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What Had Happened Was: 8/23/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


Karma has a very funny sense of humor. Two weeks ago, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas was taking heat for hand placement. This week, she’s been announced as a judge for the 2017 Miss America beauty pageant.

Two weeks ago, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte “stood” in the face of an armed robber with his teammates and then did a little media tour discussing it. He even told his mom about this “random shakedown.” This week, he’s lost four endorsements for fabricating the story. What had happened was, Lochte and his swimmer bros had a jolly good time damaging property, peeing on a gas station’s wall, brawling, oh, and trying to leave without paying for any of it. Yes, karma is always right on time when you need her.



Rapper Kanye West posted a picture of his daughter North West in a tub with glow in the dark sticks. Clearly, she is in the midst of her creative process. In addition to that, he posted a photo of himself from high school. It’s not even #ThrowbackThursday yet!





Southside With You stars discussed the pressure of playing Barack and Michelle Obama.

An explanation of why the late Mexican painter Frida Kahlo would not want to be placed on T-shirts.

Black and Latino social media users are much more likely than whites to see posts about race, according to the Pew Research Center.

Fifteen years later, singer Aaliyah is still one in a million.

Recently retired Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant says he’d rather be known for venture investing than for basketball.


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Here’s a look at some of the hottest college football games coming your way this season:

The Battle at Memorial: Ohio State at Oklahoma — Sept. 17

The last time Urban Meyer and Bob Stoops coached against each other, Meyer emerged as the victor — his Florida Gators defeated Stoops’ Oklahoma Sooners, 24-14, in the 2009 BCS title bout. The last time Ohio State and Oklahoma met was in 1983. The two teams have played each other only twice and are on schedule to play two times in the next two years. Get your popcorn, because this game has been sold out since July 22, Oklahoma’s athletic director announced.

Knox ’em, Box ’em: Florida at Tennessee — Sept. 24

The Tennessee Volunteers were the New York Giants of the college football world — they established a healthy lead, took it deep into the fourth quarter, and then somehow, some way managed to let the other team snatch the victory from their grasp. The Vols did this to the tune of a 3-4 record in the first part of the 2015 season. Against the Florida Gators, Tennessee held a 13-point lead with more than 10 minutes to play and the collapse didn’t occur until the last 4:09 of the game. That extended the Vols’ losing streak with the Gators to 11. So what makes this game worth a top 10 nod? Well, the last two times Florida and Tennessee did battle, the Vols fell short of winning by a single point in each game. Heartbreaking, but that is also a reason for optimism. Tennessee enters this season on a six-game winning streak, and could welcome the Gators to Knoxville, Tennessee, on a nine-win high. Home field has never felt so good.


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