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Warriors’ Kevin Durant goes coast to coast with new basketball courts in his hometown

‘Of all the courts that Kevin decides to refurbish … this one is most important to him,’ says Wanda Durant

On Sunday afternoon, Kevin Durant dropped 34 points, including 10 straight in the fourth quarter, in the Golden State Warriors’ 113-111 comeback win against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

The 2014 NBA MVP took it coast to coast on Monday afternoon, dropping two brand-spanking-new basketball courts in his hometown of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, as part of the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation’s “Build It and They Will Ball” initiative.

Durant has completed court renovation projects in Oklahoma City; Austin, Texas; Seattle; Guangzhou, China; and Berlin. He is unveiling more courts in Oakland, California, on Wednesday as well as in New York and Delhi, India, this summer.

“I wanted to let you know of all the courts that Kevin decides to refurbish all over the world, that this one is most important to him,” Wanda Durant, Kevin’s mother, said at Seat Pleasant Elementary School. “He did this court because this was the court he used to play on when the rec centers were closed, and he wanted you to have a place that you could come and that you would know Kevin loves you.”

Wanda Durant was one of three speakers, along with Ronnie Gathers, director of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Department of Parks and Recreation, and Lachonta Richardson, Seat Pleasant Elementary’s principal.

After the speeches and ribbon-cutting, Wanda Durant hoisted up a few shots. She then slid under the basket and helped rebound as 30 preselected kids formed two layup lines.

The unveiling of the new courts in their old neighborhood and watching her son’s locked-in performance Sunday were part of an amazing 36 hours for Wanda Durant.

“Knowing that I was going to be here for this court dedication, this here, this is special here,” she said. “This is where not only Kevin started, but my mom is from this area too. I grew up in this area. I went to Seat Pleasant Elementary School. So to see my son not only think about his time here but also see it as a part of our family legacy to be in this area … he has really solidified our family’s name in this area.

“I think all of the stuff associated with life, the things that we like, the accoutrements of life and the things we work for and strive for, it really wouldn’t be much without who you are in your heart.”

Kevin Durant was unable to attend the ceremony because the Warriors were preparing for Game 2 of the West finals on Tuesday at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

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