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It took less than 45 days for President Trump to address HBCUs. What would be the best thing for his administration to do to help HBCUs?


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Leave Office!!!!!

For the most part, college is college. Some care more about the name while others care about the process. In any transaction with the elites, you need leverage, some kind of power. HBCUs don’t have it. I could go in about building your own brand and not needing help from Trump, but that’s not what the HBCU Board members are about. This is a business, and therefore they need to extract as much money as possible. Guns and Butter.

Currently there are 104 HBCU, 39 fall under the United Negro College Fund umbrella , another 50 fall under their respective states. Continuing to throw federal money at this sinkhole is problematic. Once the feds offer free two college ,half of the HBCU will close. Furthermore, HBCU have become more diverse with non black enrollment. As an Black American, I say its time to purge the majority of these schools considering only 3% of blacks attend HBCU ,according to UNCF. What the black community and other minorities need is for college to be affordable .

President Trump proposed a one trillion infrastructure bill during his joint address to congress. Funneling infrastructure dollars to HBCUs for the purpose of new building and remodeling older campus facilities is paramount to attracting the best and brightest students. Improvements to classrooms, libraries and most importantly, residence halls and dormitories, will be money well spent. Also, accessibility. Make sure that there are no/low interest federal loans available and pell grants for those who need them. Every student with the ambition and wherewithal to attend college should have opportunity.

Better funding to help convince kids that going to a HBCU is just as rigorous as a PWI

No photo op gestures where your Aide, in the highest political office in the land, is sitting on the couch like a 16year old at a sleepover. Surrounded by black men who had to endure more, be more than their white counterparts, her posture/demeanor showed a deep lack of understanding of the moment and basic respect. Do better than that photo op, don’t just use it as a Black History Month and a future political talking point. HBCU were created not as an alternative but because we had no other choice. Respect that and keep your word please.

Attached dedicated dollars to the placid gesture to highlight HBCUs exist and served a Great purpose. Cultivate policy that will reinforce money provided to encourage, enhance and grow academic possibilities and enrollment. Begin to correlate collegiate possibilities with individual personal/financial success and global impact.

More money to help funding and get more kids in HBCU’s

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