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Warriors forward Kevin Durant still doing charitable work in Oklahoma City

Durant’s charity donated $57,000 to a private school on Tuesday

Kevin Durant may no longer be a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but that hasn’t stopped his charitable donations in the city. On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors forward, through his Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, donated $57,000 to the private school Positive Tomorrows, which is building a new school for the city’s homeless children.

During his tenure with the Thunder, Durant delivered shoes to Positive Tomorrows during Christmastime. He also ran a summer break camp, and his dedication to the organization went as far as him funding a new kitchen and cafeteria for the school.

For those who watched Durant’s 2014 MVP award speech, none of his generosity comes as a surprise: He has said on numerous occasions that helping impoverished children is important to him.

During the MVP speech, Durant discussed how hard it was for him, his brother and mother to have to move from one apartment to the next, not knowing if he’d have basic necessities such as food and clothes. That’s when he looked at his mother and told her how she’s “the real MVP.”

Positive Tomorrows president Susan Agel released a statement about Durant’s charity:

“Kevin continues to be a great friend to Positive Tomorrows, and he has been instrumental in helping our school grow over the last several years,” said Susan Agel, president and principal at Positive Tomorrows. “Still, we consistently turn away students due to a lack of space, and his generous contribution this year along with several anonymous donors will enable us to embark on our upcoming capital campaign debt-free. We are so grateful.”

Durant has long been a supporter of Positive Tomorrows, personally delivering shoes to every child at Christmas, fulfilling the school’s entire Amazon wish list, and funding a summer break camp program. Last Christmas, Durant funded a new scratch kitchen and cafeteria that enabled the school to increase its daily capacity by 16 students in its most recent school year.

“We’ve already turned away over 60 students this school year, but without Kevin’s generosity that number would have been much higher,” Agel said. “He’s been an instrumental part of our growth, and it means the world to us and to our students that he continues to believe in our children’s potential and to invest their futures.”

In July, after eight All-Star seasons, Durant left the Thunder through free agency and signed with the Warriors, the same team that eliminated Oklahoma City in the Western Conference finals after going down 3-1. On Feb. 11, Durant will make his first trip back to Oklahoma City as a Warriors player.

Rhiannon Walker is an associate editor at The Undefeated. She is a drinker of Sassy Cow Creamery chocolate milk, an owner of an extensive Disney VHS collection, and she might have a heart attack if Frank Ocean doesn't drop his second album.