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Undefeated football plays of the week: Week 2

See what dope highlights you might have missed

Another week, another pack string of highlights to speak on. We saw Louisville’s Lamar Jackson dominate Florida State, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford outplay Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers and a bevy of great catches and tackles. Let’s get into it.

Monday Night Football

Philadelphia running back Ryan Mathews will not be denied. The Eagles had not had a touchdown in the game, but Mathews decided that should change. Look at this monster effort!





College Football

Leonard Fournette straight trucking. We already knew that LSU running back Fournette was one of the hardest players to tackle in all of college football. He had a new highlight to add to the resume. Check this out.




I swear I’d seen that in an old WWE match or something. That stiff arm was absolutely VICIOUS.





Same, Tyler. Same.



This was just the cover highlight of his stellar day. Fournette finished with 147 yards for two touchdowns in an LSU win.


How did he do that?


The Ohio State-Oklahoma game wasn’t really all that close – Ohio won 45-24 – but when you’re two pretty prestigious teams, you’re bound to see some highlights like this from Buckeyes receiver Noah Brown, a sophomore.






Did he just catch it … on the corner’s back?





Insane. Unreal. Crazy. That play just reminds me of a Madden glitch for some reason.

That was only one of his FOUR touchdowns from that game. A good enough stat line to win Big Ten Offensive player of the week.

Winner: Louisville … The whole team.

Quarterback Jackson was featured in last week’s Undefeated Edition, but this time his whole team put the beatdown on Florida State.

63-20. Ouch. Everything was going the Cardinals’ way.

First, we have Jackson absolutely cooking the competition.


Then we have this amazing catch. This is how you know it’s not your day on the football field. Shout-out to wide receiver James Quick.





And then we have a little truck stick action by wide receiver Jaylen Smith.







Sunday Night Football

Hurdle City population: Running back LeGarrette Blount of the New England Patriots. We PlayStation users call this a triangle button.



Getting the awe from fans and teammates alike:




The 29-year-old running back has bounce for days. The best football hurdles are the ones where they keep running for a bit like nothing ever happened.

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs buries the Green Bay Packers. Sam Bradford overpowered the Packers’ Rodgers, but Diggs had himself a monster game on Sunday Night Football. This catch plus dance combo was lit. Because he was digging … like Diggs. Get it? What a time.



This wasn’t the only dope play that happened Monday night.








Wait, that happened?

Usually when a pass gets tipped high into the air, it’s bad news for the offense. Well, the Atlanta Falcons blew a major sigh of relief on this one from quarterback Matt Ryan in their game against the Oakland Raiders.





Wide receiver Justin Hardy saved the day as the Falcons took the win.


Be sure to check back next week for more Plays of the Week: The Undefeated Edition.

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