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This trial lawyer wants to spread the word on black America and justice in his new book

Attorney Zulu Ali says he is committed to social justice

When you’re a black trial lawyer, former police officer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, you might just have well-rounded interests in topics that surround the criminal justice system and African-Americans. Meet Attorney Zulu Ali. He embodies this description and discusses these topics in his latest lecture due for release on Saturday.

Black America & American Justice: A History & Paradigm of Retributive Psychosis will be available on video and in print. In a news release, Ali said he “analyzes the American criminal justice system from its inception to present day and the psychosis of fear against blacks in America, creating a paradigm and institution that has resulted in mass incarceration and widespread police brutality.”

Ali earned his juris doctorate from Trinity International University Law School, and a liberal arts degree with a concentration in African studies from Regents College through a consortium with Tennessee State University. He currently has law offices in Southern California, focusing on criminal defense, immigration and civil rights, as well as cases that provide an opportunity to challenge unjust laws.

According to his website, Ali is inspired by civil rights attorneys Thurgood Marshall and Avon Williams Jr. Like those two, he claims to use the law and courts as a vehicle to effect change and protect people against injustice. He opened the Law Office of Zulu Ali to represent victims of discrimination and people seeking civil justice.

Ali has been recognized as one of the country’s top 100 lawyers by the prestigious National Black Lawyers-Top 100, National Trial Lawyers-Top 100, and the American Academy of Trial Lawyers, also known as National Academy of Jurisprudence. He has also been named one of the top 10 lawyers in criminal defense and personal injury by the American Institute of Legal Counsel. Ali is also the director of the American Committee for United Nations Oversight, an advocacy group lobbying the United Nations involvement in police reform.

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