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The newest Luke Cage trailer proves the show will be black, bulletproof and beautiful

This should hold fans until the show starts

On Tuesday, a new trailer for Marvel’s new Netflix series Luke Cage dropped and it is a good one. We’re going to see a bevy of bullets and a whole lot of butt-kicking, but a whole lot more can be gleaned from the trailer. Here’s what to look forward to:


Judging by the trailer, it looks like this season’s main villain is Cornell Stokes, aka Cottonmouth. While the trailer makes him seem like he’s going to delegate most of the work to his goonies (look out for the part where he beats a dude to a pulp), the Marvel database states that Cottonmouth is just as strong as Luke Cage. The database also states that Cottonmouth has supersharp teeth that have the ability to tear through flesh. We don’t know if Cottonmouth is going to go full Dracula on us during the show, but we will keep that in mind.

As far as villains go, Jessica Jones and Daredevil have provided us with some great expectations for Cottonmouth & Co. Coming from someone who saw Kingpin get the better of Daredevil for parts of Season 1 & 2 and witnessed Kilgrave give everybody on Jessica Jones (including Luke Cage) problems, it’s safe to assume that while Cottonmouth looks like he is in a smaller weight class compared with Cage, it’s not going to be a cakewalk.

Crossover set-ups?

Probably overreacting here, but seeing nurse Claire Temple giving Luke Cage advice is a subtle reminder that these shows will overlap and that Cage is not that far from the turf of Matt Murdock or Jessica Jones.

Fans of Jessica Jones already know that Cage and Jones are more than acquainted, but it will be cool to see how they reference Cage’s future partners or what else is happening in the city.


C’mon. You can’t claim a character is bulletproof without having hundreds of unnecessary bullets bouncing off of Cage’s skin to prove the point. There will be bullets.

It’s pretty black.

Cottonmouth. Black.

Luke Cage? Black.

Most of the henchmen? Black.

The show takes place in Harlem, New York … what’d you expect?

This show is going to be different from a lot of the other superhero shows that you are used to. Who was the last black superhero to star in his own TV series?

Static Shock?

Well, brace yourselves, because this show is about to be black, bulletproof and beautiful. You can’t tell us otherwise.

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