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What Had Happened Was: 7/28/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


The game’s result wasn’t in doubt at all — the Chicago Cubs were up 8-1 on the Chicago White Sox going into the ninth inning — but having closer Aroldis Chapman on the mound Wednesday night gave the Cubs a bolt of electricity. Or maybe it was just the fastballs. Did you see the fastballs? This is how you make your debut with a club:

The numbers don’t even really do it justice, though. You have to see this.



So Basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving has declared that Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine is already an all-time great dunker. In an interview with Complex, Dr. J praised LaVine, saying “I’ll tell you; Zach has put on a show the last couple of years. He has to get kudos.” Now, LaVine is a two-time dunk contest champion and has some of the best hops in the league, but are we getting a little too ahead of ourselves in calling a 21-year-old an all-time great dunker?

Some people side with Dr. J.

But not everyone.


What do you guys think?



Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made the news again and it’s not because of his new marriage, but rather because of this.

And of course, Twitter had a field day with Rambo Wilson.

The internet remains Undefeated. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


A fascinating look at why the second round of the NBA draft is broken and problematic for players.

Mariah Carey spoke with Complex about her upcoming reality show and, of course, Prince.

A celebration of Chappelle’s Show and why it’s important to anyone with a creative spirit.

Nao sits down with MTV to discuss her futuristic R&B album.


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Every day in this space, we dedicate the intro section to one of the greatest skits in the history of Chappelle’s Show: Game, Blouses. Our brother Jerry Bembry got the full story about Prince playing basketball (and dominating) while wearing 6-inch heels.

Going back to the basketball game made famous on Chappelle’s Show: Free said it happened sometime in the mid-1980s as he was hanging out with Prince, Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy at a private club, Tramps! at the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills, California. When the club closed, Prince invited the group to his Beverly Hills home. While playing music for his guests, Prince asked the group, “Do you want to play basketball?” The invite was met with laughter, but once the Murphy brothers saw Prince was serious, they geared up and took to the court at his house. The TV skit portrayed the game as 5-on-5, half court. In reality, it was the Murphy brothers and their uncle, Ray, against Prince, his brother, Duane, and Free. Murphy’s crew changed into athletic gear. And Prince’s crew? “Yes, it’s true, we had on ‘blouses,’ and frilly shirts,” Free said. “The same clothes we had at the club. Prince played in 6-inch heels!”


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