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Your September 2022 Andscape horoscope

Turn up ‘Virgo’s Groove,’ and read what the stars have in store for you

September opens up with you getting accustomed to doing what you must to take the next step in your journey. Ask yourself: What opportunities can you seize now that you can see a bit more clearly? Venus enters Virgo on the 4th, getting into the finer details of our bonds and shared values. What is the standard? There’s nothing wrong with asking, “Did you like that?” to a lover, suitor, or business partner. After August’s Virgo new moon, consider what is the desired fruit of your labor. What’s the use in setting intentions if you’re unclear on the result?

On the 9th, Mercury stations retrograde in Libra and asks for you to pay attention to what’s said and unsaid. What kinds of conversations are you having with yourself and others? Be sure to watch out for projection and passive aggressiveness. This is the time to rethink what you’ve agreed to.

Shortly after, the full moon in Pisces brightens the sky on the 10th and highlights what you believe about perfection and sacrifice. How have those beliefs served your pockets or your sanity? How do your actions support the data you’re gathering from your life? What’s the price of worshiping a particular fantasy? How do you determine what’s real versus a dream? 

On the 17th, the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini offers a chance to let go of any irritations that have been building up since Mars began its seven-month journey in Gemini back in August. This is a further exploration of what the various sides of our mind have to say. This is very much a “what did you mean by that”-type of time. Do your best not to waste your words. Be clear with your expression, especially your anger.

Fall officially begins on the 22nd, when the Sun enters Libra. With equal amounts of sunlight and darkness, the new season asks for your attention toward your connections. Libra is into marriage, socializing, beauty, and art. What makes your interactions lovely?

On the 23rd, Mercury continues its retrograde journey and backs up into Virgo. Maximize this time and do what Virgo Mercury does best — edit. Review what’s on your plate and make cuts where necessary. Do you fear improvement? How far do you need to go, and when you get there, will it be enough.

The Libra new moon on the 25th provides a clean slate to your unions and partnerships, but only if you’re ready to get into the finer details and use them to make your bonds beautiful. If you’re serious about transforming your relationships from the inside out, use the energy of the 26th to effect lasting, tangible change in your life. 

Following the new moon, Venus finds the way home to Libra on the 29th and increases your attraction and your urge to invest in your aesthetic. How do you want to present yourself? Who do you want to connect with and why?

Key dates for September

  • 9/3 – First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
  • 9/4 – Venus enters Virgo
  • 9/9 – Mercury Retrograde in Libra
  • 9/10 – Pisces Full Moon
  • 9/17 – Last Quarter Moon in Gemini
  • 9/22 – Sun enters Libra / Fall Equinox
  • 9/23 – Mercury Retrograde enters Virgo
  • 9/25 – Libra New Moon
  • 9/29 – Venus enters Libra


Happy Birthday to you, Virgo! Beyoncé even blessed you with your very own theme song. September begins with you riding the waves of your new moon at the end of last month. Venus picks up where it left off and enters your sign, making you more gorgeous than usual. Take care, and advantage, of your beauty this month — you’re too fine not to be seen. 

Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Libra then comes back to Virgo mid-month, offering one more chance to get clear on what is up with you and your bag. Perhaps it’s time to do something totally different, like JR Smith.

You’ll have a better idea of where you stand after the Pisces full moon on the 10th. What do you find yourself doing behind the scenes to energize your partnerships? Is there a balance between your efforts and theirs? How beneficial is it to stay connected to a fantasy?

Further in the month, the autumn equinox and the new moon want you to pay attention to how you’re getting to the money and how you feel about it. Be mindful of who you meet at the end of the month, they could be the key to your next big thing.


It’s usually about others but September wants you to focus more on yourself. Your bonds are important, but how are you feeling about you these days? Mercury retrograde in Libra could feel more chaotic, while Mercury backing into Virgo can assist as you sort out the confusion piece by piece. 

On the 10th, the full moon highlights where your daily life could be supporting the desire to escape. How has your schedule or workload become a prison? What info or tools do you need to break free? 

The sun enters Libra on the 22nd, giving you the solar floor to shift us into another season. The basis of your beauty and relationship standards have evolved over the last year. Are you ready to show us what you’ve refined? 

Venus comes home to your sign at the end of the month and of course you’re the baddest in the room. Folks want to make you out to be girl/boy/people crazy but little do they know you’re learning a ton from your interactions. Prepare to see your worth in a new way this year.


Use the burst of energy at the beginning of the month to take care of any tasks that build your confidence. You’ll need it as you mingle with all of the new connections and acquaintances coming your way while Venus is in Virgo.

Mercury retrograde in Libra offers a chance for you to explore more of your deeper inner workings, especially in relationships. How does your desire for connection influence the way you act with others? Are you into them or just the bond?

The full moon on the 10th shines a light on where you could invite more fun and creativity into your relationships, as well as your hopes and wishes. If you have or want children, their place in your life could become more clear.

As the month wraps up, the sun, new moon, and Venus are in Libra, which activates your pre-birthday purge process. Don’t be afraid of who you are once you actually merge with something or someone. Try not to rest on your laurels; they have gotten you to where you are now. The lunar eclipse in your sign in November calls for major transformation. Don’t wait until then to prepare.


For you, September is about checking in with how your personal life measures up against your public life. While Venus is in Virgo, you may find yourself spending more time on money at home or with family. Investing in your foundation is never a bad thing.

Mercury retrograde in Libra wants you to rethink your network and how you want to be known among your peers. The full moon calls for you to discern how much of you belongs to the people or your family, specifically your parental figures. How has your childhood influenced the way you walk in the world?

The last few weeks of the month offer a fresh slate on interacting with your friends and colleagues. Let the new moon guide you into setting intentions around the beautiful opportunities you now have access to. Pay attention to what those around you are doing, because they are the key to your next adventure. Do you see the beauty and value in their beliefs? Socialize accordingly.


September is about continuing your studies, be they religious, higher education, or the world at large. Dedicate some of your savings and thoughts toward an international trip. Mercury retrograde in Libra gives you a chance to spruce up the place before finalizing your plans later in the month.

You’ll have a better idea of where your head, heart, and soul are aligned when the full moon shows up on the 10th. Are you learning from your spiritual experiences or daily journey? Roll through your neighborhood and see what catches your attention. 

Everyone talks about how you’re all biz, but the last half of the month opens up the floor for you to show us with style. How have your agreements, contracts, and connections served you? Allow the new moon to help you reintroduce yourself to the streets, professionally and personally. Keep your ears open to feedback from the people as well, per Mercury retrograde. 

Venus in Libra will attract people to you and it’s up to you to decide who you want to collaborate with. Note who makes you feel more sophisticated and lovely as you make deals and mix and mingle.


Now that you’ve made all these new connections, it’s time to decide how you want to proceed. Reach out with intention at the start of the month, whether it’s just to say hey or to drum up some business. Research and studying can be your besties while you take your networking and creative game to another level. 

The full moon seeks to reveal where your self-esteem is affecting your finances, communication, and intimacy. You’re rather popular these days, so you’ve had to get quick with the one-liners to protect your relationship status. Speaking of which, it’s a great time to reevaluate precisely what you’re (not) willing to do in your partnerships.

Fixed as you are, it can be difficult to change your mind. However, the Libra new moon can give you a fresh perspective on what you believe about your personal journey. How has your faith served you along the way? Your flirting style has evolved now that you’re more battle-tested and charming. Prepare to meet more like-minded people as you explore your vast interests. If/when global contacts come calling, it’d be nice to have an idea of what you’d like to experience when you arrive.


September opens with a desire for clarity in your relationships. What exactly do you want from your partners and are you clear on what they want from you? Thanks to Venus opposing your sign, the call for connection is out there. 

Your full moon also wants to highlight the imbalance between what you do for others and for yourself. You’re becoming aware of the hidden tasks and sacrifices that go under the radar and eventually add up. Decluttering your space can help if you feel a bit confused after the full moon.

The end of the month has you focusing on the intimate parts of your relationships. Finding a way to harmonize with others without fully sacrificing your values or your needs. At what point do you find yourself merging with people? What (silent) agreements do you make when you get a new love or opportunity? The new moon can give you a clean slate to determine whether you’re married to the emotions, person(s), or situations you’re encountering, and how you want to move forward. How do you or the other party benefit from your commitment?


The urge to take a trip hits as the month begins, so it’s a great time to review your workload and schedule and make adjustments. If you’re up for it, pay closer attention to who you see along your usual routes. You could meet a great contact or a new workout partner. 

Mercury retrograde in Libra offers a chance to rethink how you engage with others. Do you believe relationships will get in the way of your relationship with yourself? What if you allowed both to exist? The full moon can purge any fantasies you may have about how harmonious your relationships are. If you’re willing to talk through your irritation, you can find insight that may even surprise you. 

Fall arrives on the 22nd and ushers in a new way of connecting and partnering. You may realize more people consider you than you think. How do they view what you’re doing with/for them? Thanks to the new moon, you may draw in people who expose you to new boundaries and ideas you can implement in your current relationships. Don’t be afraid to learn new tricks.


September puts you in the mood to make your creative presence known. If you haven’t cooked in a while, you might whip something up that reminds you of a fabulous date or a movie you love. Your romance levels are still high, so have some beautiful banter with the one who turns you on and makes you dream.

The full moon shows the way for you to live your dreams with your nearest and dearest. Kids can also feature for you as you could be in the mood for fun and freedom. Who lights up your childlike imagination?

Health and wellness hold your attention at the end of the month as the sun, new moon, and your ruler Venus enter Libra. The more your daily life grows, the more connections you have to maintain, but don’t forget self-maintenance. Make those appointments, reserve those tables, and don’t skimp on the extras. You never know who you’ll bump into at the spa or by the bar.


With Mars being in your sign for the next seven months, you’re going to feel energized and ready to do something about anything. That said, the beginning of September calls for you to put that energy into feathering your nest.

Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde in Libra on the 9th, helping you to rethink and review your creative and romantic processes. What are you (not) saying when it comes to dating and relationships? How are people behaving based on what you’ve shared with them?

The full moon wants to show you how things are going between your home life and your reputation. Don’t get caught up in the hype machine that is the outside world. What’s really good with the family? 

You’ll be able to convert some of that childhood confusion by deepening your relationship with your creativity. Express any anxieties or critiques about your upbringing in some kind of art. The end of the month is a great time for you to get reacquainted with the inner child and big flirt in you.


September eases in with the desire to connect with siblings and your community. Plan a get-together or take advantage of the holiday weekend and go somewhere. A little change or scenery could do you some good.

Mercury retrograde in Libra wants to know if you’re seeing your past and your parental figures in a way that fits who you are today. The full moon helps by illuminating how your memories have shaped your journey and the way you see things. Let go of the rigid way you’ve learned things before. 

Family reclaims your focus as the month closes out. Pay attention to how the elders in your life experienced and reacted to their elders. This could give you some insight into their mindset and how you can make your own traditions and rules. Your role in your family is evolving and it’s time to commit to how you want to show up and with whom.


The month opens with your mind on your community and the opportunity to take steps to become more invested in it. Venus in Virgo helps add clarity to how and with whom you can get to this money. 

Mercury retrograde in Libra can push you to make edits to your marketing, but the full moon will help you see who’s truly invested and who’s not–including yourself. This is not the time to dedicate yourself to endeavors that you’re not confident in. Nor is it the time to move on dreams that have no plan or at least a good outline.

Fall arrives on the 22nd and starts the process of you reclaiming your spot as the hometown hero. Getting reacquainted with your neighborhood as well as your siblings could help you have the balance that you’ve been looking for recently. The last days of the month are great for planting seeds that will develop into fruitful systems and projects. Surround yourself with people who can reflect and create light of their own, not just steal yours.

Ashleigh D. Jay is a Chicago-born and based astrologer, writer, and commercial real estate broker focused on sports and entertainment. Previously, she has written for Businessweek and ZORA, a Medium publication. In case you’re wondering, she’s an Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising. You can find her at @ashleighdjay on Instagram and LinkedIn.