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What Had Happened Was: 9/14/17

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  • Fenway Park security confiscated a “Racism is as American as Baseball” banner, which was hung from the Green Monster in left field during a game between the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics on Wednesday. The fans responsible for the banner were removed from the stadium, although they claimed it was intended to be an anti-racism message. “There were originally about eight people involved who had this idea, and those eight people come from various organizing groups in the Boston area,” one of the group members told Comcast SportsNet New England. “Mostly groups that affiliate with racial justice causes. And the banner came in response to the racist comments at the beginning of the season at Fenway [that Adam Jones spoke of].” The sign was hung for only a few minutes before security pulled it down.
  • Michael Bennett spoke out about his encounter with Las Vegas police in his first sit-down interview. Speaking with ABC News’ Byron Pitts, the Seattle Seahawks defensive end recounted the whole incident from the night of the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight in late August. “I’m just thinking in my head, there’s like, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, all these people, these people that have been through this,” Bennett recalled of two police officers cuffing him and drawing their weapons. ” ‘I’m gonna blow your f—–g head off if you move,’ ” Bennett added, when asked what the police officers said while their guns were pointed at him. Watch the full interview here.
  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed Los Angeles as host for the 2028 Summer Games. It’s been 22 years since the United States was last awarded an Olympics, the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City in 1995, while the U.S. hasn’t hosted the Summer Games since the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. The IOC also announced that Paris will host the 2024 Summer Games, which will mark 100 years since the last time the country hosted an Olympics (1924).
  • The Cleveland Indians beat the Detroit Tigers for a record-setting 21 straight wins. With a 5-3 victory, the Indians broke the record for most consecutive wins in American League history, set by the “Moneyball” Oakland Athletics in 2002. The last time the Indians dropped a game was Aug. 23 in a 6-1 loss to the Boston Red Sox. To surpass the 1916 New York Giants, who own the longest winning streak in major league history at 26 games, Cleveland will have to sweep the Kansas City Royals and win its first two games over the Los Angeles Angels. History could be made on Sept. 20 if the streak continues.

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On Sept. 14, 1954, New York Giants outfielder Willie Mays hit a bloop double against the Milwaukee Braves for his 82nd extra-base hit of the season, breaking Mel Otts’ all-time single-season record. Mays ultimately finished the 1954 season with 87 extra-base hits and his 22-year career with a total of 1,323, which ranks him fifth all-time in league history.


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