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What Had Happened Was: 6/22/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


Let’s just take a moment and remember how dominant and ridiculous Shaquille O’Neal was as a player. It might sound absurd, but the further out we get from his playing career, the more we remember O’Neal as a giant, plodding (albeit great) big man. But the truth is: He was electric from the moment he came into the league, unlike just about anything we’d ever seen.

Seriously, watch this video of some of his top plays of all time and tell us you hadn’t forgotten, even ever so slightly, just how historic and rare O’Neal was:

Now that we’ve properly reminded you of his past, we can reconvene on his present. On Tuesday, a fan put up a Twitter video showing his encounter while meeting O’Neal. He did not think O’Neal knew he was recording. But he was wrong.

That wasn’t even the best O’Neal news of the day, though. Nope, the best part was when O’Neal wanted to take a shot at Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry and he wore this T-shirt:

If you take one look at the dude’s twitter account, you know misspellings aren’t uncommon, but come on, man, on a PRINTED T-SHIRT? Shaq, you’re one of the greatest ever but come on, man.


Thank you, Foot Locker, for providing us with commercial poking fun at Los Angeles Laker D’Angelo Russell’s social media faux pas. We appreciate someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can make light of what was a firestorm when it first happened.


Shoot, we’d be sipping the Kool-Aid and buying into the company motto, too, if we were about to be paid millions. We ain’t mad at you, Ben Simmons. Get yours.



On this day in 1964, Freedom Summer activists Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman disappeared, and 44 days later, they were found shot and buried in shallow graves in Mississippi.

Here are all of the names of the senators who voted down an amendment that would’ve prevented people on the terrorist watch list from being transferred guns. Here are the names of the senators who voted against expanding all gun background checks, and here’s the amount of those who voted against these amendments received from the National Rifle Association.

Musical artist Frank Ocean penned a beautiful letter and response on his Tumblr page to the Orlando nightclub massacre.

First lady Michelle Obama just joined Snapchat, and she is FLEXIN’ on ’em.

There will be no charges filed in the death of Kendrick Johnson, whose body was found rolled up in a gym mat three years ago.

Did ya’ll know that W.E.B. DuBois had data visualization down pat 100 years ago? The more you know.


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1. R-E-S-P-E-C-K




Our teammates Justin Tinsley and Clinton Yates sat down to discuss Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James’ absurd, championship-saving swat — LeBlock, if you will — and how the man has perfected the chase down, “fear for what’s coming up behind you” block:




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