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The Undefeated to unveil the 50 Greatest Black Athletes in July

But here are athletes who almost made the list in our national survey done with SurveyMonkey


What do Randy Moss, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant all have in common? When it comes to black athletes, they aren’t among the greatest — at least that’s what the people have decided.

In collaboration with SurveyMonkey, The Undefeated conducted a national survey to determine the 50 Greatest Black Athletes. Here’s who fell just short of glory:

No. 60: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

No. 59: Randy Moss

No. 58: Kobe Bryant

No. 57: Scottie Pippen

No. 56: Moses Malone

No. 55: Dominique Wilkins

No. 54: Russell Westbrook

No. 53: Walt Frazier

No. 52: Evander Holyfield

No. 51: Kevin Durant

No matter how many touchdowns you catch, how big of a check you cash, how many points you score on the final night of your career or how much you anger Russell Westbrook, sometimes you don’t make the cut. Sorry Randy, Floyd, Kobe and KD.

Who made the cut? Find out in July as The Undefeated counts down the 50 Greatest Black Athletes.