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What Had Happened Was: 6/3/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


Welp, short of a LeBron James injury, Thursday night couldn’t have gone any worse for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We will get to the Golden State Warriors’ bench running the Cavs out of the building momentarily — holy Shaun Livingston, Batman — but first we need to talk about Matthew Dellavedova and the crotch punch felt ’round the world Thursday night. Our friends at TrueHoop debated the play after the game. We’re with Amin Elhassan and Tom Haberstroh on this, fam, and Haberstroh even revealed a new rule Hall of Famer Bill Walton said he’d like to implement:

Cleveland missed 28 shots in the paint and shot a stinky 38.1 percent from the field, but Dellavedova ensured his team connected on something. Sorry. Also of note: This isn’t exactly the first time Andre Iguodala and Dellavedova have gotten into it. And Draymond Green pulled a Draymond Green, which counts as pseudo-revenge for the Warriors. For now.



Iguodala after the game: “You’ve got guys who’ve got to get a little dirty — got to be a little physical — to make a life and to feed their family, so I can only respect that.”


When your teams responds to your Hulk smash of a clipboard with one of its patented scoring runs to the put the game out of reach.

Other NBA coaches, take notice.


That’s right, folks. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for the fewest points scored with both playing in two years … and the Cavaliers still lost by 15 points. If the Cavs came to Oakland, California, thinking they could steal a game, they just wasted an amazing opportunity.

James & Co. waited a year for this rematch — as a healthy team — to prove how different the outcome would be only to still lose by double figures. Do they expect the Splash Brothers to have another 8-for-27 shooting night on Sunday? And if so, is Cleveland going to allow Golden State’s bench to have another historic outing?


After all of the trash-talking by Cleveland, we sure hope the Cavs get it together. It would be quite the disappointment if the Cavs get bounced thanks to the Warriors’ bench dropping almost 50 points a game. Especially considering this is the best supporting cast James has ever had.


President Barack Obama announced that June is African-American Music Appreciation Month. (BET Awards can’t ever be moved out of June, basically.)

Fourteen years ago Thursday, one of the greatest TV series ever was released … The Wire. You know it, you love and still probably quote it. (Oh, indeed.)

Frank Ocean is *allegedly* dropping his second studio album on Friday. We’ve heard it all before. We were your fools. We believed you, Frank.

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, will star in a new FX series called Atlanta in September.

Slate just published an article of original letters regarding the 1977 showing of Roots.


Every morning we’ll hit you here with the best of what we saw on social media the previous night. Why? Why not?






No matter how badly James and the Cavaliers get run out of the gym during this series, our comrade Mike Wise says we’re losing sight of just how special and important it is for James to even be here.

In purely hoop terms, Curry was an underdog. Virginia Tech wouldn’t give him a scholarship. If even famed former Los Angeles Laker Jerry West told you six years ago that Curry would leapfrog retired Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant and Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant on his way to scaling James to become the most popular basketball player on the planet, you’d think Zeke from Cabin Creek had gone senile.

But the life underdog in this series is James. Hell, the life underdog in about every series he’s ever played in has always been James. How many young black males without a father in Akron made it in life, became good fathers, balanced their personal with their professional sides? If they had disposable income, did they use it to help others and not just themselves?


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