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Undefeated football plays of the week: Week 13

See the dope highlights you might have missed

Welcome to the period in the football season where every game seems to matter a little bit more than the last. In case you were out running errands all weekend, here are some of the best plays that you probably missed.

Monday Night Football

The Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets game got out of hand early, mostly due to early touchdowns from Colts tight end Dwayne Allen.

It’s as easy as one …

two …




Yes, three of Allen’s four catches were touchdowns. How’s that for making it count? The Colts went on to rout the Jets, 41-10.

College Football

Jahad Thomas with the catch

So Temple was already working Navy at this point, and this play is a perfect sign of how Temple’s day went.

Check out this catch by Temple defensive back Jahad Thomas.

With plays like that, Thomas was able to help Temple to a 34-10 washing of Navy, and an American Athletic Conference title.

Trent Taylor making the play!

In the fourth quarter of a game against Western Kentucky, Louisiana Tech wide receiver Trent Taylor turned a path that was off target into a very important first down. He did it with only one hand, by the way.

While this was an amazing catch, Louisiana Tech fell short to Western Kentucky, 58-44, in the Conference USA championship game.

Cordrea Tankersley seals Virginia Tech’s fate

With Virginia Tech driving down the field against Clemson and an ACC title on the line, Tigers cornerback Cordrea Tankersley said, “ENOUGH OF THAT.”

That interception cemented both the ACC title and a college football playoff spot, which is something the Tigers are used to doing.


NFL Sunday

Wentz to Wentz

Since the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense wasn’t clicking at all, quarterback Carson Wentz decided to do the only other thing he knew to do: Throw it to himself.

The Eagles lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, 32-14.

What a day for Eric Berry

The Atlanta Falcons were up by one and decided to go for two to make it a three-point lead.

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry wasn’t going to let that happen.

This decided the GAME.

That was his second interception off of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan on the day, both for scores.

This was him after the game:

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