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Undefeated football plays of the week: Week 1

See what dope highlights you might have missed

With week one of the NFL wrapping up and week 2 of college football in the books, we are officially back in the midst of the most wonderful time of the year. The highlights were aplenty all throughout the gridiron.

Here’s what happened.

Monday night Antonio Brown was unreal!

Antonio Brown, one of the best wide receivers in the game, did not disappoint last night. He capped it with this amazing catch and a twerk to go with it.


The dance caught a flag, but it was so worth the 15 yards.



Lamar Jackson jumped over the moon.

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson balled out against Syracuse this week. Jackson threw for 411 yards with one touchdown and ran for 199 yards with four touchdowns. Jackson was cooking those defenders all night and this move below sums up just how rough of a time this Syracuse defense had.


Louisville won, 62-28.

Kyle Davis does what Odell does

This kid is a true freshman, but he’s already turned into an early catch of the year contender. Just take a look below.


Yup, the freshman is already turning heads in the college football world.

Davis was one of 10 Auburn players with a reception in a 51-14 rout of the Arkansas Red Wolves. His was the best, though.


Tre’Davious White roasts on the return.

The stat sheet will say it’s about a 60-yard return, however, that doesn’t accurately sum up how boss this runback was.

Take a look.


Now we’re going from Saturday to Sunday. Here are some of the best plays from the NFL. Starting with:

Larry Legendary

Larry Fitzgerald is going to be making these kind of amazing plays until he’s, like, 88 years old. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be in shock and awe when we see him making catches like this. His 100th career touchdown was an amazing one.

Here is a list of things I can’t remember seeing in recent history.

  1. Larry Fitzgerald dropping a pass.
  2. Adam Vinatieri missing a field goal.

He is a legend.

Aaron Rodgers is unreal.

The Packers were able to squeak out a close win against the Jaguars on Sunday, and it’s all thanks to the masterful throws from Rodgers. Even though he was being pulled down by a defender, he was still able to pull off a miraculous play. These defenses can’t hold him back.


Derek Carr rolls the dice.

The Raiders had a chance to tie the game, but Derek Carr was all like “forget that, we’re going to get this W right quick.”

Demarco Murray flies high

Just take a second to appreciate the verticality that Demarco Murray is able to get on this play. Bask in it.

Look at that Vikings defender going, “Yo, who was I tackling again? And where did he go?”





That’s all for this week’s Undefeated plays of the week. See some that we missed? Send it to us with the hashtag #UndefeatedPOTW.

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