this week, Master P makes an appearance along with the cast of an ill-fated reality show in Europe. One deserved this award a lot more than the other.


Daily Dose: 3/28/17

The Cleveland Cavaliers are circling the drain

1:01 PMThe Washington Nationals have reportedly asked President Donald Trump to throw out the first pitch at Nationals Park on Opening Day. I can’t imagine one single good result coming from that request for the franchise. What a bad idea.

It has not been a good week for Maryland, when it comes to terrorism. Last week, a white supremacist who grew up outside of Baltimore traveled to New York City, for the purposes of killing black men and carried out his task. After he was taken in by authorities, he made it clear that he was hoping to do a lot more damage. Now, a high school girl in Frederick County, Maryland, is in custody after her father read her diary and turned her in. She was plotting a mass shooting at her school and had a shotgun and bomb materials in her closet.

There are certainly reality shows I’d go on. There are plenty others that I certainly would not. When it comes to what sounds fun, The Bachelor and The Amazing Race come to mind. Also, anything that involved building houses or what have you. What does not sound appealing? Any situation that involves being in the wilderness or physical challenge dares like eating bugs. But for one group in Europe, the worst happened. They were cast out in the wilderness and told to survive for the show. Then it was canceled. No one told them though. Wow.

Dwayne Johnson is the king of the remake at this point. Coming up this summer, he’ll be part of two movies that serve as reboots for two extremely big brands. First is Baywatch, which, if we’re being serious, genuinely looks tremendous. It’s a role that makes almost too much sense for him. But, he’s also starring alongside Kevin Hart in Jumanji 2, which just released new official footage at Comic-Con this week. In it, we learn that instead of getting trapped in an old board game, they use an old Nintendo game instead. Pretty cool.

Things are not good for the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. They got crushed on the road by the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night and are no longer in first place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. And, in general, they have not played well at all recently. Sure, part of this is due to the squad resting players to be better for the playoffs. But, if they’re backsliding, what’s the point? To make things even more awkward, LeBron James admitted that the team was in a “delicate” state at this point, a very odd choice of words, considering.

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Coffee Break: 25 years ago yesterday, White Men Can’t Jump was released in theaters. The iconic sports movie of my life was also a Los Angeles love letter. Now, many of the sites in the movie have changed, but some haven’t and the evolution is fascinating.

Snack Time: Another week, another lawsuit involving the shooting of an unarmed black person in America. It was in South Carolina again and the details are rather troubling.

Dessert: New Big Boi with Killer Mike and Jeezy? Yes, please.

Daily Dose: 2/27/17

When it comes to airports, they don’t want you to be comfortable

2:00 PMSunday was Nike Air Max Day. If you’re not familiar, it’s basically a good reason for the company to release a bunch of rare colorways of an extremely popular shoe. Obviously, DJ Khaled did it big.

The identity politics surrounding clothes in airports are ridiculous. On Sunday, United Airlines found itself under criticism because of the company’s policies surrounding people flying on what are known as “buddy passes.” Basically, if you’re not paying for a ticket, you have to dress like you work there, which is a ridiculous rule, but a rule nonetheless. It came to a head when a couple of 10-year-old girls weren’t allowed on a plane for wearing leggings. Don’t even get me started about TSA constantly haranguing me for wearing sweatpants.

When it comes to marijuana, this is a country divided. There are those fighting for full legalization, others who say it’s harmful, others who want to at least find a way for states to make money off of it and another group that’s just trying to keep their kids safe, but not how you think. For many kids, medical marijuana is the only thing that can keep their seizures under control. Meaning, violent outbursts go down and they can live a normal life. Guess who’s the latest to join that fight? Conservative mothers in Texas. Yep, you read that right.

In case you missed it, things didn’t exactly go as planned for the White House this weekend. The health care bill completely fell apart, President Donald Trump lied to the media about what he was doing, claiming he was working when he was actually playing golf. That said, the breakdown of the GOP’s leadership surrounding this situation has been pretty remarkable. It’s more than just a matter of the establishment vs. the tea partiers. They’ve got major issues.

Baseball season is around the corner, which is good news for me. Why? Because baseball is my favorite sport. The nearly impossible happened last season in case you forgot. No. 1, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Secondly, they played the Cleveland Indians, who hadn’t been in the World Series in forever. This year, we could talk forever about who’s going to win what. But the story about the son of Cleveland’s general manager spilling the beans on a potential deal is basically the best thing ever.

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Coffee Break: I don’t know another about monster truck racing, except that it’s cool. I’ve been to a few rallies in my day and they are nothing but incredible melanges of power and noise. Over the weekend, someone pulled off a front flip, in a truck, during a competition. This clip is positively insane.

Snack Time: Want to hear a story about how local journalism needs your support in order to stand up against lawmakers? Here’s one from Tennessee that’s certainly worth sharing.

Dessert: If you’ve had a rough start to Monday, this should cheer you up.

John Lewis helped squash ‘Trumpcare’ bill

The Georgia congressman’s speech is an instant classic

5:17 PM

In every presidential administration, there’s a moment where, specific partisanship aside, you can point to when you look back on things and say, That’s when things got real. On Friday, Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), delivered the kind of speech on the House floor that you’ll instantly want to watch again after you’ve seen it once. TL;DR: This ain’t happening on my watch.

“My heart breaks for the disabled, for women, for seniors, and working families,” Lewis said. “My heart aches for those who are living paycheck to paycheck. My heart mourns for innocent, little children whose very life depends on if their families can pay the bills. This is the right and wrong of it. This is the heart and soul of the matter. We cannot abandon our principles. Mr. Speaker, we cannot forget our values.”

The bill never had the votes and now the White House is scrambling on how to spin this. The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” is still the problem, apparently. “We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future,” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said after “Trumpcare” was pulled.

Lewis is an American treasure, but we all already knew that. Every once in a while, he reminds us emphatically why that’s the case.

When black girls go missing

in Washington, D.C., too many questions, too few answers

3:21 PM

It doesn’t matter why. When more than a dozen black and Latina girls go missing in a short period of time, there is an obvious problem. This is the reality that officials in Washington, D.C., have been dealing with over the past month or so, as coverage has shined light on a problem that’s shocked many people. As of Friday, the city has 22 open missing juvenile cases.

When this number first went viral, there were many questions. How could that be? How is it possible that this was not common knowledge not only locally, but nationally? If these kids were white, would they not be celebrities by now based on public concern for their safety? All valid questions that the Metropolitan Police Department tried to answer by saying that the number of cases had not increased, only their visibility in letting the public know. Gee, thanks.

On Twitter, #bringbackourgirlsdc is trending. Meanwhile, the FBI was spending resources on finding Tom Brady’s stolen New England Patriots Super Bowl LI jersey. But the discussion around this epidemic is one that’s exposed exactly how difficult missing person cases can be when it comes to children.

When you think of missing kids, we have images in our head of stranger danger and creepy guys in vans luring children with candy. Nightmares of someone sneaking into a home at night and snatching a kid out of bed, or what have you. But many cases have nothing to do with that at all. When it comes to human trafficking, many girls are lured with the promise of some life improvement. In other cases, there is physical coercion. Until cases are solved or people are found, there’s no real way to know why someone left their home.

Perhaps as important is the connectivity between the public’s view of what leaving home means and what the reality of the circumstance might be. A kid could be leaving an abusive home situation. Or, their captor could be telling them how to describe why they left on their own free will. Not to mention that when it comes to black girls, they are so often characterized as either “fast” or not acting age appropriate, an effect that only hurts when it comes to public sympathy in these cases.

The entire situation leaves us with a very frustrating circuit of excuses. People blame the media for not reporting the cases. Police say they need help from the public. Meanwhile, the basic pillars of toxic masculinity, misogyny and racism that create these issues go unaddressed.

Her questions here are important. There is better police work to be done. There is certainly better reporting to be done. But the parts within us that allow us to devalue, denigrate and ultimately ignore women of color are as important to address openly. Let’s not forget that this is still America, where abuse of the black body was not only permitted, but celebrated as a way of life for years.

The solution is about more than safety on the streets. The Congressional Black Caucus is now calling on the FBI to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.” But Relisha Rudd isn’t some singular case.

The underlying trend here is that if you continue to marginalize, mock and mistreat black women as a matter of course in polite society, what happens to them as girls in the criminal world will only continue to get worse.

Daily Dose: 3/24/17

There’s no shame in second place, Puerto Rico

2:30 PMJust want to say thanks to Martenzie Johnson for filling in yesterday with Daily Dose. I was stuck in business travel commute hell and learned the hard way that my driver’s license expired on my birthday this week. Make sure to check yours, folks.

Today’s the day we figure out if the Affordable Care Act will die. If you don’t recall, President Donald Trump hitched his wagon to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who claims he’s been looking to drastically change the health care system in America since he was drinking out of kegs in college, which is weird in itself. Anyway, both plans that have been put together have gotten little support in Congress, but because the president is impatient on everything, he issued an ultimatum to the GOP: Vote on it Friday or else we’re sticking with the status quo. Alrighty then.

The ancillary effects of broader policies definitely affect day-to-day lives. If a country issues draconian rules on basic things like the right to exist in a nation regarding one’s fear of being forced out, there are certain things that people aren’t willing to do. One of them is report crimes. Sort of the same reason why black people don’t like calling the police when they’re victims, because often it is assumed they are the ones that have done wrong. This story about women dropping domestic violence cases for fear of deportation is very sad.

Guns are everywhere in America. With that proliferation comes multiple different scenarios and outlooks. There are those who believe that any limit on anything related to firearms is a bad idea, because it infringes upon the so-called freedom of citizens. There are others who think that a little regulation when it comes to something that could end a life is not only sensible, but necessary. However, there are some who think that there’s a solution: smart guns. Check out this documentary about why that concept hasn’t seemed to be able to get off the ground.

The World Baseball Classic is over, but still getting some run. The United States smoked Puerto Rico in the final this week, winning 8-0. Afterward, the Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones said that he felt like his opponents were a little too ready to party, following a win they hadn’t even secured yet. Jones said as much publicly and Puerto Rico team captain Yadier Molina didn’t take kindly to it. Now, the catcher wants Jones to apologize, claiming that he can’t possibly understand what any medal at all means to the people of Puerto Rico.

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Coffee Break: Jimmy Fallon and The Roots doing impromptu versions of popular songs with random props has been the stuff of legend for some time. Now, they’ve taken things next level by bringing in Migos to do “Bad and Boujee” all while wearing funny work outfits. Bless this show.

Snack Time: There are not one, but two films about legendary activist and Black Panther Angela Davis. Here’s an interesting story about how the casting of these flicks could and probably should go.

Dessert: Need a gift for that big Beatles/OutKast fan in your life? Here you go.