Your October 2023 Andscape horoscope

Here’s what the stars have in store for you as Libra gives way to Scorpio season

Hopefully, many of us were able to utilize September as an opportunity to get organized and catch up a bit because eclipse season is back to shake things up again this month. As October begins, Libra season puts the focus on our relationships and our ability to find balance in our life. Chatty Mercury enters Libra on the 4th, lending us some cosmic support with social and romantic connections, advocacy and negotiations, and creative ideas and interests.

If life has been all business lately, Libra season invites us to engage in more enjoyable experiences. Though with pleasure-seeking Venus (Libra’s planetary ruler) moving into disciplined Virgo a few days later, the fun might be short-lived. Though we can still use the benefits of Venus in Virgo, particularly when it comes to caring for the well-being of ourselves and others. Often, the chaotic energy of eclipse season can be physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. Venus will teach us the value of having relationships and routines that help to keep us grounded enough to handle our daily responsibilities, besides any challenges or unexpected issues that might arise.

Meanwhile, having ambitious Mars at home in powerful Scorpio increases the emotional intensity in the air, especially since it moves there two days before the solar eclipse in Libra. However, the magic of Mars in Scorpio is that it gives us the strength to confront our fears and the determination to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. We may need to draw on some of that strength when the solar eclipse arrives, because it aims to help us let go of unrealistic relationship ideals and expectations, uneven relationship dynamics, and codependent or people-pleasing behavior.

With brainy Mercury and the vibrant sun entering Scorpio later in the month, we’ll be energized the most by deep and revealing conversations, emotional honesty and intuitive thinking, and passionate, transformative experiences. Scorpio dislikes anything that feels half-hearted or superficial, so any plans or decisions that we’re considering now may have an all-or-nothing quality to them. As the lunar eclipse in Taurus closes out the month, our values are once again held under a microscope. This eclipse is the last of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses that have been rocking the economy, climate and our personal value system since November 2021. It will motivate us to move on completely from anything that doesn’t nourish, support or sustain us.

Key Dates

Mercury enters Libra – Oct. 4

Venus enters Virgo – Oct. 8

Mars enters Scorpio – Oct. 12

Solar Eclipse in Libra – Oct. 14

Mercury enters Scorpio – Oct. 22

Scorpio season begins – Oct. 23

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – Oct. 28


Relationships are the focus as multiple planets in Libra, including a solar eclipse, travel through your partnership sector. You may be busy with myriad meetings and discussions concerning anything from clients and contracts to ironing out problems and life plans with your partner to ongoing issues with others. Under the solar eclipse in Libra, relationship difficulties will be hard to ignore. It may be time to part ways with someone or do the work necessary to break old relationship patterns.

Angry Mars enters Scorpio, your zone of intimacy and security, just two days before the eclipse, which could churn up buried emotions and other underlying issues that may be affecting your relationships. With intellectual Mercury and the illuminating sun also moving to Scorpio later in the month, expect to address and unpack these issues as you’re encouraged to care for your mental health. However, don’t set any plans in stone just yet because the lunar eclipse in prosperous Taurus brings more changes into the mix as it works to help you cement your path toward more meaningful work, stronger finances or better self-esteem.


When you’re as busy as you are, there’s a danger of becoming burned out. As such, the solar eclipse in Libra may highlight a need to leave a toxic work environment, drastically cut down on work, or set better boundaries around how much you do for others. It could also underscore a need to create a more loving relationship with your body. As feel-good Venus travels through your zone of fun and pleasure, you’re encouraged to make self-affirming choices that will bring more passion and happiness into your life.

When assertive Mars moves to fearless Scorpio by mid-month, followed by talkative Mercury and the confident sun a week later, expect to get more comfortable with saying no, especially if people-pleasing has been an issue for you. The lunar eclipse in your sign, the last of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses that you’ve been working with since November 2021, may mark a pivotal turning point in your self-development. Choosing yourself and prioritizing your well-being is far more important than holding onto a bad relationship or trying (to no avail) to keep others happy.


Authenticity may be the word that you’re working with for October. As indulgent Venus visits a more private part of your life and the solar eclipse in Libra activates your zone of creativity and self-expression, you may need to redefine what joy and pleasure means for you. You may find yourself craving more connections, including romantic exchanges, that go beyond the casual or surface, but this may require you to share and express yourself in ways that go beyond the superficial.

As planets in determined Scorpio visit your zone of work and wellness, you’ll most likely be busy doing what you can to stay on top of your responsibilities and self-care. As far as fun goes, you may be more interested in cultivating experiences that contribute to your well-being rather than doing anything that might negatively affect it. The lunar eclipse in comforting Taurus illuminates your zone of rest and spiritual fulfillment, which might help you to make a clean break from grind culture, or finally be able to move on from an old way of life or something from the past.


It could feel like your home and family life is in flux this month. Under the game-changing solar eclipse in Libra, you may be concerned about moving, renovating or making your home life more comfortable. Some readjustment may be needed in regard to your familial relationships. As someone who often takes care of the people in your life, you may be questioning who you can count on to take care of you. Relationship-oriented Venus will be traveling through your communication zone, helping you to ask for what you need from others or identify your chosen family or who you can go to for support.

Assertive Mars, communicative Mercury, and the exuberant sun will each visit Scorpio this month and encourage you to put yourself out there in bold ways. Perhaps there’s something creative you want to share with others, or maybe you’re ready to open your heart to someone new. With the lunar eclipse in loving Taurus illuminating your zone of friendship and goals, you’ll find that when you refuse to shrink or hide yourself there will be people who will make space for you.


You may be feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut where it pertains to areas such as media and writing, consulting, education, and new ideas. Under the solar eclipse in Libra, it might be time to move on from projects or places where you feel stuck or uninspired to clear a path for new experiences and ventures. Under this eclipse, you might sign up for training or travel for learning purposes. You could decide to become a better writer or a more effective communicator, or maybe you have an entrepreneurial idea you want to pursue.

As values-driven Venus travels through your money zone, make sure that anything you say yes to feels like a good investment of your time and energy. The Taurus lunar eclipse, happening at the end of the month, illuminates your career sector. Many of the changes these eclipses are bringing you may be tied largely to your professional aspirations and quality of life. With planets in Scorpio activating your home sector, you may need to find balance between handling your responsibilities and keeping yourself emotionally and physically nourished.


For the duration of Libra season, you may be thinking deeply about what you want, what you have to offer, and what you’re no longer willing to settle for or tolerate. With the help of the solar eclipse in Libra, you may not only recognize that you’re deserving of more, but you may also begin demanding it too. At the same time, this eclipse encourages you to have more compassion for yourself. You may not always give yourself enough credit where it’s due or hold enough appreciation for your life’s experiences – the highs, lows, and everything in between. 

But this month, you’re reminded that life is both a messy and beautiful journey and you are just one of many of the souls on this earth traveling their own path. As the lunar eclipse in indulgent Taurus will prove, there’s no perfect way to live this experience. Things change and so will you. What matters is that you’re able to find the value in every stage and phase of your life. Expect Scorpio season to help spark fresh ideas, enlightening conversations, and a more empowering attitude.


October is coming in hot with your birthday season underway and a powerful solar eclipse in your sign ready to set you on a new trajectory. As such, you could be at a crossroads of sorts where it pertains to your life path. Since your self-image and well-being are also tied to the story of this eclipse, you may feel like you’re ready for a total makeover. However, rather than focusing solely on appearances, you might be more interested in taking care of what’s happening behind the scenes, such as your spiritual wellness.

As Venus, your planetary ruler, travels through your zone of rest and spirituality for the duration of eclipse season, you may find yourself yearning for more meaningful and soul-nourishing experiences. With Mars’ visit to Scorpio and subsequently the arrival of Scorpio season, your personal value system and sense of self-worth will come up for examination, while the lunar eclipse in tenacious Taurus highlights your zone of transformation and rebirth. All in all, the cosmic events of October will enable you to wipe the slate clean so you can start anew.


This month, you might fall somewhere between being tired and wired. As multiple planets in Libra traverse your sector of rest and retreat during the first half of October, you’re most likely on a timeout or craving one. Under the solar eclipse, you may need to examine the ways in which you get in your own way, such as refusing help from others or chronically overextending yourself. Loving Venus will be traveling through your zone of friendships, highlighting your need for community and the potential for new allies and connections.

The lunar eclipse in loyal Taurus will be echoing Venus’ message when it illuminates your partnership zone at the end of the month. Maybe there is someone in your life who you want to build a future with or you’re on the verge of securing a major business partnership. Over the last two years, you’ve had eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio shaking up your relationships and your overall identity. As your birthday season arrives, marking the start of your personal new year, you’re primed to take what you’ve learned from these experiences and run with it.


Can you really call yourself a Sagittarius if you’re not chasing after your dreams? However, by focusing too much on what could be, you may be forever running after the next big or shiny thing. The solar eclipse in judicious Libra provides a necessary redirection. Maybe it’s time to reprioritize where you’re putting your energy. This could include taking an honest evaluation of the groups, social circles, and causes that you’re a part of as well as your current goals.

As multiple planets in reclusive Scorpio journey through your zone of rest and retreat and the lunar eclipse in Taurus triggers your zone of work and wellness, your mind and body may need a break. Think about ways that you can create and enjoy some space for peace and relaxation. If you’re feeling a bit stuck or aimless these days, try not to worry. The lunar eclipse may signal the end of an unfulfilling job or a period of just going through the motions. New opportunities are on the horizon. Though you may need to clear out some of the debris to find them.


As one of the most enterprising members of the zodiac, you strive for the top in just about all you do. However, this time around it’s not just about what you’re striving toward but also taking time to think about the why behind it. Under the solar eclipse in Libra, you may be challenged to reflect on and redefine your personal mission statement. Perhaps it’s time to make a career change, return to school, or explore some new interests or options. Too, it could be time to give yourself some room to enjoy what you’ve built thus far.

You may be thinking a lot about what’s next as planets in passionate Scorpio put the spotlight on your hopes and wishes. Maybe you’re finding that your priorities have changed and there are other goals in life that you want to pursue. Maybe you need to be around more people who encourage and inspire you. With the lunar eclipse in artistic Taurus igniting your zone of creativity, you may be ready to show the world a more inventive, daring, or authentic side of yourself.


You may have a lot of experience and wisdom under your belt, but that doesn’t mean that you ever stop growing. As Libra season activates your zone of expansion, you might be hungry for new adventures and opportunities. The solar eclipse in idealistic Libra will be a powerful catalyst for you, pushing you to spread your wings and fly. Perhaps this means spending time in another part of the globe, finding your calling, or adopting a new outlook on life.

Expect this month to be busy, not only because of the eclipses, but also because planets in dynamic Scorpio will be heating up your career zone too. As these planets ramp up your drive and ambition, you could reach new heights in your profession or industry. When the lunar eclipse in grounded Taurus visits your home and family sector, it will be working to help set you up for financial success as well. Overall, your sense of peace and security should improve, whether that means stabilizing your housing situation, changing your family dynamics, or healing from the past.


Although life feels unpredictable under eclipses, they often help to clear out old and stagnant energy. The solar eclipse in Libra could play a pivotal role in helping you to heal from heartbreak or process stuck emotions, giving you the ability to experience true intimacy. Of course, finding the courage to let go of a disempowering relationship is possible too. Meanwhile, this eclipse could also help you achieve more security with your finances, perhaps through a new contract or source of funding. Cooperative Venus will be helping you to connect with the right people at the right time.

With multiple planets in passionate Scorpio visiting your zone of growth and expansion, you might be more inspired and optimistic than you’ve been in a long time. You can best harness this power by aligning yourself with anything that speaks to your spirit or gets you out of your comfort zone. Look to the lunar eclipse in creative Taurus to usher in some exciting experiences and projects for you, which could include the launch or completion of something innovative or artistic that you’ve been working on.

Mecca Woods is a New York City-based astrologer and author who helps others create a life they truly want using the gifts they were born with. Her writing and astrology-based guidance have appeared in places like Bustle, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and on TLC. Her books, "Astrology for Happiness and Success" and "The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey" are out now.