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What Had Happened Was: 7/19/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


Want to know for sure that we’re in the middle of July? Monday proved it. The night marked the Las Vegas Summer League championship and Denzel Valentine of the Chicago Bulls did not disappoint. Despite shooting 0-for-6 through three quarters, Valentine nailed a game-tying 3-pointer in the final second of the fourth quarter, followed by a game-winning jumper as the overtime buzzer sounded.

Twitter, as a whole, took off its shirt and sprinted around the block deliriously. Why? July.



If you missed the latest 30 for 30 film, Doc & Darryl, the story of former electric New York Mets players Dwight “Doc” Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, it’s absolutely worth checking out. And by virtue of it being shown and the players needing to do promotions for it, we got Strawberry giving an interview on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio channel recently.

Strawberry actually said during the interview that in the 80s, during games, he would pick out a woman from the crowd he liked and have her brought down to the clubhouse. He said that during games, he would have sex with said person in the clubhouse in between innings.

Fam. What? Sigh. You know what that means. It’s poll time!


When you break your own personal record.

Meanwhile, the batter was sitting there like:




Actress/Saturday Night Live comedian Leslie Jones will grace the cover of Elle magazine for its July edition. You go girl.

Black families in Cleveland, Mississippi, make $19,000 less than white families for median income homes, Marketplace reported.

If you want to get Snapchat famous, the company has some suggestions for you.

California’s community colleges have a new leader — Eloy Ortiz Oakley is also the first Latino chancellor of the system.

Pokemon Go’s prime pokemon locations are in mostly white, affluent neighborhoods.


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1. OH




Our own Aaron Dodson got the man, the myth and the legend on the phone — rapper Lil B. He spoke about why he’s lifting The Based God’s curse off Kevin Durant’s back:

The Based God always works in very different ways. Me being Lil B, I don’t want to say it was super unexpected, but it was amazing. The Based God understood. I know The Based God definitely knew and had it foreseen. Kevin Durant’s decision said a lot of things. I definitely commend him for being brave, for trying something new. Making new things happen. Making things happen that people wouldn’t normally think is conventional. He did something that was very brave, I think, and showed he does feel something. A lot of questions were answered. The curse had to be removed for the simple fact that Kevin Durant has shown his humility by coming to the Warriors. Me being Lil B, I really feel like The Based God did it because The Based God is humble and very empathetic. Just from what I’ve seen, Kevin Durant has shown that he wants change.


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