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What Had Happened Was: 6/21/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


On Monday, we examined just how “haterific” LeBron James’ post-championship outfit was — an Ultimate Warrior T-shirt with a Kermit the Frog teacup hat — and the verdict was swift: It was SHADE. Now, it was also hilarious and bold, but it was shade, too.

But that was only the start.

Before the night was up, James posted an Instagram of him clutching the Larry O’Brien Trophy with the Kermit hat in full view. His caption? It’s probably the most pointed clap-back the man has ever had about his critics:

Whether or not you deem that caption to be shade is up to you, but it’s hard to argue that James’ words aren’t filled with truth. The media largely did underestimate him and doubt him and count him out in a way that wasn’t consistent with how great he has been throughout his career. It’s time to put some respect on his name.

Ahem, respeck, we mean.


Our old homie Juan Uribe of the Cleveland Indians is back in the news and it’s as glorious as ever:


We hope ya’ll are ready for summertime black Twitter, because folks are coming out with the good stuff early on. Just a few of our favorites from #SummerWhileBlack.


The Senate failed to pass an amendment that would have required background checks at gun shows.

Continuing that train of thought, a new infographic shows how gun stores outnumber coffee shops in the United States.

Also, maybe ya’ll did or did not notice singer Usher celebrating with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday night. Fun fact, he’s a minority owner of the team.


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1. HE’S … THAT … GUY


3. YO, B, I’M J.R.


Our man Mike Wise took a look at what it means to “go home” and how Cleveland and its hero overcame the city’s fraught history:

Both parties hadn’t merely burned bridges — they detonated them. Northeast Ohio’s favorite son, the kid who grew up in poverty and fatherless in nearby Akron and was drafted No. 1 right out of high school by the Cavaliers, was suddenly Cleveland’s mortal enemy. For anyone who’s grown up in a certain area and made that trek homeward, it’s easy to feel constrained or even imprisoned by the journey. You know the people too well — their flaws, their idioms, their annoying traits. It’s often why the most gifted professionals in almost every pursuit — athletics, arts, business — go where the white, hot lights shine the brightest. That’s where the LeBron James story forks. Rather than be caught up in the emotionally wounded souls who torched his jersey in the street after leaving for Miami, he chose to believe in the better angels of Cleveland and the cursed sports town that was never supposed to win the big one.


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