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Simone Biles learns how to wear Olympic medals

from most-decorated Olympian ever

Simone Biles won five Olympic medals in her first Olympic Games and may very well already be the best Olympic gymnast ever. With four golds and one bronze, wearing all five medals at once has to strain her neck, right? Plus how is it possible to make sure each medal shines so brightly?

Well, Biles revealed who her mentor was: The GOAT.

You know, that Michael Phelps. The one who won 23 gold medals, 28 total Olympic medals and once wore eight at once.

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"My favorite photo of Michael #Phelps is a portrait I did of him a few days after his medal haul in #Rio. It took a lot of work behind the scenes from our #Getty family to make this happen. He has always been a class act over all the years I've photographed him. Since Phelps was 15 years old he's been a champion. Whenever I've had the chance to shoot him one-on-one he has been great to work with. In this picture I wanted to show him as a powerful, humble champion at the peak of his powers. It's rare to have an opportunity to cover an athlete considered to be the 'best ever' in their sport. It was an absolute honor and privilege to get one last chance to take this photo." – @albello55 | August 16, 2016 | #GettyAtTheGames _ For more #Olympics, follow @gettysport.

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That conversation must’ve taken place when Biles and two of the most dominant swimmers were together for a Sports Illustrated cover shoot. Legend to legend, he probably didn’t mind.

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