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What Had Happened Was: 5/17/16

Oh, you don’t know? We got you.


Talk about snatching control of a series. Russell Westbrook began Monday night shooting 1-for-10. Kevin Durant missed eight of his first 11 shots to start the fourth quarter. Westbrook got away with an absurd travel call late (though it happens literally all the time) and yet, as our man J.A. Adande pointed out, it only took the Thunder one night to erase an 18-game gap in the standings that gave the Warriors home-court advantage in this series.

The credit only comes with actually winning rings — and this series is just getting started — but the Thunder deserve huge praise, now. No matter what happens the rest of the season. After getting hammered by the media all year for blowing late fourth quarter leads, OKC has now won three straight road playoff games against teams that lost a total of three home games all season. We go out live now to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Fellas, your thoughts on people doubting you this season?

Your friendly reminder: Durant and Westbrook are both younger than Curry.


First-half summary of the Warriors-Thunder game:

Steph Curry had 14 points (5-11), while Russell Westbrook had a paltry three points (⁣1-8) after the first two frames.

Second-half summary of the Warriors-Thunder game:

Westbrook came out swinging (you see what we did there), knocking down 6-of-13 shots en route to 24 second-half points, compared to Curry’s 12 on 4-of-11 shooting.


It is finished — Curry now takes over Reggie Miller for most consecutive games with a 3-pointer.


One day after Rougned Odor did his best to Make Baseball Fun Again by slugging Jose Bautista in the jaw, he reflected on said slugging (and attended the Thunder-Warriors, of course). Odor said he was just trying to protect himself and that Bautista stood up after the slide and was looking at him, so…

Now, you can’t blame Odor. Joey Bats was giving him that look even if he ultimately didn’t plan on acting on anything like Odor, champion of punching people on baseball fields. Odor was also asked the prototypical media question after a fight like this: Do you regret anything, sir? “No,” was his simple answer.

Then he added: “I know I’m going to be suspended a couple of games.” It’ll probably be more than that, but we salute you for the honesty. And for that right hook.




Rapper Lil B still has a curse on Kevin Durant, so even though Durant dropped 26 points in Game 1 of the Western Conference Final, please don’t get excited because the Thunder still aren’t taking this series. (According to him, not us)

Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” is so good that fans have quoted EVERY. SINGLE. LINE. from every single song. Now that’s commitment; as is MTV putting it all together for your viewing pleasure.

Debra Lee just announced that she is now a member of Twitter’s Board of Directors. Lee, the CEO and chairman of BET, is the first black board member. The board has been dominated by white men, so the move serves to move in a direction that reflects the social media site’s users.

Yes, it’s May 16, 2016, but there are still schools that need to be desegregated…the day before the 62nd anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education. Oh, the irony.

Our friends at Highly Questionable interviewed Fat Joe and got the man to reveal some ridiculously important news: Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell” was about…wait for it…Anthony Mason!


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