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What Had Happened Was: 7/11/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


So much to talk about in the world of sports from this weekend — Serena Williams won at Wimbledon for some #BlackGirlMagic, Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo captured Euro 2016 and the best U.S. gymnastics team ever may have just been assembled — but we begin with Amanda Nunes, the newest champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

After peppering Miesha Tate with punches to the face Saturday night at UFC 200, Nunes snatched the bantamweight title and shocked those who knew her only as a big underdog going into the bout. It took just 3 minutes and 18 seconds for Tate’s grill to get bloodied and for Nunes to make her tap out.


When she was crowned champion, the 28-year-old Brazilian let out a roar and sobbed. She twirled around and found UFC president Dana White. Nunes jumped up and down, pointing at White as if to say, “I told you I was going to crush her. I told you, Dana.”

In 2011, White urged any closeted UFC fighters to come out, promising that his sport was ready and that he “could care less” about his fighters’ sexual orientation. After Saturday night’s results, White had his wish and some history to go along with it: Nunes became the UFC’s first openly gay champion, and did so in a sport that hasn’t always been terribly progressive. Let’s hope for continued progress and more champions with the punching power of Nunes.


Here are photos and videos from across the world of those in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.






Actor Michael B. Jordan spoke on police brutality with a recent Instagram post.

An interview with the artist who inspired Kanye West’s recent “Famous” video.

MTV News and BET News hosted a live town hall called “What Now?” to discuss crime and police brutality in America. It was hosted by Charlamagne Tha God, Marc Lamont Hill, Jamil Smith and Franchesca Ramsey, and featured Killer Mike, Pusha T, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Fabolous and more.

A look at how religion in Dallas is helping folks mourn.


Every morning we’ll hit you here with the best of what we saw on social media the previous night. Why? Why not?






Our brother Jerry Bembry is reporting live from St. Paul, Minnesota, where protests became controversial this weekend after more than 100 people were arrested:

“When young black people here hang out, they get pulled over, they get thrown to the ground, they get guns pulled on them,” Moss said. “Their patience has either worn thin, or it doesn’t exist at all.” Police used smoke bombs in an unsuccessful attempt to disperse protesters on the interstate. Officers eventually moved in and made over 100 arrests on the interstate, which eventually re-opened shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday. As that crowd cleared, officers in St. Paul were in a confrontation with a different group of protesters on Grand Avenue, several blocks from the governor’s mansion. After their progress was blocked by police, that group of about 50 marchers sat down, locked arms and began chants, including We Gonna be Alright, from the popular Kendrick Lamar song. After a brief standoff, police moved in shortly after 3 a.m. and began arresting the protesters. There were no injuries.


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