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Riley Curry

Riley Curry now has the most poppin’ playhouse imaginable

The daughter of Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry owns a house with all the fixings


Riley Curry has little to no competition in the world of celebrity children.

On Monday, the 4-year-old daughter of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry successfully made the jump from witty toddler to toddler with her own house. Well, her own playhouse, which is big enough for her father to walk through.

Thanks to Tyson and Audy Leavitt, a married couple from Alberta, Canada, who build extravagant playhouses for families with beaucoup bucks and open space, Riley and Ryan, her infant sister, now have a horse-themed house.

The building of the playhouse was part of a new series on TLC called Playhouse Masters.

Riley asked for a bridge, slide, horses and maybe a telescope. Ryan isn’t old enough to talk yet, so she didn’t give any input, but her mother, Ayesha Curry, requested a ball pit.

When the house was unveiled, Riley’s jaw dropped and Ayesha Curry pinched her cheeks to let her know it’s real.

“She was so excited. I think it took her by surprise, and at her age, I don’t even think she knew what to say,” Audy Leavitt told ABC News. “You could hear little things that she said and you just knew she absolutely loved it. It was adorable. Her reaction was heart-melting.”

The playhouse has a loft, with a slide to the ground level. It is Spanish-style in design, featuring two horse swings, a day bed, 120 square feet of open space and a 15-foot tower for the yellow slide.

“To be able to do something superspecial for our girls — something they can keep forever — is just incredible,” Ayesha Curry said on the show.

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