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‘Power’ recap: Angela, girl, why are you still here?

Tariq, Tasha, Greg, Proctor, Mak — when storylines collide the show is powerful

SEASON 4, EPISODE 4 | Episode:We’re In This Together” | JULY 16

Let’s set aside some time to discuss how ridiculous it is that Angela Valdez has anything to do with this case. She should not be on the prosecution team. She should be nowhere near the prosecution team.

Angela Valdez should not be looking through files, or doing research or investigating or anything that even remotely resembles lawyering when it comes to the case — that she launched! — against her ex-lover Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick).

Courtesy of Starz

It’s insane. And it makes all of us toss our socks and TV dinners and snacks and wine at our laptops (fans are mostly watching this on their apps at midnight when the new episode posts, anyway!) or TV screens whenever we see her try to do anything that looks like attorney “work.”

Yet, here we are again, watching lead prosecutor John Mak (Sung Kang) bring Angela back and give her the ridiculous task of going face to face with Ghost’s wife (you know, the woman who is married to Angela’s ex-lover) and giving Tasha (Naturi Naughton) a deal to flip on Ghost.

Girl. Are you serious?

So that was major. Also major? In the ticking seconds of the show closing, Angela (Lela Loren) realizes — finally! — that there is no way that Ghost could have killed Greg Knox, the man whose murder he is on trial for.


One thing’s for certain: the back end of this season is about to get turned all the way up. And here’s the thing about Power that so many have come to love: It’s complex. There often isn’t just one storyline that dominates an episode. This one was loaded: Ghost’s lawyer, Proctor (Jerry Ferrara), gets disqualified from representing him, which could mean a slew of trouble for Ghost as he’s still dealing with being harassed in prison, he has Proctor helping him with possibly illegal things on the outside — and, well, Ghost trusts Proctor. Much more so than the second-chair lawyer Proctor had to bring in who seems to see right through all of Ghost’s crap.

Courtesy of Starz

And as much as we want to ignore what’s going on with Tariq, we can’t. We want to, because Ghost’s son is out here wilding. His ridiculous, unsavory mentor Kanan (50 Cent) — who, reminder, EVERYONE THINKS IS DEAD BUT IS NOT — just set it up so that Tariq loses his virginity with Destiny, girl from the neighborhood. We have a feeling this little situation is going to come back in a major way, and it’s not going to be at all good.

But the most shocking thing — is that even possible, though? — is that Tommy kills Bailey Markham. He rises from the dark of Proctor’s apartment, where he’d been hiding, and kills the man who has evidence of him killing someone else but exonerating Greg Knox from being the agency’s mole.

Lawd. That was a lot. Bring on the next episode, please.

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