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Serena Williams

Game, set, match – Serena Williams aces them all in her latest Wimbledon dress.

Do everyone a favor, and stay in this lane

Serena Williams nailed her Wimbledon on-court dress this year.

The reigning Wimbledon champion debuted a rather demure (for her) white tennis dress on Tuesday when she took to Centre Court for the annual opening match, and tweeted a cute selfie wearing the high-collared, pleated minidress by Nike.

As one of Nike’s cadre of superstar pro athletes, Williams is as famous for her eclectic fashion choices as her on-court dominance. Many of her past Wimbledon costumes have been nontraditional, to say the least.

Luckily, Williams opted not to go near Nike’s official 2016 ladies Wimbledon dress, which was extra-short, superflimsy and borderline inappropriate for the rules-minded All-England Club. Nike has since recalled the costumes, and offered female players on-site alteration services to make them less revealing.

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