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Shaw president Tashni-Ann Dubroy leaving to become Howard’s executive vice president and COO

She is leaving the Raleigh, North Carolina, university after budget and entrepreneurial successes

Tashni-Ann Dubroy, who served as president of Shaw University since 2015, is moving to Washington, D.C., to become Howard University’s executive vice president and chief operating officer.

“I look forward to supporting President Frederick in achieving his vision for Howard University, learning from the campus community and being a valuable player within the Bison family,” said Dubroy. She assumes her position Oct. 2.

The announcement comes as Howard’s executive leadership shake-ups have continued under Howard president Wayne A.I. Frederick. All of Howard’s executive office leadership has changed since Frederick’s appointment as the university’s 17th president in July 2014. Serving as a member of Frederick’s cabinet, Dubroy will be responsible for major operational areas of the university.

“Her efforts will advance effective collaboration between departments, divisions, leadership, faculty and affiliated services to ensure an integrated approach to providing services, and fulfilling the research and educational goals and objectives of the University,” Frederick said in a statement to the Howard community Wednesday.

During her two-year tenure as the head of Shaw, Dubroy closed a multimillion-dollar revenue gap, positioned the school as a resource to the city of Raleigh and drove enrollment increases by 15 percent, countering six consecutive years of enrollment declines.

Dubroy also helped Shaw open an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center with the Carolina Small Business Development Fund, working to boost the university in forming both industry and technology partnerships.

Student leaders at Howard expressed both optimism and skepticism about the incoming executive vice president.

“There’s definitely measures with getting acquainted with the new leadership changes at Howard,” said Quentin Mansfield, Howard University Student Association’s executive vice president. “Howard is making some good hires, and with what Dubroy has already done for Shaw, I look forward to seeing what she will do for Howard.”

“When you come to Howard University, it can be a hit or miss … we’ll see how she’ll transition,” said Ashley Grey, Howard’s undergraduate trustee. “What she may have been able to do at Shaw University, hopefully she will make Howard more efficient, as that’s what we need right now.

“Just because you’re successful at one university, it may not transition into Howard, as the institution is different than any other HBCU. I think she’ll do a good job, but we’ll see what happens when she is here,” said Grey.

Dubroy, a native of Jamaica, was the second-youngest person and the third woman to lead Shaw. While Howard looks toward her arrival, concerned alumni of Shaw wonder about stable leadership at the university.

A group that calls itself “Friends of Shaw U” recently tweeted, “5 presidents in less than 10 years!!! The problem lies within the board of trustees but no one wants to talk about THAT. #SaveOurShaw #ShawU.”

Shaw is now looking for its sixth president since 2002.

“I will always be grateful to Shaw University, where I honed my leadership capabilities and expertise in my capacity as its 17th president,” said Dubroy, who is an alumna of the university.

Paul Holston journalism major from Summerville, SC. He attends Howard University and served as 2016-17 editor-in-chief of The Hilltop.