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Fighting trim

Cavs and Warriors players battle for attention off the court

The Warriors may not have clinched the series last night, but they arrived at Oakland, California’s, Oracle Arena for Game 5 wearing their hometown advantage like a tailor-made spring suit. Draymond Green, who watched Game 5 from the Oakland Coliseum after being suspended from play, was noticeably missing from the pregame fashion parade, which was a real pity, since his last postgame ensemble was so “special.” Center Festus Ezeli repped his Nigerian heritage in a traditional embroidered top, while Andre Iguodala channeled his version of the contemporary well-dressed Nigerian man in a blue Beckenstein Bespoke suit.



Kevin Love, is that a half-suit you’re wearing? Maybe next time wear the pants that came with the jacket. Speaking of pants, Shoe apologist Stephen Curry wore an army green suit with cropped trousers and patterned sneakers. Here’s hoping Chef Curry can find a few more inches of suit fabric for his Game 6 ensemble when the Warriors travel to Cleveland on Thursday.

Cavs players Kyrie Irving and shooting guard J.R. Smith went hipster casual in denim and soft chambray, as per their usual.

LeBron continued his double-breasted jacket with abstract lapel pin look, which he’s clearly ordered in multiple colors and fabrics.


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