Your July 2023 Andscape horoscope

With Cancer season in full swing, see what the stars have in store for you this month

The month opens with a full moon in ambitious Capricorn on July 3 — which, for some of us, could mark an accomplishment or milestone. However, this moon isn’t just about reaching goals. Capricorn is a sign that helps us to make wise choices about where we put our energy and this lunar phase may also underline a need to reprioritize our commitments.

Come July 10, active Mars moves to discerning Virgo, increasing our interest in self-improvement and our desire to give back to others. However, prioritizing rest, play, and time spent with people we love will also be essential this month, especially as Mars in Virgo can drive up stress and work. For the two weeks that Mercury will be in fun-loving Leo, starting July 11, we should aim to make time for creative hobbies, activity dates, and leisurely afternoons.

The 17th provides us with a restorative new moon in protective and nourishing Cancer. If we haven’t been feeling too optimistic, this moon encourages us to look for the blessings, big and small. It also calls on us to draw strength from each other. All over the world folks are banding together to push back against cruelty and injustice, reminding us that things can and will get better. 

When Venus begins its six-week retrograde in self-expressive Leo on the 22nd, we’re called to reevaluate the ways we behave selfishly, make ourselves small, or live excessively. Authenticity and self-awareness will be key to healing ourselves and our relationships, especially as the 22nd is also the day the sun enters Leo. 

While Leo season is usually a time to kick back, celebrate, and spread some cheer around, the vibe may be dampened by Venus retrograde. Though we can still enjoy ourselves by being very intentional about how we spend our time, energy, and resources. With Mercury entering analytical Virgo on the 28th, the cosmic messenger will help us stay focused on what truly matters.

Key Dates

  • Full Moon in Capricorn — July 3
  • Mars enters Virgo — July 10
  • Mercury enters Leo — July 11
  • New Moon in Cancer — July 17
  • Venus Retrograde in Leo begins — July 22 (ends September 3)
  • The Sun enters Leo — July 22
  • Mercury enters Virgo — July 28


The full moon illuminates your career zone on July 3. You could be recognized for an achievement, or ready to move on from an unfulfilling area of your profession. You could also discover that you’re not as motivated by external rewards like a title or a trophy as you once were. Between ambitious Mars moving into hardworking Virgo on the 10th, while witty Mercury and the self-assuring sun enter Leo by mid-month, you might be excited to pursue a passion or turn a hobby into a full-time gig. However, during Venus retrograde that enthusiasm could quickly fizzle out.

Instead of chasing the high of starting something new, use this month to reconnect with simple pleasures or something from your childhood. Just be mindful of going overboard on the fun, as you could easily run yourself ragged. Take care not to overwork yourself too. Look to the Cancer moon on the 17th to fill up on emotional nourishment. Expect Mercury’s move to Virgo on the 28th to give you a much-needed nudge to slow down and focus on your well-being.


The Capricorn full moon might inspire some serious thoughts about the next leg of your personal journey. You might have a revelation that could pave the way for more rewarding experiences. Because of that, you might receive an opportunity to share your truth or wisdom, perhaps on a public stage or platform. Mars’ trek through Virgo will put you in a self-expressive mood which could thrust you into the spotlight. At the very least, expect Mars in Virgo to give you a creative boost and a serious urge to play, especially when Mercury moves to Virgo on the 28th.

Having outlets or activities that provide you enjoyment will be crucial for your mental health this month. With multiple planets in Leo activating your home zone, including Venus retrograde, you may have some unresolved issues to address with regards to your family or living situation. Don’t stress though as the Cancer new moon will be sending you some supportive vibes as you work to resolve problems and misunderstandings. Additionally, this moon coupled with Venus retrograde could also inspire design ideas for your office or home space.


If you’ve been worried about money, your situation could change for the better under the full moon on the 3rd. With Mercury’s stay in Leo, it’s possible that you could uncover useful financial resources or make money with an online business. This lunar phase can also assist you in working through your insecurities or self-sabotaging patterns. Come the 17th, the new moon in Cancer activates your zone of money and values, opening up a way for you to improve your finances (perhaps with a new job) or to become more self-fulfilled.

With agitating Mars in Virgo traveling through your family zone this month, home-related responsibilities and headaches could increase. While Venus is retrograde in your idea zone, mediums like photography, writing, painting, or singing could be a good way to calm or clear your mind. When the sun enters Leo later this month, seek out some healthy distractions. That said, being thoughtful about what you agree or commit to this month will also keep stress low. Mercury’s visit to Virgo on the 28th encourages you to dial it back and tend to your private life.


Partnership is highlighted for you under this month’s full moon. Whether it’s a professional connection or a personal one, the future of this relationship may be big on your mind. Maybe it’s time to check in with this person and make sure that you’re both on the same page. Confident Mars will be in Virgo for most of July, encouraging you to be direct and confront issues head-on, sans unnecessary drama.

As the month continues, self-assurance will be a running theme, not only in terms of how you communicate but also in terms of your self-image too. If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, the new moon in your sign on July 17 can help you regain your sparkle. Though don’t splurge on new clothes and hair just yet, because luxury-loving Venus goes retrograde beginning on the 22nd. This retrograde could mess with your cashflow or your financial decision-making. With Leo season activating your money zone, you may need to stretch your coins. Utilize Mercury in Virgo to help you advocate for your fair share or revamp your business strategy.


July sees you largely focused on your wellness, with a full moon in your health zone and Venus retrograde inspiring you to reclaim your relationship with your body. If you’ve been feeling rundown, overworked, or just mentally fried, this full moon may encourage you to step back and do what’s necessary to take care of you. Mercury’s move to your sign on the 11th, followed by the start of your birthday season, gives you a good excuse to just focus on yourself. You might decide to adopt better wellness habits or techniques to train your brain. A sleepy new moon in Cancer on the 17th will also encourage you to take a break.

Money may also be on your mind this month when agitating Mars gets to Virgo, which could increase your expenses. You may need to be extra mindful of where your dollars go or stay on top of any money that’s owed to you. Later in the month, when Mercury gets to Virgo, it’s a good time to review your finances or benefits, negotiate contracts, or apply for jobs.


If it feels like you’ve been sitting on the sidelines lately, that begins to change in July. The month begins with a full moon that should be fun or romantic for you. By mid-month, energizing Mars moves to Virgo, increasing your drive. Look to Mars to help you tackle your goals for the month or get back on your wellness routine. One caveat, though: with multiple planets in Leo, including Mercury, impacting your zone of rest and retreat, you’ll still need to be mindful of depleting yourself. Plus, Venus retrograde warns you against being everyone’s rescuer. Take time to replenish your spiritual cup.

Your thoughts could be fuzzy during the two weeks Mercury spends in Leo. If you have big decisions to make, hold off until Mercury reaches Virgo on the 28th. Meanwhile, the new moon in Cancer on the 17th reminds you of the power of friendship and community. Why take on everything all by yourself when you can get the support of others? If community or your social life has been lacking, the new moon can help you connect with the right people.


Be gentle with yourself as July’s vibes could put you in your feels. A full moon in your home zone could put more responsibility on your plate or push you to work through some unresolved trauma. As angry Mars travels through Virgo, your zone of endings and past experiences, you could also experience intense dreams or find yourself stewing over events that happened long ago. Having creative outlets or restful time alone can help. When chatty Mercury moves to your friendship zone on the 11th, you might also consider confiding in a friend or a support group.

Still, friendship could become a sticky subject once Venus goes retrograde on the 22nd. You may need to reassess some of your allegiances, or you could experience a falling out with a friend. You might feel more reclusive than usual, too. The new moon in Cancer pushes you to take a grown-up approach in how you deal with things this month, including conflict. This new moon could also help you with your career. Mercury’s entry into Virgo on the 28th, might encourage you to cloister yourself away to reflect or brainstorm ideas.


It’s a busy, busy month ahead for you Scorpio. The full moon in Capricorn lights up your communication zone on July 3, which could bring you some exciting news around that time. Perhaps you’ll be finalizing a contract or launching content that could go viral. When chatty Mercury visits Leo, your zone of fame and recognition, your words and ideas will certainly grab everyone’s attention. If you have a business or product to market, or an idea to pitch – do it.

However, be mindful of Venus retrograde later this month. Avoid making questionable business decisions or aligning yourself with people or brands that could jeopardize your reputation. Watch out for haters and keyboard warriors, too. On the plus side, Venus retrograde can help you rebrand yourself or reconnect with old clients or colleagues. Under the Cancer new moon on the 17th, you might be hit with wanderlust or a desire to study. Go where the inspiration takes you. Mercury’s trip through Virgo could move you to organize a volunteer project, committee, or team where you can make a difference.


This month’s full moon in your financial zone could bring a job offer or funding. There also could be an issue to sort out with regards to money and your family or home (though all should work out). The full moon could also inspire you to work on your wellness, or maybe your self-esteem needs a little boost. With go-getter Mars entering Virgo mid-month and activating your career zone, you may be ready to go hard in the paint to get the title or recognition you deserve.

As multiple planets in passionate Leo travel through your zone of growth and opportunity this month, you may be full of big ideas and high hopes. However, when Venus goes retrograde, it may not be the time to jump into new projects, overpromise or overcommit, or book an expensive trip. The new moon in Cancer on the 17th urges you to get still and delve inward, signaling a period of deep healing or inner work. Near the end of the month, use Mercury’s visit to Virgo to map out your next career move or sharpen your skills.


There may be a long, overdue conversation, like a heart-to-heart, that you need to have near the full moon. This moon could also be challenging you to show up more authentically. On a lighter note, you could receive attention or praise for your writing or creative work. When motivating Mars heads to Virgo on the 10th, you’ll be hungry to explore and travel. A change of environment could be good for you, especially with multiple planets in Leo keying up the emotional intensity for you this month. If getting away isn’t possible, consider books, films, or sun-lit spaces that inspire you. When intellectual Mercury gets to Virgo later this month, you’ll feel a lot more optimistic.

On the 22nd, partnership-oriented Venus goes retrograde. During this period, you may be pushed to address codependency issues or resolve messy emotional entanglements. Venus retrograde could also help you with learning the power of vulnerability or processing grief. Expect to be very busy this Leo season, either working through emotional stuff or financial matters. Look to the new moon in Cancer in your partnership sector to help you improve your relationships or build new ones.


“Sustainability” may be a keyword for you this month, as the full moon in Capricorn illuminates your zone of rest and retreat. As a result, there may be something you’re walking away from, possibly a way of life or a grueling work schedule, that’s become difficult to manage. Under this full moon, you’re encouraged to prioritize your well-being. When take-charge Mars zips into your zone of intimacy and security on July 10th, followed by analytical Mercury at the end of the month, the urge to transform yourself or life will be strong.

However, be mindful of going to extremes in your quest towards self-improvement — the new moon in loving Cancer, come mid-month, asks you to take more of a self-nurturing approach. Meanwhile, as Leo season emphasizes relationships for you, there will also be some work to do in this area as well. Venus retrograde will show you where the cracks are in your connections so you can repair them or renegotiate the terms. That said, try to hold off on making major decisions concerning relationships or business agreements until the retrograde is over.


Perhaps you’ve completed a personal goal or are getting closer to reaching one at the full moon. Since friendship and community is also highlighted at this time, you could be celebrating with friends or being celebrated by your peers. You may also decide to move on from a friendship that’s lacking. While Mars is in Virgo, stirring things up in your relationships, it may be time to advocate for yourself or draw the line with someone. On the plus side, Mars will motivate you to partner with folks that can help you reach new heights. Mercury in Virgo will enable you to connect with the right people.

In the interim, you may have a lot on your plate with several planets in ambitious Leo visiting your zone of wellness and daily routines for much of the month. Though Venus retrograde may ask you to get back to basics and consider ways you can better support your mind and body. Also, be mindful of minimizing yourself or how hard you work. The Cancer new moon encourages you to stand out and shine. It also encourages fun and creative inspiration.

Mecca Woods is a New York City-based astrologer and author who helps others create a life they truly want using the gifts they were born with. Her writing and astrology-based guidance have appeared in places like Bustle, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and on TLC. Her books, "Astrology for Happiness and Success" and "The Astrology Journal: A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey" are out now.