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What Black Twitter is saying about Richard Sherman’s comments

Celebrities, media and more had thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks cornerback’s take on the state of social activism

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman spoke to our Domonique Foxworth on Tuesday in a Q&A. They talked about athletes and social activism, what type of response Sherman expects from the league and how he feels about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s a recap of what Sherman said, in case you missed it:

  • His stance on “all lives matter”: “Any time you see people who are saying, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and then saying it’s time to kill police, then it is difficult to stand behind that logic. They are generalizing police just like they are asking police not to generalize us. It is very hypocritical. So, in that respect, I find it difficult to fully support that movement.”
  • Should the NFL be more active on social issues: “I don’t think they will because it doesn’t affect their bottom line … But as players, we are really close to it. A majority African-American league, with a lot of guys coming from impoverished environments, would really feel compelled to speak up.”
  • Crime in the black community: “I think we target the inner city and the black community and a lot of the places that have high gang violence and beg for them to stop the senseless violence within our own community. Because once we stop that, once we unite as a people, once we come together and stop looking at each other as enemies, then we can move forward in a very powerful way.”
  • On institutional racism: “I’d say, to some degree, that’s true. There is low funding for education and very few jobs to go around. But there are also people who work hard to take care of their families. … I think there is also a mentality that we want to blame someone else for black fathers not being there for all these people having all these kids and nobody raising them. We want to say that’s systematic, but when do we stop saying it’s systematic and move forward and make a difference?”
  • If he had to name four players from the NFL who would stand with him – as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade did at The ESPYS – it would be teammates Doug Baldwin and Michael Bennett because they believe and don’t really care about the consequences, and Arizona’s Tyrann Mathieu because he’s been outspoken about senseless violence.

Here’s the social reaction to what Sherman said:





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