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HBCU Homecoming

Who has the greatest HBCU homecoming?

The Greatest Homecoming On Earth at N.C. A&T kicks off month full of celebrations on our campuses

The Greatest Homecoming on Earth, or GHOE as most call it, is undoubtedly the most lit homecoming celebration to ever grace the planet or any historically black college and university (HBCU) campus.

The notorious weeklong event takes place in Greensboro, North Carolina on the North Carolina A & T State University campus and “officially” concludes after the homecoming concert on Saturday night.

The university is committed to excellence in all forms. North Carolina A&T is the largest public HBCU and produces the most black engineers of any school in the country, so it is only fitting that the best homecoming on the planet takes place on Aggie soil.

Besides all of the parties and the homecoming concert, GHOE week includes a gym jam party in the North Carolina A&T basketball arena, a comedy show, a karaoke night and a gospel concert.

“GHOE is the best because it is a weeklong set of activities, ranging from house parties to gospel concerts, that bring together thousands of alumni and friends from across the globe,” said James Sifford, a sophomore sociology student and trumpet player from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Those alumni and current students unify to produce what can only be described as a weeklong “lit-uation” that is saturated with opportunities for students to network — or, as the younger generation calls it, “secure the bag.”

“GHOE is where you can see the true magnitude of Aggie pride. Everyone young and old, from across the globe, comes together and celebrates being an Aggie,” said Morgan Harris, a mechanical engineering student from Aurora, Illinois. “The atmosphere is indescribable. It’s a time where we support our fellow Aggies’ businesses, provide various opportunities and give plates of food to the students. It’s a giant, weeklong family reunion.”

Yes, GHOE is just like a family reunion, with some of the hottest names in black culture grabbing a plate. Performers such as Marlon Wayans, DeRay Davis, Migos and Gucci Mane will grace North Carolina A&T’s homecoming with their talent and ultimately cement GHOE as the best HBCU homecoming for yet another year.

Other HBCU homecoming celebrations simply fall short in comparison. Morgan State will have Cardi B and Meek Mill for its homecoming. Nice try, but let’s be honest — Cardi B has one good song, and I would take Migos or Gucci over Meek Mill every day of the week. GHOE not only brandishes the greatness of North Carolina A&T but also parades the greatness of black people as a collective.

That’s probably the main reason that you and your friends at your respective HBCUs want to get down to Greensboro in October to see how the Aggies party.

No other HBCU homecoming is as live as GHOE, and the only reason other schools have come close to GHOE’s level of lit is because they’ve copied the Aggie Blueprint.

GHOE is the best HBCU homecoming, period. Don’t @me … or you can if you want to get your school embarrassed on Twitter. @DonovanDooley @TheUndefeated

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Donovan Dooley is a former Rhoden Fellow and a multimedia journalism major from Tuscaloosa, AL. He attends North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University.