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Daily Dose: 11/28/16

Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies at 90

11:39 AMHey y’all, hope your Thanksgivings went well! We recorded a podcast before the break, if you missed it. Download here or listen here.

Across the globe, Fidel Castro’s reputation was infamous. While he was lauded by some people for standing up for what some viewed as his country’s people, he was also notorious for the human rights violations his government imposed on them. As a politician, he was obviously a character. But his death marks an interesting point in Cuban-American relations, considering what President Barack Obama has done. Here’s a look at Castro’s life in pictures over the years and in Havana, and the crowds that are lining up to pay homage to the late dictator.

Donald Trump couldn’t make it through the weekend without something. After Jill Stein and others mounted campaigns to potentially recount votes in some states, the president-elect went on a couple tweet storms in which he not only claimed that “the people had spoken” — which, if you understand anything about the electoral college, is not true — but also lobbed the notion that millions of people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton. This is known as doubling down, in the business. ABC News’ Katherine Faulder explains.

Today’s a great day if you like shopping. The thrill of shopping online is that you can literally not move and outfit your entire place with enough useless junk to make you feel like you’re not alone through the holidays. In all seriousness, though, it is pretty fun. Today’s the biggest day for that nationally, but there are some downsides. No. 1, always beware the okey doke. There are no shortage of fools who will fall for anything, just because it’s on their screen. There’s a larger question here, though. With so many early deals, does Cyber Monday matter?

It was a rough day for the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. While they were being handed their 12th loss of the season, courtesy the New York Football Giants, things went awry when Odell Beckham Jr. decided to openly taunt the crowd with a rather famous impression. Instead of his usual kicking net antics, he went full LeBron James, hitting his signature powder toss as well as big shot reaction. All of this happened in Cleveland. Meanwhile, after the game, head coach Hue Jackson legit shed a tear on the podium because he’s just had enough of losing.

Free Food

Coffee Break: Dylann Roof is the kid who shot and killed a bunch of people in a Charleston, South Carolina, church, then had a bunch of police officers take him to Burger King after he got arrested, because he might be hungry. Now, he apparently wants to represent himself at trial. A judge has granted him that opportunity. Major wow there.

Snack Time: We’ve all seen a lot of racist foolishness in our lives, but this one story from Richmond, Virginia, is just beyond insane. Apparently, two men walked into a CVS looking for cheese. What happened next is really odd.

Dessert: Remember those $66 collard greens? Well, someone reviewed them, and it was hilarious.

All Day Podcast: 11/22/16

Turkey Day, Kanye West’s hospitalization and Havana nights for The Undefeated’s Brent Lewis

10:03 AM I got greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, lambs, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkeys, rabbits. You name it! (more…)