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‘Power’ finale recap: Ghost gets got

Sins of at least one father — plus Angela rains on Ghost’s parade

Season 3, Episode 10 | In My Best Interest | Sept. 25


Where shall we begin?

The season 3 finale of Power didn’t disappoint — thank the heavens above for that. As we’ve now come to expect from Starz’s hit show, we got a meaty cliffhanger — many cliffhangers, really — that leave us frothing at the mouth over how the story will pick back up in a year.

That’s right. We have to wait a year. But wasn’t this new season worth that wait — once we saw how all of these narratives unfolded?

Yes. The answer is yes.

Ghost thinks he’s finally free of a life of the drug underworld and can now be a legally rich club owner.

So: In the finale, we see what Kanan’s (50 Cent) evil plan is — with help from his crooked cop cousin Jukebox (Anika Noni Rose). He’s going to hold Tariq for ransom, make Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) pay a hefty amount, and then kill the teen. That’s the plan, anyway. Though something tells me that Kanan may not be feeling like fully executing that idea. Seems he’s grown soft on the kid, maybe still feels the pains of having killed his own son, and is feeling regret. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

But — a photo of one of his tattooed arms wrapped around a drugged-out version of Ghost’s son has been texted to Tasha and naturally, she’s about to unravel, as any mother would.

As for Ghost? He and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) have killed Milan. Tommy is the new connect.

And Ghost thinks he’s finally free of a life of the drug underworld and can now be a legally rich club owner with international locales and can get his girl Angela back — and, hey, for a brief moment he thinks that all may happen when he spots her eyeing him from the floor below at the big opening night of his club. He walks toward her at his celebration, cups her face and kisses her — at last! He’s clearly thinking they can be with one another and have no worries.

And then she pulls out the handcuffs.

Angela (Lela Loren) believes that Ghost has killed Greg, her colleague and current lover, and she’s taking him in.

It’s in her best interest.

Or is it?

Until next season.

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