Your February 2023 Andscape Horoscope

Here’s what the stars have in store for you on Valentine’s Day and beyond

Happy Black History Month! February began on a hectic note, considering all planets are currently direct after experiencing several months of retrograde cycles. Moving forward is the name of the game this month, and presenting as anything but yourself is strictly forbidden. 

The Leo full moon on the 5th illuminated how you felt about what you bring to the world. Did you have an issue with being the center of attention? What was the value of being known within a certain identity? Continue to find solace in the fact you’re in the middle of a major transformation, and you don’t need to have all of the answers. Get acquainted with who you are when change is happening. Let go of any fear about being noticed or locked into a particular form of expression. Release your grip on the groups you frequent; it may be time to revamp your network to suit your new self.

Mercury entered Aquarius on the 11th. Since then, communications may have become laser-focused and possibly overwhelming. Our thoughts center on ideas and innovation, plus making the decision to remain resolute in our mindset. If you want radical change in your life, it begins with your mind this month. Plus, while Saturn is still at home in Aquarius, our words have some zing and staying power to them since Mercury does its best thinking in Aquarius. Be mindful of the messages you receive as Saturn spends its last full month in Aquarius. Soon it will be time to build upon our plans after experiencing what Saturn had to teach us. Observe Valentine’s Day responsibly this year, especially since there are a few intense aspects happening. The key to this energy is to love from a truthful and thoughtful place.

It may seem strange that Valentine’s Day is during Aquarius season, but this one packs more of a punch since Saturn is in Aquarius. For all of the freedom talk, Aquarius is quietly romantic and deeply committed once you get to know them and they feel emotionally safe. Take a look at your bonds and ask yourself: Do you feel free to be yourself with this person? Do you feel like you would have a solid friendship if sex or romance weren’t on the menu? Fantasies and passion will be at an all-time high on the 15th when Venus joins Neptune in Pisces.

Romance is in the air, but make sure you’re not too lost in the fun. Do you feel respected as an individual? How are you cultivating an authentic self to bring to a relationship when the music pauses? What do commitment and freedom look like to you? It might be easier to have tough conversations with a bit of detachment since Mercury is also in Aquarius. We also have the sun and Saturn joined up on the 16th, shining a light on the lessons of the last few years and setting ourselves up for the next 30.

The sun enters Pisces on the 18th, signaling that it’s time to dive into our own personal ocean. How do your beliefs support your ego or vice versa? Do our fantasies and dreams have more sway in our lives than we think? This is a moment for us to get our bearings on our actual and acquired perspectives.  

On the 20th, the Pisces new moon offers us a chance to create a new fantasy foundation from the ground up. What do we need to dream and envision to manifest a measurable and tangible change in our environment? If life imitates art and vice versa, what must we make in order to enjoy our entertainment as well as our homes? Perhaps it’s time for us to redefine the manners in which we escape versus relax. For the new moon, set your intentions around what you’re willing to do to move your vision forward and at what cost.

Later that day, Venus enters Aries and the planet of love gets a bit more independent and aggressive, despite being uncomfortable in this sign. Quick hangouts and activity dates are a good way to use this Venus. If you’ve been thinking of hitting the gym or being more active overall, this is a decent time to do it. You may also find it’s helpful to secure a buddy with similar goals.

Key Dates for February

  • 2/5 – Leo Full Moon

  • 2/11 – Mercury enters Aquarius

  • 2/13 – Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

  • 2/18 – Sun enters Pisces

  • 2/20 – Pisces New Moon, Venus enters Aries

  • 2/27 – First Quarter Moon in Gemini


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! This birthday season is a big one for you with Saturn wrapping up in your sign. Do you recognize yourself in the light of the Leo full moon? It’s all right if you don’t, but the time has come for you to get acquainted, and fast. What kind of lover and/or leader do you want to be? Learn to let go of all desires and ego battles.

Your brain shifted into high gear when Mercury entered your sign on the 11th. Writing, talking, reading, and thanking are the best things for you to do this month. If you have a writing project or tough idea, you could find them easier to complete these days. Write the vision, make it plain, then get some help.

After your solar season ends, the new moon provides a fresh start to your finances and self-worth. Let your creative/musical/philosophical side out. Socializing and documenting become more important when Venus enters Aries; take cards, create quickly, and consider the value of your voice. Don’t lose the moment doubting yourself. You see a check? Execute, then cash it.


Taking care of your daily needs becomes more important than ever under the full moon. Do you need to let go of your pride and ask for help, or do you finally accept that you’re the leader of your life? Also, are you injecting enough of your own creativity into your day? Watch for the source of what inspires and angers you. Mercury in Aquarius will help you dig deeper into the back of your mind and discover where you’ve been mentally stuck for too long. 

Your solar season begins on the 18th, and with it comes a new sense of who you are and what you present to the world. Are you comfortable displaying more of your assertive and aggressive side? Your new moon wants to help you start over and decide what energy you want to accept after you’ve taken action. Speaking of acceptance, Venus in Aries wants you to prepare to accept praise and payment. Organize your affairs and determine how you want to receive and spend your energy and funds. You’re going to be flooded with contacts and opportunities from leaders who notice you, so be prepared.


Finding pleasure in your creative and childlike pursuits is important for February. Let go of the idea that you have to be some kind of boring leader. Reconnect with the kids in your life and remind yourself how to put a big smile on your face. Mercury in Aquarius will help you develop new goals and friendships, but you have to be willing to apply the wisdom you have learned over the last few years while Saturn has been in the same sign. What message do you have for the communities you serve? 

You may find that there are a few secrets that you have held back even from yourself, as the sun and new moon hit Pisces. There is a level of compassion and spirituality that you can access if you allow it. If you’re willing to be proactive, get comfortable with this area of your life before Saturn enters Pisces next month. When Venus enters your sign, be sure to enjoy the attention and be clear on who you want to include in your social circle. Watch what people do and move accordingly.


It can be difficult to know where to draw the line but this month, the full moon can help you solidify your place in your family. Perhaps time has passed and you find yourself in a leadership role with new members behind you. What do you want your home life to look like? Are there traditions you need to let go of or create? Mercury in Aquarius will provide clarity around your professional life as a means of measuring what you can handle. 

Further adding to the need for a new course of action, the sun entering Pisces will brighten your perspective on what it means to wish for something and see it manifest. The new moon will usher in a new group of folks who are aligned with your vision for your future. No more distractions from your deepest desires, especially when Venus enters Aries. This isn’t your planetary ruler’s favorite place to be, but the more energy you put into navigating your depths, the better you’ll feel. Behind-the-scenes work on passion projects you identified under the new moon will benefit you greatly.


For you, February is about putting your best thoughts forward. Under the full moon, you may notice how your communications could use more confidence or less pride. If you have been hesitating about studying a particular subject, this may be the time to let go of your hesitation and get to work. Mars is still direct in your sign, so there’s no reason to remain stuck. Your ruler Mercury will help you deepen your studies. You may find yourself gravitating toward spiritual, metaphysical, or multicultural topics. Be sure to let your instincts lead you.

Speaking of leadership, Pisces season can help open a new door for you professionally. Networking and discussing your ideas with your peers can help you tremendously this month. Your ideas are inspired and you are ready to implement them. Try not to lose the momentum. When Venus enters Aries, you’ll have even more opportunities to make money, but also beneficial connections. As you gain respect and recognition from the world, you may find that your goals need to be adjusted. Don’t be afraid to dream or make your organization(s) even bigger.


What do you truly value when it comes to your compensation and self-appreciation? The full moon wants to help you let go of anything keeping you from being creative or in charge of your finances. Are you happy with the way that you make money right now? Dare I say, are you happy with what your (potential) partner brings to the table? Thanks to the clarity of the full moon plus Mercury in Aquarius, you’re better prepared to have a fruitful, detailed discussion. Perhaps you need to think outside of the box when it comes to fulfilling your needs.

Examining and exploring your journey becomes paramount when the Pisces sun and new moon enter the equation. Prayer, meditation, and artistic activities will help you tap in and learn what to do with this energy. Follow the nudges and inklings that are leading you to go harder with your spirituality and even take trips to support your research. If you are considering going back to school or getting a certificate, this is a great time to do so. Anything you can do to prepare for Venus to enter Aries, the better off you will be. As a result of your studies, you may meet very interesting people in your field. Don’t come to the conclusion that you’re not ready to be seen.


As Saturn leaves Aquarius, you are closing the chapter on what has been a rough few years, and no one could blame you if you were eager for relief. Your full moon wants to prepare you and your partners for who you are now and the kind of relationship you want to have moving forward. Release any preconceived notions about who you are and who you will become. Conversations with and about partners become heightened when Mercury enters Aquarius. If commitment has been on your mind, this is a great time to work on contracts or agreements. Connect with your partner and discuss what you both want and what you’re willing to do.

As that portion of the conversation continues, the sun and new moon in Pisces want to help you figure out how to share your resources and cultivate more intimacy. What do you need your partners to provide for you to feel secure? Do you need someone who is a dreamer? Do you need someone who can bring fruitful opportunities? What are the qualities of your ideal partner? Don’t be afraid to take a pause and rediscover where the magic comes from. Once you’ve gotten a better handle on how you want to connect, Venus is ready to take you on a ride around the globe. Prepare to travel and expand your horizons like never before.


Introspection has never really been an issue for you, however, the month begins with you seeing your secrets in a new way. The full moon wants you to let go of who you think you’re presenting to the outside world. That unspoken pride and ego are more vocal than you think. Perhaps it doesn’t come out in your speech, but it definitely lives in your actions. What have you been hiding from yourself? What have you been avoiding in your daily routine? Mercury enters Aquarius and shifts your perspective and renders it more resolute. If you’ve wanted to change your habits, this is the time to do it so it sticks.

Pisces season brings about a reality check of sorts. How are you asserting yourself in your relationships? Have you let others in on these dreams of yours? Are you making someone live by the standards of your fantasy instead of their own values? Or is someone doing this to you? Many questions are available for you to ponder, but the main one hits when Venus enters Aries. That question is what does intimacy truly mean to you. Is it more active instead of passive? Figure out what makes you feel truly connected with someone. You may find that you receive funds or connections from a loved one. Keep your mind open.


The full moon wants to illuminate where your desires have exceeded what your current connections can handle. You tend to like to roll with the leader, so who do you find yourself gravitating to these days? Mental stimulation is the name of the game for you, so Mercury’s move into a fellow air sign will do wonders for your thought process. You may be in the mood to connect with some beautiful brainiacs and see what a collaboration could produce.

Is there room in your daily life for a little magic or fantasy? Pisces season plus the new moon can help you add some romanticism to your lifestyle. Work can be incredibly stressful and boring if you don’t have the belief or imagination to entertain yourself. Get clear on the things that have to get done and put some thought into how to make it sexy. Speaking of sexy, your ruler, Venus enters Aries and adds a little spice to your partnerships. This is not a comfortable placement for you, but it is helpful to let you know what you’re attracted to, and take inventory on who desires you for business or love.


How much of your energy and creativity are you willing to devote to your career versus your inner life? This is what the full moon wants to ask you as you release any pride or ego that’s keeping you from achieving what you want. How have your close relationships been impacted due to the tension between where you want to go and where you’ve been? Mercury will help you gain clarity on your family, upbringing, and bond with your parental figures, plus make decisions on how you want to lead your family moving forward.

Considering that it’s been all about family and others lately, Pisces season wants to shine a light on how you can have a little more fun. When is the last time you were able to dive into a great laughing fit or immerse yourself in music and art that inspires you? Use the new moon to refresh and enhance your creativity. If you’re interested in children, this wouldn’t be a bad time to work on it, or at least dream and prepare. If your “kids” are more of the artistic variety, then it’s time to devote yourself to making things that excite your spirit. Venus in Aries will assist you with connecting with people who can inspire you to keep going. Perhaps your work environment could use a little more beauty and power. Look for collaborators who have similar working styles.


Being that your ability to envision and communicate what you see is so important, this full moon wants to highlight the things you need to remove in order to see more clearly plus the studies needed to feel like an authority. Let go of the way that you have always managed your mind. Your journey has been an interesting one, and it’s time to find a new way to share the narrative. Mercury will help you assemble the people, concepts, and ideas needed to keep you innovative and moving forward. Pay attention to any courses or workshops that resonate with you.

Home is where the heart is but it can also be a source of confusion if you are not clear on your own perspective and beliefs. Pisces season is a time for you to handle any issues you may have with your family foundation. Perhaps it’s time to understand the parental figures and your life in a new way. The new moon can help you understand your heritage in a new way, by allowing you to explore information and intuition of those who have come before you. If you’ve had inklings of things not being what they seem, you may finally find the energy and resources to investigate via creativity once Venus gets into Aries.


Work, work, work, blah, blah, blah. February is a bit more involved as the full moon looks to illuminate where you take pride in the fruit of your romantic and professional labor. What does intimacy mean to you? What does it take for you to go deeper and align with someone? Let go of what you’ve always been and how you’ve always led yourself (and your partner). Mercury is here to help you see yourself in a new way, especially as your ruler Saturn ends its journey in Aquarius. What new structures have you created over the last 2-plus years, and what will your current/future partners need to know to be successful with you?

For you, Pisces season is all about working on your communication. If Valentine’s Day was a little weird for you, then the rest of the month will help you rein in any fantasies or illusions that have kept you emotionally stuck. The new moon can also help you determine what you want to say and maybe even add some sweetness to your delivery. People usually struggle with the gravity of your messaging, and this transit could help you smooth it out. Things on the home front get some soothing as well when Venus enters Aries. You could feel the urge to create or connect with your family. If you’re looking for biz opportunities, your kin may be of some help.

Ashleigh D. Jay is a Chicago-born and based astrologer, writer, and commercial real estate broker focused on sports and entertainment. Previously, she has written for Businessweek and ZORA, a Medium publication. In case you’re wondering, she’s an Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising. You can find her at @ashleighdjay on Instagram and LinkedIn.